Use Giphy Live to Interact with Fans

Facebook users love sharing gifs, which is why we highly recommend incorporating them into your content regularly. Giphy is perhaps the largest source of gifs on the internet. You can browse through thousands of gifs in their library and find one for almost any reaction you’re going for. Giphy Capture even allows you to create your own.

Giphy recently launched a new product to make sharing gifs even easier and more fun – Giphy Live.

Use giphy Live to interact with Facebook Page fans

With Giphy Live, you can incorporate gifs into your Facebook Live broadcasts. Keep reading to learn more about Giphy Live and how you can use it to interact with fans of your Facebook Page.

Giphy for Facebook Live

Brands are using gifs to spice up images of products that aren’t especially exciting. Gifs are also being used as a medium to educate people about a brand or niche. They’re becoming more widely used across social media, and when used effectively, gifs can definitely boost your Page’s engagement.

The Giphy Live feature takes everything up a notch.

Giphy Lives creates a virtual newsroom atmosphere for your Facebook Live broadcast. Trending hashtags for your favorite gifs float around the screen, which you can tap and “report on.” Viewers can also comment with gif hashtags, and you can choose to add them to your live video. The real-time experience makes for an all new level of personal interaction with your Page’s fans.

Facebook Live videos have been ranking higher on users’ news feed and are an effective tool for your Facebook Page. Adding gifs to your live video and having viewers do the same is a great way to increase engagement, which can help your live videos rank even higher.

Giphy Live

How to Use Giphy Live

If you’re familiar with going Live on Facebook, incorporating the Giphy Live feature is simple.

  1. From your Facebook Page, click the Live button.
  2. In the top right corner, click the magic wand icon.
  3. Select the Giphy Live logo and open the effects drawer before beginning your live video. You can tap the Giphy Live ticker at the top of the screen to select a topic and find an appropriate gif. The image you select will appear over your shoulder, and you can insert more GIFs into your broadcast.
  4. Tap Go Live.
    • If the camera is facing you, you can tap the hashtags to change the gif.
    • If you’re using the back camera to record someone else, a microphone gif will appear in front of the person you’re interviewing.

With Facebook Live ranking so high in the News Feed, it makes sense to implement this feature into your Facebook Page content strategy. While you’re at it, interact with your viewers using Giphy Live. As you share more gifs and your viewers become more engaged, your live video may rank even higher, boosting your overall reach.

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