Tips for Choosing Interest Tags with Audience Optimization

Facebook like thumbKnowing your target audience is crucial to gaining Facebook Page engagement. The more you deliver the right content to the right people, the more likes, shares and comments you’ll see in return.

In a recent post, we told you all about Facebook’s new Audience Optimization feature. This tool better matches your content with the right audience, prioritizing your posts for users based on the interest tags you choose.

How can you use those tags effectively? Get the most benefits from your efforts with the following tips for selecting interest tags.

Best Practices for Choosing Relevant Interest Tags

The Preferred Audience feature of Audience Optimization allows you to target specific subsets of Facebook users, ensuring your posts get seen by people who are the most interested in your topic.

Preferred Audience interest tags

As always with marketing, there is a strategy to using these interest tags effectively. Before you go checking the maximum 16 interest tags that sound best to you, take into account these recommendations from Facebook:

Discover the appropriate interest tags for your audience

  • Think about the types of people who are likely to engage with your content and what their interests are. Try to best define who your audience is, rather than what your keywords are.
  • Use the “5 W’s and How” tactic to target your audience. Ask the who, what, where, when, why and how of your content to determine what the specific interests are associated with it.
  • Don’t try to capture every interest under the sun. Think of your Page, brand and niche as a whole. Who will be most interested in your content beyond this one post? Target their interests specifically.
  • Think of overlapping topics and interests rather than subjects only particular to that post.
  • Tag for interests that are bordering on the main topics, like other categories people interested in the subject might engage with.

Cover a range of audiences

  • Include both specific and broad terms. Start with broad groups then narrow down to cover a range of audiences.
  • Avoid going too broad. Topics like “Entertainment” and “Sports” are too broad to connect with users who are highly engaged. Narrow down to subsets within those topics.
  • Tag specific organizations and brands that might overlap with your subject matter.

Other tips and tricks

  • Using 6 to 10 tags works best for most posts.
  • Tag public figures and celebrities directly to broaden your reach. Direct tags are effective for posts with public figures because there’s a direct correlation between the subject and audience’s interest.
  • Add location tags for local and regional stories, but don’t use them for national stories.

If you use the tips above, you shouldn’t have a problem coming up with a few interest tags for your posts. Use them strategically and you’re likely to see more engagement with your Facebook Page. Remember to use the Audience Insights tool to track which audiences are most engaged with your content.

Have you used interest tags with Audience Optimization yet? Let us know what tips and strategies have worked for you in the comments section!

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