How to Set Up Your Virtual Assistant with FPTraffic

Whether it’s finding great content to share or adding well-crafted descriptions to images, many of our FPTraffic members work with virtual assistants (VA) to efficiently manage their Facebook Pages. While the FPTraffic tools and features make Facebook posting easy, everyone struggles for time these days. That’s where virtual assistants come in and manage these tasks for you.

You want your virtual assistant to be able to manage your Pages, but you likely don’t want to give away your Facebook password. With FPTraffic, you and your virtual assistant can both view and manage your Page schedules. Keep reading to learn how to set up your virtual assistant with FPTraffic.

How to Find a Virtual Assistant

It’s becoming more and more popular for online entrepreneurs to hire virtual assistants. When you work online, especially if you’re self-employed, you have several aspects of your business to manage. Email, bookkeeping and, of course, social media are all important parts you need to tend to, but they might drive you away from the focus of your business.

Virtual assistants can be hired for everything from managing email, scheduling and confirming appointments for you, creating and sending invoices, and updating your social media accounts.

There are many freelance virtual assistants available for hire as well as online agencies where you can post ads looking for virtual assistants. Here are a few options to find your virtual assistant:

These online agencies help you find credible, skilled virtual assistants who typically have gone through some kind of application or screening process to be listed there.

Setting up Your Virtual Assistant on FPTraffic

For both you and your virtual assistant to manage your Pages, your virtual assistant will need their own FPTraffic account. You might either reimburse your VA each month or have them send you the PayPal payment link from the Plans page.

FPTraffic Pricing Plans

Make your VA an admin of your Page

When you make your virtual assistant an admin on the Page you want them to manage, your Pages will also show up in their FPTraffic account. They will have the same abilities you have over your Page from their own account. You’ll be able to see in your account any content they schedule, and they will be able to see anything you post as well.

To make your virtual assistant an admin, complete the following steps:

  1. Access your Page on Facebook.
  2. From your Facebook Page, click Settings in the top right corner.
  3. On the left column, click Page Roles.
  4. To assign a new role, enter the person’s name or email address in the text box. If the person is a Facebook friend, the name should pop up. Click the Editor dropdown and click Admin.
  5. Click Save. Then you’ll be prompted to re-enter your password for security purposes.

That’s it! Now your virtual assistant can find and schedule content, create giveaways and post WordPress feeds to your Page while you tend to other matters.

Working with a virtual assistant can maximize your Facebook Page’s potential. Take advantage of the Page roles and work together to manage your Page with FPTraffic.

Do you work with a virtual assistant to help manage your Facebook Page? Tell us about your experience by leaving a comment!