Understanding the Facebook News Feed

Do you feel like your Facebook Page posts aren’t getting enough reach?

With personal profiles, paid ads and Pages hitting Publish every second, it may sometimes seem impossible that your content is being seen. Facebook has its own algorithms that determine what shows up when. To get your posts seen by your audience, it’s important to understand how the Facebook news feed works.

Keep reading to learn how your Page can get more visibility in the Facebook news feed.

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How to Take Advantage of the Facebook News Feed

Here are a few ways to work with the Facebook news feed so your posts get seen by your audience:

Consistently give your audience content they love

Facebook first and foremost wants to connect users with the stories that matter most to them. We can’t reiterate enough how important it is to understand your audience and create valuable content for them. Fully utilize your Facebook Insights, determine your most popular posts and schedule that type of content consistently.

Publish from a variety of sources

Since finding that users want to see content from a wide range of sources, Facebook has reduced the frequency that a user will see several posts in a row from the same Page or profile in their news feed.

Of course you want to publish posts multiple times per day, but it also helps to publish the same content from a variety of sources. You can choose to publish content from multiple Pages in the same niche, post from your personal profile or re-purpose content. Cross-promoting Pages and sharing content across different platforms and sources may increase your organic reach.

Keep people engaged with your content

The news feed prioritizes content topics based on the time a user spends on similar content. Facebook looks at the time spent viewing content, whether it be video, instant articles or articles loaded on mobile. This shows Facebook what other content in the news feed users might find interesting.

To increase the time users spend with your content, aim to keep them engaged with every post you publish. Craft an effective description and make sure anything that you link to delivers what you promise. Experiment with longer pieces of content as long as they are engaging. Aim to keep the user’s eyes on your content as long as possible.

Share the love by recommending other Pages

Facebook looks at a user’s Friends list, the Pages they Like and the Groups they join to determine what shows up in their news feeds. It helps to have good connections with other Pages, because the more they mention your Page, the bigger reach you’ll have.

Are there any Pages or users who frequently share your content? Identify them and recommend those people and Pages to others. Feature them in a post and promote their message, product or services. Those Pages will be excited to get new fans, and all those fans will see any time that Page mentions you again.

Boost the most important posts

Facebook looks at consistency and engagement to decide how frequently you’ll show up in a news feed. Keep a consistent posting schedule, and consider boosting your most important post of the day so more people see it. Try asking questions, taking polls or posting giveaways to increase engagement on your posts.

It’s not easy to get organic reach on Facebook when there is so much competing for space in the news feed. Understanding how Facebook decides what appears in the news feed can help you increase your visibility and gain more traffic to your Page.

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What strategies do you use to get more organic reach? Let us know by leaving a comment!