Using Audience Insights to Target for Interests

When you spend money on ads to build up your Facebook Page fan base, you want to see good results. How do you make sure your money is being well spent? How do you get your ads in front of the right people who are no doubt going to Like your Page?

Get more specific on interests to reach the right audience.

The Audience Insights tool allows you to find relevant audiences who not only like your niche, but they’re passionate about it. Don’t waste your money on generic audiences. Take advantage of this tool to hone in on audiences with super specific interests and dramatically decrease your advertising costs.

We’ll show you how to find more related interests to get your ads in front of the right people. Just by changing one interest you can significantly improve your campaign results.

How to Use Audience Insights for Interests

To discover more specific interests to target, complete the following steps:

  1. From Ads Manager, access Audience Insights.
    Audience Insights on Ads Manager
  2. Select the audience you’d like to analyze.
    choose an audience to start

    • Everyone on Facebook means all users. This is a good place to start as it gives you the most insights.
    • People connected to your Page are your Page’s fans.
  3. Set your audience. Enter the location, age, gender and at least one related interest. Tip: Avoid using generic interests. Choose more specific interests to narrow your audience.
    Example: When I selected “fitness and wellness” as an interest, the result showed 90-100 million monthly active people are interested in nutrition. I entered “essential oils,” narrowing down on one aspect of wellness, and the number went down to 9-10 million monthly active users. I can narrow it down even further by entering a specific brand of essential oils.
    audience stats
    You can keep layering your search by selecting connections to your Page, behaviors, language, relationship status, education, work, financial and many other categories. After you make changes to your audience, you’ll see the number of monthly active users change.
    audience categories
  4. Click the Page Likes tab to analyze the Top Categories and Page Likes. Audience Insights lists the top categories your audience is interested in and the most popular Pages within those categories.
    Page Likes Top Categories
  5. Scroll down further to see a list of Pages ranked by relevance audience size. You may need to play around with location or other factors to make sure you get more relevant Pages.
  6. Save your audience. When you find the right audience with specific interests, click Save in the top menu. Enter a name for your audience and click Save. Your new audience will be saved and you can create a new ad to target them.

Test out different audiences using more specific interests and analyze which groups give you the best results.

Audience Insights is one of the best features on Facebook for how much it can tell you about your audience. Use this tool to get your Page and your ads in front of the right people, the ones who can’t resist clicking “Like.”

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Have you seen good results from targeting your audience based on interests? Tell us about it by leaving a comment!

How to Cross-Promote Facebook Pages and Increase Overall Reach

We all want our content to be seen by as many users as possible. Whether you’re looking for click-throughs to a monetized website or to convert prospects into customers, the higher reach your Facebook Page has the better results you’ll see.

One way to organically increase your reach is to cross-promote multiple Pages in the same niche.

Sure, you already put a lot of work into your one Fan Page or Business Page, so why would you want to make more Pages like the one you have? Keep reading to learn how cross-promoting multiple Pages can dramatically increase your numbers.

Create Multiple Pages in Your Niche

Why go through the trouble of making more Facebook Pages? Cross-promoting creates a huge opportunity to expand in your niche.

Facebook doesn’t display the posts for your Facebook Page to your entire audience. Instead, they pick and choose who to display your posts to. By building up multiple Pages in the same niche, you’re giving yourself more opportunity to reach your audience.

Here are a few more reasons to create multiple Pages in your niche:

Use Audience Insights to Determine Which Pages to Create

For some Pages, it’ll be clear to you how to branch off and create multiple Pages in the niche. For example, if you have a fan Page based on a popular TV show, you can create separate Pages for each major character and cross-promote that way.

The best way to branch out isn’t always that clear to see. In those cases, use the Audience Insights tool to see what Pages your existing Page audience is most likely to follow. This will help you determine which Pages to create around your original Page.

  1. From your Facebook account, access Ads Manager.
  2. From the Facebook Ads menu, click Audience Insights.
  3. When the prompt asks, Choose an Audience to Start, click People connected to your Page.
    choose an audience to start options
  4. In the left sidebar, select the Page you’d like to use to guide your results.
    Page options
  5. In the top menu, click Page Likes.
    page likes

Build up Pages around the the ones with the highest affinity scores and it will be easier to cross-promote. Thanks to FPTraffic member Sam Frost for sharing this tip!

How to Cross-Promote Pages in FPTraffic

From your original Facebook Page, link out to the other Pages you’ve created in your niche. People who like your original Page are likely to like the Page that you share as well.

  1. Log into your FPTraffic account.
  2. Copy the URL to the content from your Page.
    copy link address
  3. From the Content menu in your FPTraffic dashboard, click Link URLs.
  4. Select the Facebook Page you’d like to share the content on. Paste the URL into the box and click Schedule!
    link post

The shared link will be added to your Page’s queue and will automatically post when its time comes around. Find the link in your queue and add a text description to increase engagement.

When the link is posted to FPTraffic, it will show the content from your original Page with a note at the top linking to the original Page.

cross-promoting Facebook pages

Increase Your Reach

FPTraffic members are seeing great results from cross-promoting Facebook Pages. Typically, you should see an improvement in your stats after cross-promoting Pages.


You can then reach those new fans even more with cross-promotions!

While paying for Likes is a great way to build an audience, you want to do all you can to organically increase your overall reach. Create multiple Pages to expand in your niche, and cross-promote those Pages to reach more users.

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Do you cross-promote multiple Facebook Pages? How has it helped improve your Page? Let us know by leaving a comment! Questions? Join our Facebook Group!