Why Every Business Needs a Facebook Page

Every type of business can benefit from having a Facebook Page. Whether you run an online business, own a small business, or you’re in charge of a major corporate brand, having some sort of social media presence is a major way to connect with your target market. Of all the social media channels out there, Facebook’s outstanding statistics prove that this is the platform to be on.

If you’re a business owner who has been putting off your Facebook Page, keep reading. This post will show you why you can’t wait another minute to create your Facebook business Page.

Why Should Businesses Spend Their Efforts on Facebook?

Maybe you’re overwhelmed by the social media options out there and neglect it altogether. Maybe you’re a beginning artist or freelancer, wondering if it’s worth it when you start with a small fan base. No matter your audience size, creating a Facebook business Page is worth it. Here’s why.

Facebook is the most widely used social media channel today. Having just reached 2 billion users , Facebook reaches the largest blend of demographics. No matter what industry you’re in, you can reach your niche market on Facebook.

Facebook Business Page
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Not only can you reach a larger audience with your Facebook business Page, but the channel has several features that allow for a better connection with your target market. Here are 5 reasons to create a Facebook business Page:

1. Increase Brand Awareness

By posting consistently on your Facebook Page, you’re allowing several people to see your business’ message on a regular basis. People become more familiar with your brand and begin to see you as a source of information. Users also have the ability to share your content with their friends, therefore increasing your overall reach and extending your brand awareness.

2. Understand Your Customers Better

Your Facebook business Page can help you learn more about your target market. It can serve as a digital focus group that allows you to get feedback from the people interested in your product or service. This ultimately helps you to create more products that serve their needs.

Every Facebook Page has the added benefit of the Facebook Insights feature. Use Facebook Insights to see what types of content resonate best with your audience and continue to give them more content they love.

3. Tell Your Brand’s Story

Storytelling is key in marketing. Consumers become loyal customers when they can empathize with or relate to a company’s story. Your Facebook Page is a place to share more human details of the business.

Share behind-the-scenes details, feature an employee, or share your company’s origin story. Show how you personally benefit from using your company’s products. Explain what you love most about the job.

All of these things help humanize your business, allowing customers to make more personal connections with your brand.

4. Your Competition has a Facebook Business Page.

Sure, you want to “zig” where your competition is “zagging,” but not being on Facebook can cost you opportunities. Your competition is no doubt already on Facebook. Find a way to stand out in your social media presence. Use your Facebook Page to separate your brand from the competition.

5. Increase Website Traffic

Your Facebook Page can be a tool to drive more traffic to your business’ website. Publishing consistently on a Facebook business Page can give you a boost in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), allowing more people to find your website organically. You can also funnel fans of your Facebook business Page through to your website with a CTA button and links to your business’ blog.

Use Your Facebook Business Page Effectively

In addition to increasing brand awareness, Facebook Pages make many aspects of your business easier to manage. With a Facebook business Page, you have the ability to:

We’ve got plenty of resources to help you build a strong presence with your Facebook business Page. Start with our free email course, or check out one of the following posts:

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Do you have a Facebook business Page? How has it helped in your business? Share your success story by leaving a comment!

How to Use Facebook Groups for Business

Many FPTraffic subscribers use Facebook Pages to market their business. But Facebook Groups provide another viable avenue for business owners to connect with their audience. Groups can help support your business by promoting products and offering customer support.

Here are seven ways you can use Facebook Groups to support your business.

7 Ways to Support Your Business with Facebook Groups

1. Offer additional training

If you sell an online course, offer access to a private Facebook Group as part of the purchase. Give customers a place to ask questions, have accountability and share their own testimonials. Offering Facebook Group support shows that you care about your their success with the course and gives you a chance to further help your customers succeed.

The deeper relationship you form with your customers, the more they’ll develop trust in you and will likely buy your products again.

2. Establish yourself as an expert

Facebook Groups are a great way for you or your business to be seen as a resource in your niche. Whether you create your own Group or participate in another one in your niche, contributing your knowledge sets you up as an authority for people to follow. For example, if you’re a personal trainer, you might join or start a fitness challenge group or a health tips group for the city or state you live in.

However, it’s important to give value without self-promotion. Refrain from promoting yourself or your business in a resource group. You might be wondering, what’s the point of participating? When members of your group develop trust in you, they’ll begin to follow you outside of the Facebook Group.

When members of your group develop trust in you, they’ll begin to follow you outside of the Facebook Group. Give value to others and you’ll be rewarded well as the word spreads.

3. Sell products

You can use Facebook Groups to sell products and digital goods. When you create a Group, you’ll have an option to “sell something” under the More button in the Facebook update. Upload a picture of the product, price and description. You also have the ability to mark posts as Available or Sold.

4. Get feedback

Create a Facebook Group to test out ideas, courses or content with your existing customers. Make a secret group and invite your customers to give honest feedback on any ideas you’re thinking about adding to your business. This helps you to understand your customers better and, once again, establish trust and stronger relationships with them.

5. Provide customer support

If you sell a product or service, a Facebook Group is a great place to field questions and offer support on how to use your product. That’s what we do with the FPTraffic group – people are paying for our Facebook scheduling tool every month, and we want to offer service so they know how to use the product and get the most benefit from it. The group is also a place for customers to let us know if they are having trouble with any of the features.

6. Mastermind with others

If you have a lot of ideas for your business, it’s helpful to have a group of peers to chat them through with. Create a Facebook Group for other business owners – whether in your niche or not – to bounce ideas off. You might want to keep this group small and invite people that you know and trust.

The Group feature is a nice online base for mastermind meetings because you can upload and share files, post recordings and easily search for what you need in the group.

If you have a lot of ideas and want someone to help vet them, create a Facebook mastermind group. This will help you avoid wasting too much time or money on an idea that just won’t work.

7. Communicate with your team

If your team is mostly virtual, create a Facebook Group as a central place for you all to communicate efficiently. This can be a great place to share updates, make introductions for new team members and motivate or praise your team. Of course, you’ll want more private conversations with your employees to take place outside of the Group.

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups offer another avenue for you to connect with your customers and market your business. They’re easy and free to set up, so why not give it a try?

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Do you have a Facebook Group for your business? How do you use it? Let us know by leaving a comment!