How to Win Fans with Your Social Media Voice

Promoting something on Facebook – whether it’s your own product or service or an affiliate link – can feel uncomfortable at first. But monetizing your Facebook Page isn’t a sleazy thing if you have a consistent message that reflects good values. If you haven’t yet found your social media voice, this post is for you. We’re sharing our best tips for communicating authentically to win loyal Facebook Page fans.

Why Consistent and Authentic Voice is Important

Here’s the deal – people know when they’re being sold to. If they don’t connect with you on your values, they’ll scroll right past your status update without giving your proposition a second thought.

A consistent and authentic voice can cut through the News Feed noise. Being more selfless and less self-promotional generates a good feeling about your Page and your brand, which ultimately can attract loyal fans and expand your overall reach.

Whether you run a fan Page or represent a business, your Facebook Page is a place where your voice and personality can come through. Use those post descriptions, status updates, and live videos as a way to reflect your brand’s message and voice.

Voice and Tone

So, what do we mean by ‘voice?’ Gather Content tells us that voice is an adjective to describe your brand personality. If your brand comes across as positive, chill, professional, or enthusiastic, that’s your Page’s voice.

Tone – as a subset of your social media voice – goes hand in hand with voice. This is the flavor and characteristic you add to your voice based on your audience, objective, and platform.

You want to stick to one authentic and distinctive voice for your brand and use different tones to refine that voice. Voice is the values you aim to reflect, and tone is how you go about doing that.

Why They Matter

Since social media is a two-way conversation, tone and voice are important in humanizing your Page and separating you from the competition. Clear, effective communication with your fans establishes trust. Trust is what makes fans want to buy from you.

Growing your fan base is great, but those numbers don’t mean anything if you haven’t given your fans a reason to trust you. Facebook is about building connections and relationships. That is the best strategy to making sales on the platform.

Also, when fans resonate with your voice, they will happily and easily share your content with their own friends. They become your own marketers and bring in more fans for you. If it’s organic reach you’re after, give your fans a voice they relate to and want to share.

Tips for Defining Your Social Media Voice

You know maintaining a consistent and authentic social media voice is important, but how do you know what your voice is in the first place? Here are our best tips for defining your own voice for your Facebook Page:

  • Speak in a personable manner. Facebook is casual. Avoid using complicated jargon to explain your product and don’t feel that you need to be extremely professional. Your status update is a conversation, not a report or term paper.
  • Listen to your fans. If your fans are asking questions on your Page, respond with your personable voice. Offer solutions, take action and don’t let their questions go unheard. Also take note on their language in their comments. This will help you to meet them at their level.
  • Maintain your voice in all Facebook interactions. Whether you’re replying to a comment or commenting on another Page as your Page, keep the same sense of humor, calmness, satire, or whatever quality it may be in your voice that your fans will recognize.
  • Be selfless. Go out of your way to acknowledge an individual fan who comments or shares your content regularly. This encourages more fans to get on board and spread your brand to their friends.
  • Never leave the post description blank. While your meme or gif may be hilarious or educational in itself, fans will connect with your content better if they see your personal voice infused with it. Include a personal anecdote, whether it’s a quick background story or bite-sized comment, about why you think your fans need to see this content.
  • Think about what you stand for. If you have a fan Page, what is it that people love about that musician, TV show, or celebrity? For business Pages, determine what your company stands for. Incorporate these unique characteristics into your posts.
  • Ask what’s missing. In auditing other Facebook Pages in your niche, what do you realize that you can add to the conversation with your Page? Keep this in mind as you define your social media voice.

Use these tips to establish your unique voice on your Facebook Page. Remember to use everyday language, show your sense of humor, and be selfless. Keep your voice consistent throughout all Facebook interactions, including post updates, comments, and even live video.

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What questions do you have about finding the right voice for your Facebook Page? Let us know by leaving a comment!

Claim a Username for Your Facebook Page

Did you recently create a new Facebook Page? Claim your username!

This quick and easy step is often overlooked after a Page is created, but it’s necessary and helpful to claim your Vanity URL for your Facebook Page. We’ll walk you through the explanation of a Vanity URL, why you need it and how to get it.

What do we Mean by Username?

When you first create a Page, Facebook generates a URL for it that is long and contains random numbers and characters. Not exactly easy to recite to your friends.

After your Page receives 25 Likes, you are able to claim a username, and with it a “Vanity” URL. This will be your unique Facebook URL that you can associate with your Page. Now your username can be something easier to share, like[YourPageName]

Note: Facebook generally requires 25 Likes before you can claim your username, as mentioned above, but sometimes it does let you claim it as you are creating your Page. If Facebook does not give you the option to claim your username right away, make a note to yourself to do so after the Page gets 25 Likes.

Why You Should Claim a Username for Your Facebook Page

Creating your unique Facebook URL is important for a couple big reasons:

Easy to share

A clean and simple URL containing your Page or brand name makes it easy for people to find you and easy for you to share your Page with others. For example, is going to be easier to tell friends about than You’ll remember the URL better, and so will your fans.

Consistent branding

If you plan to have a social media presence among other platforms, you want to match your Facebook Page username to your usernames on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Claim your username for your Facebook Page to ensure consistent branding across all of your social media platforms. Again, this makes it easier for people to find you and easier for you to share your social media accounts with others.

How to Claim a Username

After your Page hits 25 Likes, claim your unique username.

  1. Access your Page. In the menu on the left sidebar, click About.
  2. In the middle of the page, locate the “Username” field. Click Create Page @username.

set up how to claim username for Facebook Page

3. In the Username field, enter the username you’d like to use for your Page. This username will generate the Vanity URL as well.

Create Page Username

4. At the bottom, click Create Username.

Facebook Username Created

You now have a username and Vanity URL custom to your Facebook Page!

Tips for Creating a Username

Your username should be straightforward and easy to remember. When creating a username for your Page, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Keep your username as close to your business, brand or Page name as possible.
  • Check that the username is available across all social media platforms you intend to use to ensure brand consistency. Namecheckr is a great tool for this.
  • Pick a username that you think you will be happy with for a long time. Usernames are not transferable.
  • Usernames can only contain alphanumeric characters (A-z, 0-9) or a period.
  • Consider whether you want to use your business name or the main keywords people are searching with.

Claiming a username is a quick and easy step that makes your Page easy to share and easy to find. Remember to claim a username for your Facebook Page after you hit 25 Likes and keep it consistent across all social media platforms.

Have questions about claiming a username for your Facebook Page? Let us know by leaving a comment!