The Complete Guide to FPTraffic Content Sources

Posting consistently to your Facebook Page is critical to engaging your fans, but how do you come up with new content every day? Our content sources allow you to find and schedule images directly to your Page. The variety of sources we offer allows you to switch up your posts with fresh, unique content related to your niche.

Memes, quotes, gifs – tons of great content can be found all from your FPTraffic account. Some sources even allow you to earn affiliate income!


The FPTrFPTraffic Amazon Toolaffic Amazon tool lets you easily find products related to your niche and post them to your Page. Sign up for an Amazon Associates account, then use the FPTraffic Amazon source to schedule products in your queue. When people buy your products, Amazon cuts you a percentage of the sales.

Several FPTraffic members are generating good revenue with Amazon Associates. Page engagement and income? Yes, please!


With thousands of images in a wide variety of niches, Bing is one of our top content sources most frequently used by FPTraffic members. Use this web search engine to find images related to your niche. Simply type in a keyword or phrase and you’ll have plenty of photos to choose from. Once you find a photo you would like to post, simply click that photo and it will be added to your Page schedule.


This source gives you another opportunity to monetize your Facebook Page. FPTraffic is completely integrated with the 22 different regions eBay covers within the eBay Partner Network. Search through millions of listings in just a few seconds from any of these regions and earn commission on any sales generated through your social media accounts.

Post eBay listings using FPTraffic


Flickr may not be the most popular content source at the moment, but it’s still loaded with billions of images. Use our new Flickr tool to find awesome images your audience will love.

Flickr on FPTraffic


Giphy is possibly the largest source of gifs on the internet. We have integrated with them directly so that FPTraffic members can easily find and schedule gifs to post to their social media accounts. Give our Giphy tool a try and see how your audience responds to gifs. It’s always good to mix up your content to help keep your audience engaged.

Giphy Capture


Mix up your content even more by searching through images and gifs from over 850,000 Subreddits. Reddit has unique and interesting content that can help you mix up your current posts and stand out to your audience. It’s also great for more specialized niches. If you’re struggling to find enough content on your niche, try browsing through Reddit. No topic is too narrow for Subreddits.

Reddit Content


This micro-blogging platform is another top content source for FPTraffic members. You can find everything from images, quotes and short posts of text related to your niche with this source.

Edit posts and add emojis


Digital video is booming, and YouTube is one of the most popular video sites on the Web today. Videos have become more and more popular on Facebook. Break up your photo content with videos and your fans will keep coming back for more!

FPTraffic Chrome Extension, Bulk Upload and More!

In addition to a variety of content sources, FPTraffic includes options to easily snag photos from Pinterest, upload your own photos or publish posts from a WordPress site.

Schedule Content from Pinterest and Instagram

Sources like Pinterest and Instagram are overflowing with images to share with your target audience. The FPTraffic Chrome Extension allows you to grab images from Pinterest and Instagram, as well as many other websites, and schedule them to post to your Facebook Pages.

fptraffic chrome extension

Upload Images, Links and Blog Posts with Bulk Import

Do you have your own images you’d like to schedule to post on your Facebook Page? The Bulk Import tool allows you to upload images from your own computer and schedule them right to your Page.

You can also use this tool to schedule blog posts from a WordPress site to your Page. Sharing blog posts on your Facebook Page is one of the best ways to promote your website. This feature takes out the step of manually pasting your blog post link to your Page at just the right time. Instead, you can schedule your posts to publish when your fans are most likely to see them.

Our content sources give you endless possibilities for finding great content in your niche. Posting a variety of gifs, images, memes and videos is the best way to keep your fans engaged with your content.

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We’re constantly updating our features to bring you the best content. Check this post frequently for updates!

Which content source do you love the most? Let us know by leaving a comment!

How to Find Engaging Content for Your Niche

It happens to all of us – you create a new niche Facebook Page and you’re overflowing with ideas until the day comes when you’re stumped for fresh content. If you can’t find new ways to engage your fans, your Page is surely doomed, right?

Wrong. While you may feel like you’ve gone through all the sources and used every image possible in relation to your niche, there are plenty more angles to take when searching for content.

Your niche doesn’t limit you to a one-word search term. Every industry and hobby has subtopics and relevant categories, you just need to do a little digging to see which ones are appropriate for your audience.

Ready to get out of your content slump and start engaging with your fans again? Use the following tips and practices when searching for content in your niche.

10 Tips to Find Engaging Content

FPTraffic members have plenty of sources to easily draw content from, but sometimes you need to mix up your search terms. The following tips will help you to approach your niche from another angle to find fresh, engaging content.

Facebook Engagement

1. Do your research.

This is especially important if you’re starting out with a new niche Facebook Page, but a little deeper research can also benefit those who are already established in their niche. Find out everything you can about your niche. Are there subtopics or categories you haven’t experimented with yet? Did you find anything in your research you didn’t already know about? Pull together a large list of keywords from common themes you see in your research. Keep this list on hand when searching for images with FPTraffic.

2. Follow industry news and trends.

Keep up with the news in your niche to keep the ideas flowing. Popular trends will give you new keywords to work with and add to your search terms. An easy way to do this is to create a Google Alert for your niche or industry. Google will send you an email whenever your niche is in a news headline, and you can use ideas from those articles to inspire new content searches.

3. Monitor the competition.

Make a list of your competitors and check their Facebook Pages every so often. How engaged are their audiences with the images and topics they’re posting? Take note of what is working for them and what isn’t. You can gain inspiration from them and post similar content, but be sure to put your own spin on it by adding your brand’s personality to your description.

4. Use feedback from your fans.

You don’t always need new content to keep your fans engaged. Take a look back at what has been popular with your audience in the past. Check your Facebook Page stats and see what types of images your fans engaged with most. When you struggle to come up with new content, try giving your fans more of what they already like.

5. Use niche social sites.

Certain social sites cater to different niches. Are you following the other sites that your Facebook Page fans are on? Stay connected on those sites, and gather content inspiration for your Facebook Page. FPTraffic recently added the ability to post content from Reddit, which is a great site for more specific niches.

Reddit Content

6. Create memes.

Memes are a great way to spruce up common images, and Facebook users love them! Good memes get shared often and create a domino fact, exposing your Page to an even larger audience. You can easily create memes on your posts with FPTraffic. Go back through your images that have done well, and experiment by creating a meme with them.

7. Look for quotes.

Mix up your images by searching for inspirational quotes in your industry. Adding the word quotes to your search term is bound to bring up more image and content options. Or use the FPTraffic Chrome Extension to schedule posts from Pinterest and Instagram, two gold mines for images with quotes. Seek out quotes that best support your brand and message.

8. Host giveaways and contests.

Giveaways and contests are fun ways to mix up your content, build your mailing list and boost engagement on your Facebook Pages. FPTraffic members can create their own giveaways with a few easy steps. For contests, try a photo-vote or have fans enter their own description for an image.

9. Track relevant hashtags.

From your list of keywords you created in your research, plug them into Facebook and other social media sites. Track the hashtags related to your brand or niche, and you’ll stay up to date with new content being posted.

10. Follow influencers in your industry.

Follow the popular blogs that are related to your niche, but aren’t as narrowed down. Industry leaders will likely share content that relates to the industry as a whole. Can you find a way to apply your specialized niche to their big message? How does their message apply to your target audience?

With a constant stream of images and links being shared every day on the web, you’ll never run out of fresh content. Try some of these practices regularly to mix up your search terms and find more ways to keep your audience engaged.

[ecko_contrast]What are some tactics you use when searching for content? Tell us about it by leaving a comment below![/ecko_contrast]

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Easily Find and Schedule Content from Reddit to your Facebook Page

Now you can find fresh content for your Facebook Pages with another source through FPTraffic–Reddit!

We have recently added a few new content sources, like Giphy, Flickr and Ebay, for FPTraffic members to easily find and schedule content to post to their Facebook Pages. With our latest addition, you can mix up your content even more by searching through images and gifs from over 850,000 Subreddits.

Known as “the front page of the Internet,” Reddit is a community-based website that uses text, images and videos to engage visitors and allows them to vote content up or down. It is essentially a bulletin board system organized by most popular (voted up) content.

The site’s content is separated into several categories, or “Subreddits.” Subreddits are little communities that are centered around a certain topic.

How can this content source help you boost engagement on your Facebook Page? Read on to learn how Reddit can work for you and how to start posting Reddit content to your Facebook Page.

Why Reddit?

We all know social media sites like Pinterest and Twitter are great for finding tons of good content, so why do we need to expand to other sources?

Reddit has unique and interesting content that can help you mix up your current posts and stand out to your audience. It’s also great for more specialized niches. If you’re struggling to find enough content on your niche, try browsing through Reddit. No topic is too narrow for Subreddits. Start with this list of Subreddits with under 5,000 subscribers.

This platform is also a great way to see what is trending among social media users right now. Your Facebook Page fans might not necessarily be on Reddit, but the 542 million monthly visitors who are using it can surely still provide some insight as to what is popular.

If you’re new to Reddit, start by finding Subreddits in your niche. Discover relevant Subreddits that share the best content. Use the Subreddit search box to search for Subreddits related to a keyword.

Search Subreddits

Keep a list of the Subreddits you like, or use this list of Subreddits to get ideas.

How to Find Content on Reddit with FPTraffic

You can easily find and schedule content from Reddit with FPTraffic. Log into your FPTraffic account. From the Content drop-down, select Reddit.

Reddit Search on FPTraffic

In the Subreddit field, enter the Subreddit for which you’d like to browse content. Or, click the Find link to be redirected to the list of Subreddits. Then, click Find Images. FPTraffic will load images to pick from. Click on the images you like, and they will appear on the right side with a space for you to enter a description, like with the rest of our content sources. To remove an image from your list, simply click it again.

Using images and links from Reddit is a great way to switch up your posts with fresh, unique content. If you are looking for new posts, give Reddit a try. Check the leading Subreddits to see what’s popular right now, and give your audience what they want.

[ecko_contrast]New content emerges on Reddit every single day. Use FPTraffic to find and schedule it to your Page so you can help make it go viral on Facebook!

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What are some of your favorite Subreddits? Let us know by leaving a comment!