Facebook Page ROI for Businesses and Bloggers

Do you run a Facebook Page to market your business? Do you have a monetized blog associated with your Facebook Page? Bloggers and business owners succeed from creating Facebook ads that funnel traffic through to their website or blog. If you’re spending time and money on Facebook ads, it’s crucial to measure your Facebook Page ROI – how much you’re spending for each user who clicks through to your website from your Facebook ad.

In this post, we’ll show you how to evaluate the traffic your ads are driving to your website and give you a few free tools to measure your progress.

Free Tools to Measure Business Facebook Page ROI

Earlier this week, we talked about using Facebook Insights to measure social ROI from your Facebook ads. This free tool offered by Facebook is a great feature to understand what’s happening on any type of Facebook Page. But if your Facebook Page is a marketing tool for your business or blog – in which your main goal is to funnel traffic through to your website – take advantage of the following free tools for business-specific goals.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics will help you measure how the engagement with your Facebook ads impacts your business or blog away from Facebook. By measuring the traffic that ads drive to your website, you’ll see how well your campaigns are paying off.

Google Analytics URL tagging is a way to track how effective ad campaigns are in driving traffic to your site. You can build URL tags from Facebook and view the results on Google Analytics.

Google Analytics URL Builder

Facebook allows you to build a URL tag directly in your Facebook ad. To do this, access the Google Analytics URL Builder. Simply fill in the information – your website URL, type of ad, campaign name, and campaign medium – then click Create URL. The Google Analytics URL Builder then generates a unique URL. Use this link for your Facebook ad campaigns to track which traffic is coming from your ad.

To view the results from your URL tags, access Google Analytics. Click Acquisition > All Campaigns. View the overall campaign stats and then click on the campaign name (step 3 in the screenshot below) to view a breakdown of your Ad Sets for that campaign.

Google Analytics Campaign Analysis

This shows you how many visitors are finding your website from your Facebook Page or from anywhere on Facebook. You can see how long those users stayed on your site and whether they visited any other pages. Google Analytics helps you see not only if you’re getting cheap clicks, but how engaged your audience is when they click through to your website.

You can check out our full guide on using Google Analytics to track Facebook link performance here.


If you use Bitly to shorten links to your website and keep them consistent across all social media channels, you can measure the click-through rates through Bitly’s free analytics tool. BitlyOneView is a feature that shows you how your content is performing across Facebook and every platform you share the link on.

In your Bitly dashboard, you can track the incoming traffic in real-time from your Bitlink and compare organic content to paid traffic to measure your Facebook Page ROI.

Bitly Oneview for Facebook Page ROI
via Bitly


Social Mention

While this tool doesn’t measure a conversion rate exactly, SocialMention shows you how your marketing efforts are paying off in getting your brand known. As a business or blogger, getting your Facebook Page, brand, or website referenced by other influencers and loyal customers/followers is important to marketing success. SocialMention is a tool that gives you insight as to who is mentioning your brand – and the general sentiment of the mention – on Facebook and other platforms.

SocialMention allows you to set an RSS feed, email alerts, or add a real-time widget to your website. You’ll be able to down load a CSV/Excel file to evaluate the results.

social mention for Facebook Page ROI


These tools are cost-effective options for measuring your business’ or blog’s Facebook Page ROI. Google Analytics and Bitly will help you evaluate how well your ads are working, and SocialMention will show you how well your brand is becoming known.

Measure the results for any post you promote on Facebook, and you’ll get a better idea of which ads are most effective for website traffic. The more traffic that comes through to your site, the higher potential for sales.

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Do you use any of these tools to measure your Facebook Page traffic ROI? What stats do you measure? Let us know by leaving a comment!