7 Reasons to Generate Passive Income with Facebook Pages

It’s no secret that you can make some serious money from Facebook fan Pages, but you might be wondering if it’s worth your time. While it may sound fun and easy, creating and maintaining a money-making Facebook Page does take some work up front. Once you get a fan base and an automating scheduling system in place, your Facebook Page can make you money while you’re enjoying a margarita on the beach.

From job uncertainty to extra savings, having multiple streams of income benefits people in several ways. Here are 7 reasons to consider generating passive income with Facebook Pages:

1. Unemployment

You never know what can happen with your job. Companies may need to lay off employees unexpectedly, you might need to take time off for health or family reasons – anything can happen, and it’s important to have a backup plan. Passive income from Facebook Pages gives you something to fall back on during those times. It buys you time while you figure things out.

2. Padding your savings

Passive income with Facebook Pages allows you to build up your savings without taking on a second job and taking up more of your time. You never know when you’ll be faced with an emergency, whether it be your health, a hefty car repair or a leaking roof.

3. Pay down debt

Use passive income from Facebook Pages to pay off your student loans, mortgage, credit cards or vehicle quicker and get that much closer to financial freedom.

4. Fun money

Want a sweet gaming system that your spouse thinks is ridiculous? Use Facebook Page income to pay for those fun things that you might not be able to justify spending your hard-earned money on. Or use it to treat yourself to a nice massage or a night out.

5. Holiday funds

Be prepared for the holidays by saving your Facebook Page funds for Christmas gifts. Holiday spending goes up every year, costing families thousands of dollars on gifts, food, decorations, travel expenses and more. Instead of dreading the gift-buying season, enjoy buying your family nice gifts without making a dent in your bank account.

6. Vacation fund

We can’t work all the time – everyone needs a vacation. In fact, it’s healthy! But more than 40% of Americans don’t take all of their vacation days. Don’t let money be an excuse. Use your Facebook income to fund your memory-making trips around the world.

7. Kids’ college fund

Why not let Facebook fund your kids’ college tuition? With college expenses as high as they are, it’s never too early to start planning for it. Facebook Page income over the years can make nice contributions toward tuition bills.

What’s Your Reason?

It’s a great idea to have multiple streams of income. Passive income with Facebook Pages acts as a nice backup during a job loss or tough times and can help with unexpected expenses. What could you do with some extra money? Find your reason why and start creating and monetizing your own Facebook fan Page!

Here are a couple guides to get you started:

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How do you spend your Facebook Page income? Let us know by leaving a comment!

Following the 80/20 Rule for Facebook Promotion and Monetization

Increasing revenue is one of the main reasons people create Facebook Pages. While building relationships should be the primary focus for your Facebook Page strategy, selling a product or service is ultimately what you’re there for. How do you find a balance of providing value to your audience while also monetizing them?

Adopt the 80/20 rule: 80% of your posts aim to drive engagement, and 20% of your posts aim to drive sales.

The 80/20 Rule for Facebook Promotion at Work

What does the 80/20 rule look like on your Facebook Page? Your wall of posts should be filled with valuable content, whether in the form of entertainment, information, helpful tips or instructions. Anyone coming to your Page should find post after post of content that resonates with them and a few promotional posts sprinkled in.

Remember that people use social media to be social, not to shop. If you overload your Facebook Page with product promotions or branding posts, your fans will see right through you.

However, if the majority of your content is beneficial to your audience, they will tolerate the occasional post to tell them about a new product or service. They may even appreciate your letting them know! Let’s take a look at how you can maintain this happy balance of adding value without being overly promotional.

20% Promotional Content

With the 80/20 rule, every 5th post can be promotional. Just how promotional you make it can vary too, whether you decide to include a subtle hint at your product or you’re straight forward with a sales pitch.

Even when promoting your brand or products, you can also include information that benefits your audience. Throw in a special offer or discount, important statistics or tips on using the product.

Include a persuasive call to action that encourages your Facebook Page fans to click through to your website and learn more about the offer.

80% Valuable Content

The majority of your content should inspire people to do just what they’re on Facebook to do – be social. Post valuable content that they can’t resist engaging with, whether that means leaving a comment or sharing it with their friends. This content should be of high interest to your audience and encourage them to engage in conversations.

We’ve got plenty of posts on what makes for valuable content. Check out:

Also, read up about the FPTraffic content sources to see how you can easily find engaging content for your Pages.

Implement the 80/20 Rule in Your Post Schedule

FPTraffic makes it easy to keep track of your promotional posts. From your dashboard, click Pages > Manage, then the Scheduled Posts icon on your Page to see the content you have scheduled. Easily move things around so you don’t have a clump of promotional posts all in a row. With our post schedule layout, you can see for yourself that you schedule promotional content every 5th post.

FPTraffic Links Scheduled

The 80/20 rule is a great guideline for balancing monetization on your Facebook Page. Use this as a starting point and analyze your results to understand what works best for your audience.

[ecko_contrast]Ready to create an awesome posting schedule for your Facebook Page?

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How often do you promote products on your Facebook Page? Let us know by leaving a comment!

4 Qualities to Help You Become a Successful Facebook Page Admin

Everyone has different objectives for their Facebook Page, but one thing is true whether you’ve created a business Page or fan Page – you want to be successful at achieving those goals.

What does it take to make a successful Facebook Page? We’ve got plenty of resources that give you the how-to, but in this post we’re sharing some personal skills and traits necessary to succeed in this ever-changing platform.

Be a Successful Facebook Page Admin with These Traits

Here are a few qualities that are crucial to succeeding with a Facebook Page along with resources to help you improve in those areas:

1. Curiosity

As social media is changing the way we do everything, a successful Facebook Page owner is eager to dive in and stay up-to-date. Develop a sense of curiosity and immerse yourself in the Facebook platform. Keep up with the newest features and experiment with new strategies on your Page.

Know what’s trending and apply it to your Page. Right now, video and live broadcasting are especially hot on Facebook. Get curious and see how your Page fans react to your live video.

edit facebook live post

Check out these resources to develop your curiosity muscle:

2. Adaptability

With Facebook changing its algorithm and updating features what seems like every 5 minutes, a successful Facebook Page owner needs to be able to adapt. For example, with video becoming more popular, you may need to become more skilled in that area.

This quality also applies to monetization. When Amazon unexpectedly changes it pay structure, are you ready to adapt your monetization strategies? Much is beyond our control on Facebook, but the people who succeed are those who are willing and ready to adapt to change.

Check out these resources to help you embrace change:

3. Persistence

A successful Facebook Page owner knows that millions of fans don’t come to your Page overnight. It takes consistent posting, daily management, and constant customer service to build relationships on social media.

Many people want to give up after a week because their posts aren’t going viral. If they do give up, they’ll never see a post reach that kind of success. If they stick with it and put in the work, it’s only a matter of time before their Page takes off.

Check out these resources to become more persistent:

4. Patience

Patience goes hand-in-hand with persistence. Some metrics – like brand awareness, customer retention, even ROI – may not pay off right away. Getting frustrated and giving in to publishing overly promotional posts will only prolong your Facebook Page success.

Instead, persistently work at creating relationships by adding value. Educate, entertain and inform your fans to help them develop trust in you.

Who couldn’t use a little help becoming more patient? Check out these resources:

Work on developing these four qualities. Pairing these traits with the Facebook know-how will put you well on your way to being a successful Facebook Page admin.

[ecko_contrast]FPTraffic’s automation tools, content sources and epic how-to guides will help you build, grow and monetize a successful Facebook Page!

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Which one of these qualities do you struggle with the most? Which one are you awesome at? Let us know by leaving a comment!

Monetize Your Fans with Blogs

Do you want to make money from your Facebook Page? One of the best ways to monetize your Facebook fans is to create a blog.

A blog basically serves as a channel that funnels traffic from your Facebook Pages to a website. After building up traffic for your Facebook Page with ads and valuable content, posting content from your blog will drive those fans to your website. Adding monetization to that website will generate revenue.

Setting up a blog can be as simple as creating a Facebook Page. Keep reading to learn how to create and monetize a blog for your Facebook Page.

How to Create a Blog for Your Facebook Page

First, you’ll need a domain name for your blog. You’ll want to keep it similar to the name of your Facebook Page or as close to it as possible. You can get a domain name for cheap with GoDaddy.com or Name.com.

Then you’ll need to set up hosting. Host providers provide space on their server for your blog to live. We recommend DigitalOcean.

Finally, you need a platform to build content on. WordPress is a free content management system where you can create posts to share on your Pages. It’s easy to use and has plenty of great plugins and themes to choose from. You can install WordPress on your DigitalOcean hosting with a click of your mouse.

Since the majority of people use their phones to consume social media, you want to find a WordPress theme that is mobile-optimized. This ensures that your blog looks good and is easy to read on a cell phone.

Create Valuable Content

Much like your Facebook Page, your blog needs to be packed with valuable content your fans will resonate with. Content is what draws visitors in and keeps them engaged. Keep in mind that social media users are looking for entertaining content that they can digest quickly. Images, video and scannable content like list posts work great.

Create shareable content with attention-grabbing headlines and images. The headlines and images are what will draw people in from Facebook; valuable content will keep them on your blog. Lists are great to capture fans’ attention and keep them engaged. Check out the itsalways.com blog for an example of an engaging list post.

its always sunny blog

Experiment with creating your own content – this tool will help you generate ideas for what is most shared in your niche. If your Page has been up for a while, you can use curated content from posts that are going viral on Facebook.

How to Monetize Your Blog

Once you have enough traffic from Facebook funneling to your blog, you can monetize your website to start earning income from those visitors. There are a few ways to do this:

Pay Per Click (PPC)

You can set up an account with a service like Google AdSense to post ads on your blog. Payment is based on how many clicks you get to your ads.

Affiliate Links

Sign up for an affiliate program –  like Amazon Associates – to advertise products for another company. You’ll add an affiliate link to your content which contains a tracking ID so you get paid for traffic you send to the advertiser’s website.

You can also use affiliate networks like PeerFly and ShareASale to find products in your niche to promote on your Facebook Page and blog.

Use the FPTraffic WordPress Tool

Once you start posting valuable content on your blog, connect your RSS feed with the FPTraffic WordPress tool to automatically post to your Facebook Fan Page.

We recommend posting your blog content to your Facebook Page only once per day in addition to the other content you have scheduled with FPTraffic. You don’t want to spam your audience with monetized links. The goal is to keep them engaged.

WordPress Posts feature

Creating a blog is a great way to generate revenue from your Facebook Page. Add valuable, shareable content that will grab readers attention, and sign up for an affiliate program to earn some income. Combine these tactics with a niche you’re passionate about and you’re sure to like the results.

[ecko_contrast]Do you want to easily funnel traffic from your Facebook Page to your monetized blog? Use the FPTraffic tool to automatically schedule your blog posts to your Page!

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Do you have a blog for your Facebook Page? What kind of results are you seeing from Facebook traffic? Let us know by leaving a comment!

Make Money from Amazon Native Shopping Ads

Your Facebook Page can earn you passive income in a number of ways, including funneling traffic through to a monetized website or blog. Affiliate marketing with Amazon Associates is one of the most popular ways to generate revenue from a niche website, and Amazon has added another option that makes earning even easier – Native Shopping Ads.

Native Shopping Ads are ad units that display product recommendations related to your website’s content. You can place these ad units within your content or at the end of a post. When people click the ad and make a purchase, you earn commission from a percentage of their entire order. Native Shopping Ads typically pays out based on product category, but occasionally runs fixed-rate promotions.

There are three different types of Native Shopping Ads to place on your site. Here’s the breakdown:

Recommendation Ads

Recommendation ad units show products based on your content and your readers’ shopping habits. You also have the option of selecting certain categories you’d like items to be shown from.

The beauty of recommendation ads is that they’ll work for several posts on a niche site. They don’t need to be tailored to an individual post. Your readers get value as well because they have options to choose from based on your content.

shop related products

Search Ads

In a search ad, you’ll set a default search term and related products will show up in the ad unit. Readers can, however, change the search term to anything they’d like to search for on Amazon.

This option gives you a little control over the ad but also leaves it open for readers. If you are writing a review about a product, for example, search ads allow readers to see more options if they aren’t interested in the exact product your post is about.

watch amazon native shopping ads

Custom Ads

Custom ads give you the most control. You can choose up to 20 items to include in the ad unit, and they’re all your personal recommendations rather than Amazon picking them for you.

If you talk about multiple products in your content, a custom ad at the end of the post is a great way to round up every item mentioned in one neat place for your readers.

Here’s an example of productivity books one might recommend:

my amazon picks

Your reader sees “My Amazon Picks” and they get the sense of a more personal touch.

Want to start earning with Amazon Native Shopping Ads? Here’s how to get started.

How to Add Native Shopping Ads to Your Website

  1. Log into your Amazon Associates account. If you don’t have an account yet, you can apply here.
  2. From the Product Linking dropdown, click Native Shopping Ads.
  3. Click Create Ad Unit.
    create ad unit
  4. Select the ad type you wish to create – Recommendation Ads, Search Ads or Custom Ads.
  5. Complete the criteria in the Your Ad Preferences column.
    • Choose either List or Grid format.
    • You have the option in recommendation and search ads to limit the categories from which Amazon selects products.
    • When making a custom ad, enter the product in the Search box and click Go. Then select the product you’d like to include. You can also edit the title of the ad unit.
      ad preferences
  6. After completing the required fields, click Save and View Ad Code.
  7. Your ad code will generate in a new window. Click Highlight Ad Code.
  8. Copy and paste the ad code into your website either manually or using a WordPress plugin like Ad Inserter. With this plugin, you can set it up to insert an ad at the end of all of your posts or in up to 16 spots on your site.

Whether you choose to insert an ad unit in all of your posts is up to you. Typically, if an ad unit fits the content you’re posting about, it makes sense to place it there. It doesn’t hurt to give your followers some shopping options, and give yourself the opportunity to make more money from your content.

[ecko_contrast]FPTraffic aims to help you post consistent, engaging content on your Facebook Page, helping you to drive traffic through to your monetized website and make some money.

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Have you used Amazon Native Shopping Ads on your niche website? Tell us how they’re working for you by leaving a comment!

Learn How to Monetize Your Facebook Page

Building a massive Page audience requires an investment or time and money, but once you have done it, there are many ways you can monetize your Facebook Page and generate revenue.

So, how are people making money from Facebook Pages? We’ll discuss a few options here, but first let’s go over the steps you need to take before you start monetizing.

Best Practices for Monetizing Facebook Pages

Many people who create a Facebook Page would love to make money from it, but you need to have a few things in place to give your Page the best chance of earning.

First, you need to decide on a niche you love and create a Facebook Page. Pick a niche in something you are passionate about that does not already have a saturated audience on Facebook. If you already have a monetized blog or website, create a Facebook Page based on that niche.

Next, work on building your audience. You need to focus on building a solid and active fan base before you begin thinking about monetizing your Page. Use Facebook ads to generate Likes and traffic to your Page, and post valuable content regularly. Make sure your content is related to your niche to earn your audience’s trust.

Finally, study your audience using Facebook Page Insights. Learn what types of posts your audience resonates with most, and this will give you an idea of what products to promote on your Page.

Once you have a good amount of traffic and engagement on your Page, it’s time to start making money. Read on to learn a few promising ways to earn from your Facebook Page.

Ways to Monetize Your Facebook Page

When done right, monetizing your Facebook Page can earn you extra income without much hard work. We recommend creating as many revenue streams as possible with your Facebook Pages. Here are a few of our favorite ways to earn:

Funnel traffic to a blog, VMS or storefront

Use your Facebook Page to funnel traffic to your monetized blog or viral media site. A viral media site is a website you can fill with content from your niche. By adding AdSense to your viral media site, you can earn money for each person that views your content.

Link content from your site to your Facebook Page to help funnel traffic off Facebook, or create Facebook ads to link to an optimized landing page on your website. Anyone who clicks through to your website from Facebook is a possible conversion.

Create a Facebook app store

Another option is to run a store directly on Facebook. People don’t come to Facebook to shop so this option isn’t as effective as having your own site or store. You’ll have to be creative and gain trust from your fans by posting valuable content.

Use a service like Shopify or Teespring to set up a store in a tab app. The service creates and hosts a storefront for you, and Facebook is then the portal to that store. Launching a campaign on Teespring takes very little work and then you can use FPTraffic to schedule posts with the products linked in the description of the photo.

Amazon Affiliate Program

As the world’s leading online retailer, Amazon has millions of products at affordable prices. You can find something for your fans no matter what your niche is.

Amazon has their own affiliate program, Amazon Associates, which lets you use an affiliate link to promote an Amazon product. People love buying from Amazon, and at 6-8% commission from sales, you can generate great income when you promote the right products to your fans.

To monetize your Page using Amazon products, sign up here for Amazon Associates. The registration process is pretty quick and simple. Once you’re signed up, you can use their product search within Associates to find products related to your niche or search for them on Amazon.com.


When you find a product to promote, click the yellow Get link button to generate your Amazon Associates link. Post the link on your Page either as a photo or a link.

You can also use the FPTraffic Amazon tool to easily schedule product posts.

Remember, photos typically get more engagement. Amazon tracks clicks and conversions you generate in addition to the commission you earned from those conversions.

With monthly payouts, Amazon Associates is perhaps one of the easiest and profitable ways to monetize your Facebook Page.

There are plenty of ways to earn passive income from your Facebook Page and we recommend you have multiple streams of revenue. Remember to focus on building your audience and your trust within your audience before you start monetizing. Maintain a good balance of valuable content and product posts to keep your fans happy.

[ecko_contrast]With FPTraffic, you can easily find and schedule products from Amazon and eBay to post directly to your Page.

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In what ways have you monetized your Facebook Page and what kind of results have you seen? Let us know by leaving a comment!

How to Use the FPTraffic Amazon Tool (And Why It’s Awesome)

FPTraffic has several great sources to help you find content for your Facebook Page. Our favorite source is not only great for its valuable content, but it’s also known to generate extra income for Page owners. Want to know how you can earn money with just a few clicks?

Amazon Associates.

FPTraffic members will likely generate over $1,000,000 in sales on Amazon in 2017.

The FPTraffic Amazon tool lets you easily find products related to your niche and post them to your Page. When people buy your products, Amazon cuts you a percentage of the sales.

There’s a lot more to it – more benefits, that is, not work! Keep reading to learn how you can use the FPTraffic Amazon tool to earn passive income.

Sign up With Amazon Associates

Amazon has an affiliate program – Amazon Associates – that allows you to access their giant inventory of products, generate affiliate links and make money from your referrals.

Before you can use the FPTraffic Amazon tool to promote products, you need to have an account with Amazon Associates. You can sign up here to get started.

How to Use the FPTraffic Amazon Feature

FPTraffic has integrated with Amazon so you can easily find products in your niche and promote them on your Page. After you sign up with Amazon Associates, follow these simple instructions to start making money:

  1. From your FPTraffic account, click Content, then click Amazon.
  2. On the right side, there is a space for you to enter your Amazon Associates tag. When you log into your Amazon Associates account, this is the store name you see in the top right. Enter your tag, and select your Amazon region if not in the United States.
    amazon associates tag
  3. Now you’re ready to start finding products. In the keyword field, enter a keyword for your niche and select the appropriate Page you’d like to post content to.
  4. Click Find Products.
    friends tv show t shirt
  5. When you find a product you like, click Schedule Post. You can also click the yellow button to preview the Amazon link.

You can then go in to manage the Amazon content on your Page. You may want to edit the description to make it more appealing and personal to your fans. Then choose when you’d like to schedule the product to post to your Page. We recommend posting Amazon content about every other week so. A page loaded with too many promoted products is sure to lose fans and engagement.

edit post

That’s it! Then you can sit back and earn money on autopilot. But like we said, there’s even more good stuff with Amazon Associates.

Why the Amazon Feature is Awesome

Using the FPTraffic feature is easy and takes hardly any time while the payoff can be huge. Why is the Amazon affiliate program so great to work with? Let us count the ways…

  • You earn between 4 and 10% commission for sales you refer using Amazon affiliate links. The exact percentage depends on the types of products sold and your sales volume for the month. But you don’t even have to create the links. With just a click and a search, FPTraffic has your affiliate links ready for you to schedule to your Page.
  • Not only do you get commission on the product you referred, but when people buy other products after your link takes them to Amazon, you also earn a commission on those items. As long as they order within 24 hours, or longer if the visitor adds items to their cart and returns to pay later, you get commission on all of the items they purchased.
  • Amazon commissions can really add up, and you didn’t spend any extra time earning this income! By posting content to your Page, which you would have made time for anyway, you have an opportunity to earn money without doing any extra work.
  • As the leading online retail store, Amazon has a product for everything you can imagine. No matter what your niche is for your Facebook Page, you’ll no doubt be able to find products to promote.

We love giving you ways to monetize your Facebook Page, and Amazon is one of the easiest ways to do it. People know and trust Amazon. If you promote the right products to your fans, you’re sure to get great results.

[ecko_button color=”green” size=”large” url=”http://fptraffic.com/?s=blog”]Sign up for FPTraffic and start scheduling Amazon products today![/ecko_button]

Have you used the FPTraffic Amazon feature? Tell us about your results by leaving a comment!