Business Pages Can Now Create Job Posts

Facebook is making the hiring and job-seeking process easier. The 1.86 billion-user network recently rolled out a new jobs tab for Business Pages to post open positions. Job seekers can easily search for jobs and submit applications all within the platform.

Facebook has been testing out this feature for a few months and recently released it for U.S. and Canada Business Pages. For now, it’s free to create a job post but will cost you if you choose to boost it. As explained by Facebook: “This new experience will help businesses find qualified people where they’re already spending their time—on Facebook and on mobile.”

Keep reading to learn how this feature makes the hiring process easier for businesses and how you can get started filling positions.

Benefits of Posting Jobs on Facebook

How does the job post feature make things easier for businesses?

40% of US small businesses report that filling jobs was more difficult than they expected, according to Facebook. Posting jobs on Facebook may help businesses fill positions easier for a number of reasons:

  • Exposure: People are more active on Facebook than any other social media platform. When a business posts a job opening, users can share it or tag people who they know are looking for a job. While many people aren’t actively looking for jobs on Facebook, they may become more interested after seeing a job post. Facebook gives businesses exposure to a large audience.
  • Targeting the right audience: Business Pages can choose to boost their job posts and, with the ability to target their audience, they’re more likely to find the ideal candidate.
  • Convenience: Business Page admins can manage the application process right from the Facebook platform. In minutes, they can create a job post and advertise it to their audience. They can review applications and contact the applicants all through Facebook Messenger.

How to Create a Job Post

Ready to get started? Posting a job opening is fairly simple if you’re already familiar with how to run a Facebook Page.

Note: Only Page admins can create a job post, and the Page needs to be set up as a Business template in order for the job post feature to be present.

From the Status Update composer, click Create a job post.
create a job post featureYou can then enter the details, including a brief description, salary, hours, etc., and publish your post.
job postingUsers will be able to find the post on your Page as well as on a new Jobs on Facebook tab.

When a user clicks Apply Now, Facebook auto populates much of their information based on data from the user’s account. The application prompts the user to answer, “Why do you think you’re a good candidate…” Then the user submits the application through Messenger, and Page admins can review the applications and contact the applicant.

Add a Jobs Tab

Take your hiring process one step further and add a Jobs tab to your Business Page. This will keep all your job opening posts in one easy, accessible place for users to find. From Settings, click Edit Page. Under Tabs, click Add Tab. Next to Jobs, click Add Tab again.

jobs tab

As more businesses use the job posting feature, Facebook will continue to gain career-related insights. There is plenty of room for expansion with this feature, and we can expect to see more opportunity as Facebook learns and understands user preferences for career development.

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