The Complete Guide to Using Your Facebook Page Insights

Do you know when your Page’s fans are most often on Facebook? Do you know how your Page is performing in comparison to other Pages in your niche? Which type of content is most popular with your fans? You can find all of these answers and even more information about your Page’s performance using the … Continue reading “The Complete Guide to Using Your Facebook Page Insights”

Do you know when your Page’s fans are most often on Facebook? Do you know how your Page is performing in comparison to other Pages in your niche? Which type of content is most popular with your fans?

You can find all of these answers and even more information about your Page’s performance using the Facebook Page Insights tool.

Creating a posting schedule and promoting your Page is important for getting started, but to really make sure your Page performs well you need to evaluate your metrics. Facebook Page Insights gives you valuable information about your Page and your audience that allows you to give your fans more of the content they crave.

How do you use this powerful tool? Our complete guide to Page Insights will help you understand each metric and why they’re important to your Facebook strategy.

How to Use Facebook Page Insights

From your Facebook Page, click Insights in the top menu. You can then export your performance results by clicking Export Data in the top right corner, or you can view metrics about your Page by clicking the sections on the left. In this guide, we’ll explain what each of those tabs on the left mean to give you a better understanding of the data available to you.


When you access the Insights tool, you’re defaulted to the Overview tab. This section gives you a brief Page summary for the past 7 days. You can also change it to view the summary for the last 28 days by clicking the arrow next to Last 7 days.

The summary gives you a brief overview of your Page’s Likes, reach and engagement in comparison to the previous week (or month, if you prefer). Click on any category to see further insights into those analytics.

Scroll down and you’ll see an overview of any recent promotions, followed by your 5 most recent posts with stats for reach and engagement.

The last heading in this section is Pages to Watch, a cool feature that allows you to compare your Page’s performance to others in your nice. Clearly, I need to step up my game to catch Charlie Day Quotes 😉

pages to watch


This tab gives a brief view of overall stats for any recent promotions. You can see how many people the boosted post reached, the engagement rate and how much you spent on it. If you click on the post, you’ll see a breakdown of the engagement the post received. This is a great place to quickly check how your boosted posts are doing.


This is an important metric to keep an eye on to make sure your Page is getting in front of users who are interested in it. The number of Likes your Page receives is a telling factor of how your efforts are paying off. This section tracks 3 things:

  • Total Page Likes: The total number of Page Likes for a 28-day period
  • Net Likes: The number of new Likes minus the number of Unlikes. You’ll also see how many Likes are organic vs. paid.
  • Where Your Page Likes Happened: The number of times your Page was liked, broken down by whether the Likes happened from Page suggestions, on your Page or uncategorized desktop or mobile.

Net Page Likes on Facebook Page Insights

You can select longer periods of time to track by using the chart at the top of the page. Also, click on a metric in the benchmark box on the right to compare data over time.


Post reach is the number of people Facebook showed your post to. In the Reach section, you can see the organic reach compared to the paid reach and see which types of posts are the most popular with your audience. You’ll also see any negative engagement (Hide, Report as Spam and Unlikes) happening on your posts, which decreases the number of people you reach.

My favorite sections are Total Reach and the Engagement graph for Likes (Reactions), Comments, and Shares.

Total Reach Page Insights

Check this section regularly to find out which types of content your fans engage with most. This will help you see what types of content you should be posting more often.

Page Views

The Page Views section allows you to break down your audience in demographics like age and gender, country, city and the device they’re using.

Actions on Page

If you have a blog, website or shop linked with your Facebook Page, this section helps you see how effective your Page is at funneling traffic through to your site. In addition to tracking how many website clicks and action button clicks you’re getting, this tab also shows you the number of users who are clicking on directions or your phone number.

You can further analyze the demographics for each of those actions by gender and age, country, city and the device fans are using when actually viewing your Facebook Page.


Along with the Reach tab, this is the section worth checking most frequently. The Posts tab tells you when your fans are online, so you can create your schedule to post content at those popular times. The Posts Type section shows you how well your different post types performed in terms of reach and engagement. You can sort your post by highest reach or engagement to better analyze your trends in content.

Review this section often to see what types of content resonates best with your audience.

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If you promote events through your Page, these insights will show you:

  • The number of people who’ve seen a link to the event on Facebook
  • The number of people who’ve viewed the event, and
  • The number of joins, saves and maybes the event has received.

You can also break your audience down by demographics.


If you’re a frequent YouTube poster and upload your videos to your Facebook Page, you’ll benefit from the Videos Insights. This section shows you:

  • Video Views: How many times your videos were viewed for 3 seconds or more
  • 30-Second Views: How many times your videos were viewed for 30 seconds or more
  • Top Videos: The most viewed videos that were watched for 3 seconds or more.

Evaluating these metrics will show you which videos your audience find interesting, which can be extremely helpful in how you choose your content in the future.


The People section shows you the demographics of Your Fans, People Reached and People Engaged. Here you can view the gender, age, location and language of the people who like your Page, which can help you pick the right content for them. You’ll also gain more insight into the types of people who have liked, commented on or shared your posts in the past 28 days.

This information is also beneficial when you are setting up Ads for Page Likes to grow your audience.


This tab simply shows data on the messages your Page has received. This can be helpful for tracking conversations.

Use Insights to Grow Your Page

Overall, Facebook Page Insights is a free, easy-to-use tool that allows you to track your Page’s performance. Analyzing these results allows you to see when your fans are online, what types of posts are most popular with your audience and how you’re comparing with other Pages in your niche. Having this information on hand helps you to post the right types of content at the right time, ensuring more reach, engagement and growth for your Page.

Post valuable content regularly and check your Page Insights often. Your Page will benefit from knowing what content your audience wants the most.

Do you use Facebook Insights? Which metrics do you find to be the most helpful? Let us know by leaving a comment!

What You Need to Know About Facebook’s Audience Optimization

Are you getting a good reach with your Facebook Page but not much engagement? Facebook’s new Audience Optimization feature is an easy tool to use and may help you see an increase in the numbers of shares, likes and comments on your posts. Audience Optimization is an organic targeting tool that helps you to engage and better understand … Continue reading “What You Need to Know About Facebook’s Audience Optimization”

Facebook Audience Optimization toolAre you getting a good reach with your Facebook Page but not much engagement?

Facebook’s new Audience Optimization feature is an easy tool to use and may help you see an increase in the numbers of shares, likes and comments on your posts. Audience Optimization is an organic targeting tool that helps you to engage and better understand your Facebook Page audience.

We’ve got everything you need to know about this new feature, from setting it up on your Page to effectively using it to boost engagement. First, let’s explain why this feature is important to your Facebook Page marketing.

Why Should You use Facebook’s Audience Optimization?

Whether your Facebook page is for a niche hobby or a small business, you want to put your content in front of the people who are interested in your industry. Too often we get caught up in how many users our posts reach, but what does that number matter if the users who see your content aren’t interested? They aren’t clicking your links or commenting because they’re not your right audience.

Audience Optimization better matches your content with the right audiences, which is helpful to improve your engagement rate. The features give your Page more priority among those likely to be interested, along with the ability to gain more information about your audience. In testing for Audience Optimization, Facebook saw that organic reach stayed about the same while engagement rates went up.

The features of this tool ensure that you’re delivering the right content to the right audience, potentially leading to better engagement. As we know, engagement is where the conversions happen.

How does Audience Optimization work to increase your likes, comments and shares? Let’s take a look.

Three Features That Help Boost Engagement

Audience Optimization has three key features – Preferred Audience, Audience Restrictions and Audience Insights, all of which help you target and understand your niche audience.

Preferred Audience

The Preferred Audience feature allows you to add interest tags to target Facebook-specific data sets. This replaces the old Interest Targeting feature, which limited others outside of those interest tags from seeing your posts. Preferred Audience does not limit visibility to users outside of your interests. Instead, it prioritizes your Page posts in the News Feeds for readers based on what likely engages them.

Facebook Preferred Audience

Facebook’s algorithm takes into account how interested the user seems to be in the topic and how likely they are to engage. People categorized within those interest tags are more likely to see your posts. Rather than limiting your reach, this feature helps improve visibility to the right audience for your Page.

Audience Restrictions

You still have the ability to limit visibility by using the Audience Restrictions feature. If you choose to use this part of the tool, only people in the audiences you choose will see the post anywhere on Facebook.

Audience Restrictions

Be careful! If you restrict audiences of certain locations, that can cause issues with tools you use to manage your Facebook Page, like FPTraffic.

Audience Insights

Using interest tags in the Preferred Audience feature allows you to see how your audience is responding. The Audience Insights feature will show you how each interest tag you set contributes to a post’s reach by showing how many clicks, shares and likes came from each category you chose. These insights are helpful for understanding how different subsets of your audience respond to your content. You can watch how particular tags perform over time and better customize your content for your audience.

How to Set Up Audience Optimization on Your Facebook Page

If your Facebook Page has over 5,000 Likes, the Audience Optimization feature turns on automatically. Otherwise, you need to turn the feature on in your Page Settings. Also, know that currently, Audience Optimization is only available for English language Pages.

To turn on the Audience Optimization tool, complete the following steps:

  1. In the top right corner of your Facebook Page, click Settings.
  2. In the left tab column, click General.
  3. In the middle of the page, locate the row labeled “Audience Optimization for Posts.” Click Edit.
  4. Check the box allowing you to enable the feature. Click Save Changes.
    edit for audience optimization

Now when you make a post update on your Page, you’ll see an icon at the bottom for the Audience Optimization tool. Click the icon, and you’ll see the two tabs for Preferred Audience and Audience Restrictions. You can then set your interest tags and choose whether to use the Audience Restrictions feature. Currently, you can only set your interest tags using a desktop browser.

audience optimization feature icon

After you’ve published your post, you’ll see a settings wheel icon next to the time of publication, where you’d normally see the globe icon. Hover over the wheel icon to see the Audience Optimization settings you configured.

News Feed Audience Icon

Now it’s time to see which interest tags are working for you.

How to Use the Audience Insights Feature

You can then use the Audience Insights feature to see which subsets are most engaged in your content. From your top menu, click Insights. Your post will have a special icon under the Target column, indicating that you selected a Preferred Audience for that post.

Click the post, and you will see a tab for Preferred Audience.

Note: You won’t be able to see your stats until your post has reached 100 people. When you do reach 100 users, your stats will appear for each interest tag you selected. You won’t be able to see stats for shares and likes until you reach 100 of those as well. After you hit those milestones, you can gain insights into your most engaged audience.

Give Audience Optimization a Try

Our take on Facebook’s new feature…why not try it? This new tool gives you a way to reach your target audience and potentially see more engagement from them. It’s easy to use and can’t hurt to try. Test it out and see how prioritizing posts for users with specific interest tags works to boost your Page engagement.

Have you used Audience Optimization for your Facebook Page? What kind of results have you seen? Leave us a comment below!