How to Create Sponsored Messages for Your Business Facebook Page

You’re already automating valuable content to post to your Facebook Page with FPTraffic. Now Facebook allows you to automate direct messages to your business’s prospects using Facebook Messenger.

Since fall 2016, Facebook has been rolling out a feature for Page owners to create sponsored messages. The feature is similar to email, but Facebook is already noticing Messenger ads to be more effective. Tests have shown a high open rate for Facebook messages from business Pages, whereas email might have a 10-15% open rate.

This post will show you how business Page owners can benefit from sponsored messages and how to create a sponsored ad in Messenger.

How Sponsored Ads Work

When you send someone a sponsored message, it appears in their Facebook Messenger inbox. Creating a sponsored message is fairly similar to how you’d create a regular ad with a few more regulations.

Facebook limits your audience so that your inbox doesn’t get full of spam. You can send sponsored messages only to people who have contacted you via Messenger in the past. That’s why it’s a good idea to begin with Facebook Messenger destination ads, because then more people will message your Page and you’ll be able to target them with sponsored messages. You can also user

You can also user Messenger codes on your website or other marketing material to drive people to contact your Page in Messenger. People can also choose to unsubscribe from your sponsored messages.

Currently, Facebook doesn’t display how many people can receive sponsored messages. Facebook automatically creates and updates the audience of people who have messaged your Page. Then when you create an ad in Messenger, you select Messenger as the placement.

Facebook allows you to include 1 link, 1 image and unlimited text in your sponsored message.

Convert Customers with Sponsored Messages

Business Page owners can use sponsored messages to drive sales conversations. It’s a good idea to create your ad to target customers who are farther along in the customer journey. If they have already contacted you via Messenger, then they have already shown interest in your product or service. It may take at least 5 points of contact before closing on a customer, so reaching out with Messenger is just one more step along the chain.

Begin with a smaller group, adjusting your custom audience to people who have visited your sales page. Starting with a small group who has already shown interest in your business is smart because you can manage few conversations with people who are closer to making a purchase. In any interaction with your customer, you always want to aim to provide value. Offer a discount or a free informational guide to create a positive experience for your prospect.

How to Create a Sponsored Message

To create a sponsored message, you can use Power Editor, Ads Manager or API.

  1. In Power Editor, click Create Campaign or Create Ad.
  2. For your objective, select either Clicks to Website or Website Conversions.
  3. For your audience, you can only target people you have an existing conversation within Messenger. You can exclude other segments of your targeting audience based on demographic or custom audience data.
    1. In Custom Audience, click Create New.
    2. Click Custom Audience.
    3. Click Engagement on Facebook.
    4. Click Page.
    5. Select Who had a message conversation with this Page.
    6. Click Create Audience.
      custom audience
      Note: Like all Facebook ads, sponsored ads must target an audience of at least 50 people.
  4. Set your budget and schedule.
  5. At the ad set level, select Messenger as your placement.
    messenger placement
    Note:¬†When you choose Messenger as your placement, you cannot have additional placements, such as Instagram or Facebook’s News Feed.
  6. Select the Single Image option.
  7. Select the Page you’d like to run the ad from.
  8. Add a call to action.
  9. Review your order and preview your ad message. Then click Place Order.

Sponsored messages are a great way for businesses to convert more prospects to buyers. Remember to add value in every point of contact with a customer, and start with a small audience to best manage communication.

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