Do This Before Worrying About Facebook Page Traffic

Everyone wants to see more Facebook Page traffic. Of course, our goal at FPTraffic is to help you do just that.

It’s easy to get caught up in the traffic game when you’re first creating your Facebook Page. If you aren’t getting the desired reach you want right away, you might be discouraged. But there’s something you should shoot for before worrying about Page Likes and reach.

You need to focus on generating a loyal following. Here’s why.

Generate a Loyal Following to Increase Traffic

The Facebook News Feed is an arena of fierce competitors vying to get their content seen. Fan Pages, brands, marketers, family and friend updates – they’re all coming in hot every minute of the day. No matter how much Facebook Page traffic and Likes you have, unfortunately not all of those fans will see your posts when you publish them.

And visibility is only going to get tougher with more Pages being created every day. In fact, there are 42 million Pages out there right now!

Facebook Page traffic

With those statistics, Likes and reach can be arbitrary metrics when you’re just starting out. Sure they help in the long run for monetization, but more importantly, you need to focus on creating loyal fans. It’s not always the quantity of fans you have, but the quality of them.

Measuring for Loyalty

Instead of worrying about Page Likes, put your efforts into generating a loyal following of people who love your content. Focus on providing value in every post you publish. Learn to understand what your fans like most and continue to deliver that type of content.

Watch your metrics for post Likes, comments, shares, even sales. The more people engage and interact with your Page content, the more invested they become in your brand.

This is important because if a user shows frequent engagement with your Page, your content will show up in their News Feed more often. Encouraging engagement is one of the best ways you can ensure your content continues to get seen by users.

As a result, those loyal fans will share your content with their own friends. Your reach and Page Likes will continue to grow organically as a bi-product of your compelling content.

Best Practices for Generating Fan Loyalty

Here are a few tips to help create a following of loyal Facebook fans:

  • Say thank you. Yes, simple manners of real life apply to Facebook too. Thank fans when you achieve milestones, when they give you ideas and feedback, when they share photos, even when they answer your questions or leave comments.
  • Be responsive. Take time to respond to fans’ comments, even if they’re negative or customer complaints. Your response to criticism helps shape how your fans see you.
  • Foster community. Get your fans to converse with each other and share their own content. Maybe even start a Facebook Group for your Page.
  • Analyze your fans. Check your Facebook Insights frequently to see what types of content your fans love, when they’re online, and more about their demographics.
  • Ask for their input. Include your fans in your Facebook Page strategy or small business decisions. Take a poll on which t-shirt design they like better. Ask questions to get to know them better and discover how you can post content that aims to solve their pain points.

smart ways to use facebook automation tools

Start with these tips to get your fans engaging with your content. Post consistently and work on building trust with your fans. In time, fan loyalty leads to more traffic and more sales.

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What strategies do you use to increase loyalty among your Facebook fans? Let us know by leaving a comment!

How to Set and Achieve Your Facebook Page Goals

Starting a new Facebook Page – whether it’s a fan page, business page, etc. – can be intimidating when it seems like there are so many components to it. Having a few goals in mind before you start posting content can help you stay on a focused path.

Even if you’ve been running a Facebook Page for a while, there will inevitably be times when you feel like it’s in a slump. It’s important to keep setting goals to continue to see progress with your Page.

marketing objective to measure Facebook Page ROI

In this post, we’ll go over some tried and true tactics to help you set and achieve your Facebook Page goals.

The SMART Method to Setting Facebook Page Goals

You’ve likely heard of the SMART technique for setting goals. This acronym works as a strategy to help you set goals in all realms of life, including Facebook! Here’s how you can use this technique to set actionable Facebook Page goals:


Be specific in what you want to achieve with your Facebook Page. Do you want to increase sales? Attract users to your website? Increase brand awareness? Build an email list? Write down your specific goals.


Determine how you’ll measure your progress toward your goal. Facebook Insights helps you measure the engagement rate and ROI from your Facebook ads. Other tools like Google Analytics and Bitly can help you measure how much traffic you’re getting to your website from your Facebook Page.

Facebook Ad Set Results Google Analytics


While we don’t want to discourage you from dreaming big (seriously, big numbers are possible on Facebook!), make sure you start out with a realistic goal. Maybe your first goal is to hit 100 Page likes, then 1,000, then 10,000! Start small so as not to get discouraged, and keep raising the stakes as you get a better handle on it.


Your goals should align with your niche, company, or organization that you’re representing. Make sure they reflect the vision and mission you have for your brand.

Time Specific

Put a deadline on your goal. Think about how soon you want to see results. For example, maybe your goal is to double your email subscriber list in the next six months.

FPTraffic Virtual Assistant

Use this method to define and assess your Facebook Page goals. Also, for examples of goals to set when you’re first starting out, check out this post we wrote on 5 Goals to Set When You Create a Facebook Page.

Now that you know what you want to achieve, it’s time to take action. Keep reading to learn our best practices for reaching your Facebook Page goals.

How to Achieve Your Facebook Page Goals

Anyone can declare what they want, but to actually make it happen, it’s going to take some work. Here are a few tips for achieving your Facebook Page goals:

  • Follow our free fan page course to learn to build, grow, and monetize your Page. We’ll give you actionable steps for growing a sizable audience, delivering exceptional content, and expanding your reach.
  • Check in on your progress and measure your goals on a regular basis. Reviewing Facebook Insights and other analytics tools at least once a week is a good habit to get into.
  • Stick to a posting schedule. Creating an automated content strategy ensures that your Page is getting in front of your audience at times when they’re likely to see it.
  • Find an accountability partner or group. Share your Facebook Page goals with someone you trust, and you’ll be more likely to stick with the process. FPTraffic members have access to our Facebook Group of over 3,000 members who are all working toward their own Facebook Page goals. It’s a great place for support, questions, and ideas.

FPTraffic Facebook Group

No matter your reason for creating a Facebook Page, success starts with clearly defining and assessing what your goals are. Try the SMART method when setting your goals, and follow the tips above to see them through.

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What are your goals for your Facebook Page? Let us know by leaving a comment!

5 Goals to Set When You Create a Facebook Page

Anyone can create a Facebook Page. But if you want to make some money from it, you need to do some planning. Like any business endeavor, you should have a clear vision of what it is you want to achieve, then make goals to measure your progress.

Whenever you start a new project – whether it be a new website, side hustle or even a Facebook Page – setting some benchmarks to achieve will give you something to work toward. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of a new project. Too often people quit early on because they’re not sure what to do next.

Setting goals is a great way to keep moving forward. After you’ve created a new Facebook Page, here are 5 goals to work toward.

Goals for a New Facebook Page

Once you’ve found a niche you love and created your Facebook Page, the following goals will help you reach success:

1. Create Value

Sure, this goal isn’t as sexy as setting out to make X amount of dollars or gain so many likes, but it’s the foundation that makes earning a possibility. Without any valuable content, no one will Like or engage with your Page.

If people find value in the content you’re publishing, you’ll be able to keep and maintain their attention. Eventually, this will convert to dollars. With every post you publish, aim to provide value in some way. That could mean providing useful information, humor, entertainment, etc.

Rely on FPTraffic’s 8 content sources for an endless amount of valuable content.

total number of likes

2. Get 10,000 Likes

Focus on building your audience so you can generate a nice income from your Facebook Page. We recommend aiming for 10,000 Likes because that means you have a fairly large audience who will engage with your content and help it grow organically.

Facebook ads are the best way to build your audience for a new Page. Check out this post on how we used Facebook ads to get 10,000 Likes to our new Page in one month.

3. Get Your Cost per Like Down

When you create a Facebook ad for Likes, your cost per Like will start out higher and gradually decrease while the ad runs. This happens because Facebook automatically optimizes your ad to only show to people who are going to be interested in it. Every day, Facebook collects more data on the users who are responding to the ad by Liking your Page. Facebook uses that data to more accurately target new people the next day.

Aim to get your cost per Like down to $0.01 and $0.05.

4. Build an Email List

Whether you run a business Page or fan Page, Facebook can help you build your email list. Email lists are one of the most valuable tools you can have as a marketer. This gives you more ways to reach your fans and make sure they are seeing your content.

You can easily build an email list in two ways with FPTraffic: create an email newsletter that your fans sign up for or create a giveaway in which they’ll enter their email address.

5. Earn Your Money Back

Of course, you want to earn any money back that you spent on ads, and then some! Once you get to about 10,000 Likes, it becomes easier to monetize and generate income from your Page.

Monetize your Page by promoting affiliate links or funneling traffic through to your monetized website. FPTraffic offers the ability to promote and earn from major companies like Amazon and Ebay.

FPTraffic Amazon Tool

Get on the right track by setting a few goals for your Facebook Page. When you have a clear path of what you need to do next, you’re more likely to stick with something and succeed. Start with these goals, and keep growing from there!

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What other goals have you set for your Facebook Page? Tell us about them by leaving a comment!