How to Use Facebook Groups for Business

Many FPTraffic subscribers use Facebook Pages to market their business. But Facebook Groups provide another viable avenue for business owners to connect with their audience. Groups can help support your business by promoting products and offering customer support.

Here are seven ways you can use Facebook Groups to support your business.

7 Ways to Support Your Business with Facebook Groups

1. Offer additional training

If you sell an online course, offer access to a private Facebook Group as part of the purchase. Give customers a place to ask questions, have accountability and share their own testimonials. Offering Facebook Group support shows that you care about your their success with the course and gives you a chance to further help your customers succeed.

The deeper relationship you form with your customers, the more they’ll develop trust in you and will likely buy your products again.

2. Establish yourself as an expert

Facebook Groups are a great way for you or your business to be seen as a resource in your niche. Whether you create your own Group or participate in another one in your niche, contributing your knowledge sets you up as an authority for people to follow. For example, if you’re a personal trainer, you might join or start a fitness challenge group or a health tips group for the city or state you live in.

However, it’s important to give value without self-promotion. Refrain from promoting yourself or your business in a resource group. You might be wondering, what’s the point of participating? When members of your group develop trust in you, they’ll begin to follow you outside of the Facebook Group.

When members of your group develop trust in you, they’ll begin to follow you outside of the Facebook Group. Give value to others and you’ll be rewarded well as the word spreads.

3. Sell products

You can use Facebook Groups to sell products and digital goods. When you create a Group, you’ll have an option to “sell something” under the More button in the Facebook update. Upload a picture of the product, price and description. You also have the ability to mark posts as Available or Sold.

4. Get feedback

Create a Facebook Group to test out ideas, courses or content with your existing customers. Make a secret group and invite your customers to give honest feedback on any ideas you’re thinking about adding to your business. This helps you to understand your customers better and, once again, establish trust and stronger relationships with them.

5. Provide customer support

If you sell a product or service, a Facebook Group is a great place to field questions and offer support on how to use your product. That’s what we do with the FPTraffic group – people are paying for our Facebook scheduling tool every month, and we want to offer service so they know how to use the product and get the most benefit from it. The group is also a place for customers to let us know if they are having trouble with any of the features.

6. Mastermind with others

If you have a lot of ideas for your business, it’s helpful to have a group of peers to chat them through with. Create a Facebook Group for other business owners – whether in your niche or not – to bounce ideas off. You might want to keep this group small and invite people that you know and trust.

The Group feature is a nice online base for mastermind meetings because you can upload and share files, post recordings and easily search for what you need in the group.

If you have a lot of ideas and want someone to help vet them, create a Facebook mastermind group. This will help you avoid wasting too much time or money on an idea that just won’t work.

7. Communicate with your team

If your team is mostly virtual, create a Facebook Group as a central place for you all to communicate efficiently. This can be a great place to share updates, make introductions for new team members and motivate or praise your team. Of course, you’ll want more private conversations with your employees to take place outside of the Group.

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups offer another avenue for you to connect with your customers and market your business. They’re easy and free to set up, so why not give it a try?

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Do you have a Facebook Group for your business? How do you use it? Let us know by leaving a comment!

Facebook Announces New Group Tools

Managing a Facebook Group is a great way to create a community around your Facebook Page, and with over 1 billion people using Facebook Groups, Facebook is focusing their efforts on giving admins more tools to further establish and understand their communities. They have even announced a new mission: Give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.

Mark Zuckerburg announced the company’s new mission and Facebook’s intent to support Group admins at the first-ever Facebook Communities Summit in Chicago this June. In celebrating hundreds of Group admins and leaders, he announced some exciting new tools that will help admins better understand the communities they’re creating and how to best serve them.

New Features for Facebook Groups

The following features are now available to help admins grow and manage their Facebook Groups:

Group Insights

Just like your Facebook Page Insights, Group Insights allow admins to better understand how members are interacting in their Groups. Group Insights offers real-time metrics for growth, engagement and membership. You can see how many times people post, the time times of day that people are most engaged and more.

Membership Request Filtering

This feature saves Group admins the time by allowing them to sort and filter requests by common categories, such as gender or location, and have the ability to accept or decline names all at once.

Removed Member Clean-up

This feature allows you to remove any trace of a bad Group member. You can remove a user and any content they’ve shared, including posts, comments, even the people they have added to the Group.

Scheduled Posts

Admins and moderators can now schedule posts within their Facebook Groups for any time or day. This feature is convenient for consistently checking in with your Group members and giving them value on a regular basis. Also, scheduling posts is great if you’re conducting a course or hosting a week of promotions in your Facebook Group.

Group to Group Linking

If there are other Groups in your niche that you think your members would like to be a part of, you can now easily recommend them with Group to Group linking. By linking other Groups, the Group names will appear at the top of your Group so your members can easily find your recommendations.

Link Group

Groups are becoming an important feature on Facebook. More than 100 million people are said to be members of “meaningful groups,” meaning the group serves as a person’s main form of interaction on Facebook. Zuckerburg announced that Facebook’s goal is to help 1 billion people join meaningful groups.

Facebook Groups serve as a place for communication and discussion. People with common interests are able to ask questions and share their opinions in a safe forum. This is a place where your fans can engage with each other.

They can be a great way to further connect with fans of your Facebook Page, but not every Page needs a Facebook Group. Check out this post to learn the differences between a Facebook Page and a Group, if a Group is right for your Page and how to create a Facebook Group.

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Do you have a Facebook Group for your Page? What do you think about these new group tools? Let us know by leaving a comment!

How to Create a Community Around Your Facebook Page

Are you looking to make an impact on people with the message of your Facebook Page? Do you want to bring people together with your chosen niche?

Whether you’re looking to inspire, educate or entertain, creating a community around your Facebook Page is a great way to expand your reach and engage your fans. The more your Page sparks discussion, it begins to feel like a place fans want to come back to and hang out at. They start to feel comfortable and understood there.

What are some ways to build that familiarity on your Facebook Page? Here are a few tips to grow your community.

Use Your Facebook Page to Build a Community

Your Facebook Page is where the attraction starts. You lead fans in with valuable content that resonates with them, and pull them into the discussion. Here are a few ways to keep them engaged even further:

1. Create a Facebook Group

In addition to Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups are a great way to reach your fans and develop relationships. With a Facebook Group, readers may even be more likely to see your posts. If the user is engaged with your Group, they’ll receive notifications when you post in it, whereas they might not catch all of your Page posts in their News Feed.

The purpose of a Group is to provide even more value to your fans. Groups are especially purposeful if you’re selling products, courses or services, because you can offer a place for customer service, testimonials and discussion.

Since Groups are more private than Pages, this is a place where your audience should feel more safe and comfortable. They can interact with other like-minded people who share the same interest in what your Page offers.

This is a great place to spark discussion. Keep the engagement level high by sharing prompt posts – posts that prompt your users to start talking. Try asking people to share what their favorite product, character, episode, etc. may be. Share relevant news or helpful articles in your group that you don’t share on your Page. These posts get people talking and interacting with each other – thus, community is being built!

Group post

Not sure if a Group is right for your Page? Check out this post on whether you need a Facebook Group.

2. Broadcast frequently with Facebook Live

Facebook Live is helpful for your Page in so many ways, community building being a huge benefit. Going Live allows users to see your face and get familiar with who you are behind the screen. Not only do they get a better sense of who you are, but it’s a great way to get engagement going.

You can offer do answer questions in a Facebook Live broadcast, encouraging fans to comment and submit their concerns. Having you interact with them in real time is a game changer for creating community. You can stream Facebook Live from your Page or a Group, adding to your community on multiple levels.

3. Creating ads for a targeted audience

Facebook’s Audience Insights allows you to be highly specific in who you target your ads to, meaning you can attract the exact type of user who needs what your Page has to offer. This means that only the people who are already interested in your niche will see your ad, making them highly likely to join and contribute to the community.

Create an ad to invite users to join your Facebook Group or boost a popular post on your Page. Get more like-minded people into your community with specifically targeted ads. Continue to show those new users value through your Page and Group content.

Building community is an important factor for your Facebook Page because it helps create loyal fans and customers. Users will know they can go to your Page for what they’re looking for, making you a leader in your niche and a Page they want to share with their friends.

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