Facebook Adds GIF Button in Comments for All Users

Now your fans can show their excitement with your posts even more with Facebook’s latest feature – the release of the GIF comment button. In light of the 30th anniversary of the GIF format this week, the new GIF comment button is available to all users.

Facebook users have had the ability to share GIFs since 2015. But until now, your Facebook fans have been sending GIFs in comments by copying and pasting the URL of a GIF from an external website. The new GIF button – which Facebook began testing in March – lets people search and post GIFs from services like Giphy and post them directly in the comments box.

GIF button


If a user is posting from a desktop browser, they’ll also see the trending GIFs.

trending gifs

The GIF button makes sharing GIFs a whole lot easier for your fans. The feature is currently only available when leaving a comment on a post and cannot be used when updating your Page status, but we wouldn’t be surprised if that changes soon. GIFs are becoming ever more popular on Facebook. The platform announced that almost 13 billion GIFs were sent on Messenger over the past year, and 400 million were sent on New Year’s Day 2017 alone.

FPTraffic users can easily share GIFs in their status updates using our Giphy content source. You can search through thousands of GIFs or create your own using Giphy Capture.

The GIF button will hopefully encourage users to reply to more posts and comments with animated images. This feature could be great for your Page’s engagement rate.

New GIF feature

Fans love sharing GIFs, so why not take advantage of the new feature? Ask your fans to share their favorite GIF relating to your niche.

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Do you share GIFs on your Facebook Page? What do you think of the new GIF comment button? Let us know by leaving a comment!


Create Gifs Using Giphy Capture

A key strategy to keeping your Facebook Page fans engaged is to post different types of content. Posting gifs is a fun way to mix up your content and express an emotion. Fans love sharing gifs, so take advantage of this opportunity to boost your engagement.

Giphy is perhaps the largest source of gifs on the internet. You can browse through thousands of gifs in their library and find one for almost any reaction you’re going for.

With their latest app – Giphy Capture – you can get creative and make your own gifs. Read on to learn more about Giphy Capture and for a few tips on using gifs effectively.

Giphy Capture Features

Mac users can use Giphy Capture to capture anything on their desktop in HD. Save your favorite clips of videos, piece together multiple pictures, and use YouTube links to create animated images that relate to your Facebook Page’s niche.

The app comes with stickers and text functions, allowing you to easily overlay images with quotes, emojis and icons. You can edit and customize the gif to change direction, include a caption, adjust the file size and finally share it on your Facebook Page.

Giphy Capture

Giphy Capture is a free, straightforward and easy-to-use tool that allows you to quickly create content from the stuff you love. Many niche Facebook Pages can easily benefit from this tool. For examples, sports Pages can use Giphy Capture to quickly create a gif of a key moment in a game and sharing it immediately.

Brands are using gifs to spice up images of products that aren’t especially exciting. Gifs are also being used as a medium to educate people about a brand or niche. They’re becoming more widely used across social media, and when used effectively, gifs can definitely boost your Page’s engagement.

Tips for Using Gifs

Facebook users are quick to like and share gifs, but before you go on a gif-posting binge, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Keep it relevant. Only post gifs that relate and are appropriate to your niche.
  • Use variety. Just as you want a variety of content types, you also want to mix up the types of gifs you post. If you post the same type of message using different images, it is likely to lose its novelty quickly.
  • Post gifs in moderation. Gifs are great for engaging Facebook Page fans, but you don’t want to overload your page with animations. Too many gifs will be overwhelming to your fans.
  • Test your results. Experiment with posting gifs, and after some time, check to see if they were among your Page’s popular posts. Gifs work better for some niches than others. Whether they’ll work well for your Page depends on your audience.

Schedule Content from Giphy Using FPTraffic

While Giphy Capture makes it easy to create and share gifs, you may want to use some of the awesome gifs that are already out there. We have integrated with Giphy directly so FPTraffic members can easily find and schedule gifs to post directly to their Facebook Page.

From the Content dropdown in your dashboard, click Giphy. Enter the keywords for your niche, select the appropriate Facebook Page, and click Search Gifs. Then, simply click on the gifs you’d like to post and enter descriptions if you like.

FPTraffic Giphy

Gifs are a great way to engage your audience and mix up your content. Be careful not to overload your Page with animation, and keep your gifs relevant to your niche. Get creative by making your own gifs with Giphy Capture, or find and schedule the perfect gifs using FPTraffic!

Want to start scheduling gifs to post to your Facebook Page? Sign up with FPTraffic today and start managing your Pages effectively!

New Content Sources! Giphy, Flickr, and eBay

Over the past few weeks, we have added three new content sources that FPTraffic members can use to easily find and schedule content to post to their Facebook Pages. Here is a breakdown of those sources and how you can use them to increase engagement on your social media posts!


Giphy is possibly the largest source of gifs on the internet. We have integrated with them directly so that FPTraffic members can easily find and schedule gifs to post to their social media accounts with a few keystrokes and a click of their mouse.

FPTraffic Giphy

Facebook Page reach on gifs usually is not as good as it is with normal images, but it’s always good to mix up your content to help keep your audience engaged. If you have a Twitter account connected to your Page on FPTraffic, we will post your gifs to Twitter as well, which typically does increase overall engagement.

Give our new Giphy tool a try and see how your audience responds to gifs.


Remember Flickr? Flickr was once one of the top image sites on the internet. It’s popularity has waned over the years, but it’s still a great source of content and there are billions of images sitting on Flickr waiting for you!

Flickr on FPTraffic

Use our new Flickr tool to find awesome images your audience will love.


One of our goals at FPTraffic is to help you not only build and grow Facebook Pages, but also to help you monetize your Pages. In order to be able to maintain the growth of your Page for your audience, you will need to make some money from it.

We are excited to announce integration with eBay on FPTraffic! You can now find and schedule items from eBay to post to your Facebook Pages with, you guessed it, a click of your mouse 🙂

Post eBay listings using FPTraffic

FPTraffic is completely integrated with the 22 different regions eBay covers within the eBay Partner Network. Search through millions of listings in just a few seconds from any of these regions and earn commission on any sales generated through your social media accounts.

We are excited to release these new content sources and are working hard to be able to add more soon. If you have any recommendations, please feel free to post them in the comments below. Of course, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our support.