Engage Your Fans With Facebook Offers

Do you want to keep customers engaged with your business?

Your business Facebook Page offers several ways to keep your customers excited about your products or services. One feature that business Page owners can use to both attract leads and reward their customers is Facebook Offers.

create an offer

Facebook Offers are similar to a Facebook ad with the options of traffic or conversion objectives. Offers are typically a nice discount which users can claim to use online or in store.

Why might you want to create a Facebook Offer over a regular ad? Keep reading to learn about the benefits of this feature and how you can create a Facebook Offer.

Why Facebook Offers?

Offering discounts is a great way to reward your loyal customers and raise awareness around your brand. By giving your fans an offer on a product or service they’ve expressed interest in, you increase your good reputation, letting your customers know that you listen to them and want to meet their needs.

You have the option of creating a Facebook Offer directly from your Page. This option is free unless you choose to boost the Offer, in which typical Facebook advertising fees apply. When you create an Offer on your Page, it is displayed to people who like your Page.

You can target a larger audience outside of your fan base by creating Offers as an ad. To create Facebook Offers as ads, use Ads Manager or Power Editor. Offers are promoted in the News Feed rather than the right-hand sidebar where most ads are placed.

How to Create an Offer from Your Facebook Page

  1. From your Facebook Page, select the Create an Offer icon.
    create a facebook offer
  2. Choose whether people can use the offer Online, In Store or Both.
  3. If your offer can be redeemed online, enter your website URL.
  4. From the dropdown, select an Offer Type. Add the following details about your offer:
    • Description
    • Images (up to 5) or Video
    • Expiration Date
    • Discount Code (Optional)
    • Terms and Conditions (Optional)
    • Total Offers Available (Optional if you’re limiting the number of offers)
  5. To publish your offer immediately, click Create Offer. You can also post your offer at a later time by selecting Schedule Offer.

How to Create an Offer from Ads Manager or Power Editor

  1. From Ads Manager or Power Editor, select either Traffic or Conversions for your objective. Then you’ll be prompted in a new screen:
    • If you chose Traffic, choose whether you want to drive traffic to your Website or Messenger.
    • If you chose Conversions, choose the website you want to promote and select a conversion pixel. The conversion attribution window should be greater than the offer duration.
  2. Toggle the Offer button to ON.
    ad set
  3. Select the Page you’re creating an offer for, then click Create Offer.
  4. Add the details about your offer, such as where it can be redeemed, and you can choose to set up a unique code or bar code for your offer.
  5. Click Create. Preview your offer as you create it. Click Offer Detail Page Example to see a preview of how your offer will appear or click Notification Example to see what your users will see when they get notified to redeem your offer.
    offer details page example
  6. Choose your audience, placements, budget and schedule for your Offer, then click Continue.
  7. Choose your format and images or video, then enter a description for your promotion.
  8. Click Place Order.

Tips for Creating a Successful Offer

If you’re going to offer something, you want to make sure it’s effective in helping you reach your objectives.

  • Offer a substantial discount. Obviously, the bigger the discount the more appealing it will be to those who see it. BOGOs (Buy One Get One free promotions) and items marked at least 20% off will have a great reach.
  • Use effective images: Include a quality image of someone using your product rather than just a company logo. Make sure your Page’s profile picture is captivating as well as it will appear next to your offer in most places on Facebook.
  • Set the expiration date for about 7 days: You want to give people a chance to see and claim the offer then share it with their friends.
  • Promote your offer: Boost the offer or create an ad to get it in front of more people. You can also pin the offer to the top of your Page while it’s running so people who come to your Page will see it first.

Running Facebook Offers once in a while is a great way to raise awareness around your brand, keep your customers coming back and attract new leads to your business. Whether you choose to promote the offer as an ad or share it with your loyal fans from your Page, this cross-objective feature is another tactic to throw in the mix of your social media strategy.

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