Top 25 Stock Photo Sources for your Facebook Pages

Visual content is what drives engagement on your Facebook Page. Interesting images promote sharing and can double the amount of engagement you see on your posts. This is why FPTraffic incorporates image posting in our content sources – we know how important visuals are to helping your Page succeed. You want to post high-quality, attention-grabbing photos … Continue reading “Top 25 Stock Photo Sources for your Facebook Pages”

Visual content is what drives engagement on your Facebook Page. Interesting images promote sharing and can double the amount of engagement you see on your posts. This is why FPTraffic incorporates image posting in our content sources – we know how important visuals are to helping your Page succeed.

You want to post high-quality, attention-grabbing photos that are legal to use, but how do you know if you’re free to use a picture?

When looking for images on the internet, you can either find public domain photos or use a Creative Commons image that might need attribution or have other restrictions. Let’s take a look at those terms:

  • Public domain: Photos in the public domain have copyrights that have expired, have been forfeited or are inapplicable. Don’t assume that any picture you find on the internet is in the public domain. When in doubt, read the terms and conditions on the website to make sure you are using the image legally.
  • Creative Commons: This nonprofit organization enables sharing content through free legal tools. Various types of Creative Commons licenses exist with different rules for attribution, making changes and how you can use the images.

Here is a list of 25 stock photo sources that have plenty of high-quality images you can use legally for content on your Facebook Page. What’s more, they’re all free to use!

1. Unsplash

Unsplash’s library of high-quality photos is growing every day. Create a free account and you’ll have access to several photos under the Creative Commons Zero license, meaning you don’t have to attribute them.


2. Gratisography

New high-resolution pictures are added weekly to Gratisography’s database. You’re free to use any of their images in your personal and commercial projects, such as Facebook Ads and posts, without risking copyright violation.


3. Startup Stock Photos

Startup Stock Photos is packed with free images intended to help startups, bloggers, publishers and social media gurus like us.

guy looking at board

4. Magdeleine

Magdeleine is a blog that features a new free photo of the day every day. You can also browse from several categories for free high-quality stock photos with Creative Commons licensing.

girl in fog

5. SplitShire

SplitShire has seen over 2 million downloads on their free images, which have been utilized by big names like The Huffington Post and CNN. This site has different categories to browse through, like Cinemagraph and Blur Backgrounds. Photos are easy to download and free to use.


6. Free Nature Stock

Free Nature Stock is full of stunning images of – you guessed it – nature. One new photo is added every day, and images are free to use without attribution.

Free Nature Stock

7. Jay Mantri

This Tumblr blog is full of free photos for your use. From food to lakes and palm trees, Jay Mantri has several images to pick from.


8. New Old Stock

Quite different from the rest, New Old Stock has an inventory of classic vintage photos from public archives that recapture history. Images are free of known copyright restrictions.

old buildings

9. Moveast

The Portuguese photographer behind Moveast captures moments from his travels around the world with high-quality images. They’re free to use however you like.


10. Skitter Photo

Images of people, landscape, animals and more are free to download and use without creating an account or logging in to anything. Skitter Photo is a great source of free stock photos.


11. Fancy Crave

The Fancy Crave Tumblr blog posts two new photos every day for your use.


12. Bossfight

With 10-20 new photos being posted every day, you’ll never run out of stunning images from Bossfight.

snow mountains

13. Realistic Shots

Just like it sounds, this website posts 7 new photos every week of realistic, lifestyle shots. Many of the images feature people, cell phones, coffee and cats – perfect Facebook Page material! Realistic Shots has the best…realistic shots.

girls giving peace signs

14. Pixabay

In addition to stock photos, Pixabay contains illustrations, vector graphics and videos, all free to use!


15. Creative Commons

The Creative Commons organization has their own stock of free photos. Use this search engine to find copyright free images quickly. Creative Commons offers convenient access to search images from sources like Flickr and Google Images.

Creative Commons

16. Free Photos Bank

You can find interesting photos from several different categories with Free Photos Bank. These images aren’t the best quality in comparison to those found on sites like Unsplash, but it’s the place to go for the more narrow niches.

Free Photos Bank

17. Freeimages

Between photographs and illustrations, Freeimages currently has 389,713 free images to browse through. They also offer a paid membership to get access to over 2 million photos.


18. IM Free

IM Free has a curated collection of free resources is offered to be used for commercial use. You can also create your own images on this website.

IM Creator

19. Freerange Stock

After a quick sign-up, you can use all of the images for free. Freerange Stock includes both photographs and illustrations with plenty of diverse images.

social media brands

20. Life of Pix

Several talented photographers contribute their work to this site with no copyright restrictions. Multiple images are added to the database daily on the Life of Pix website.


21. Picjumbo

Picjumbo offers tons of stunning images that are free to use. They also have a Premium membership that offers unlimited downloads and access to new and premium-only images. You won’t have a problem finding beautiful images in the free selection though.


22. Morguefile

Morguefile has over 350,000 free images to choose from that are contributed by many talented artists. After a quick registration process, you can use any of the photos for free.


23. Stockvault

Stockvault has new photographs, textures and illustrations being added by photographers and designers every day. No registration is required and you’re free to use these photos however you like.

city skyscrapers

24. Ancestry Images

Another more specific collection, Ancestry Images offers an archive of historical prints, maps and artifact photos to be used for free.

ancestry images

25. Little Visuals

Little Visuals will email you 7 high-resolution images every 7 days. Photo subjects cover everything from industrial parts to idyllic landscapes.


[ecko_contrast]Images are critical to see success with your Facebook Page. When searching for images to share, remember to read the terms and conditions if you’re unsure about legal rights. Give one of these stock photo sources a try and let us know what you find!

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FPTraffic makes it easy to find images from several different sources to post on your Facebook Page. Get started with FPTraffic today and start scheduling awesome content for your Pages!

What stock photo sources do you use? Tell us about it by leaving a comment!

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