10 Apps to Stay Focused and Boost Your Facebook Page

Do you struggle to stay on task when you work on your Facebook Page? It takes some discipline to be productive on social media. You can go on your Page to check a recent post and end up clicking, scrolling and reading for several minutes before you remember what you even logged in to do. … Continue reading “10 Apps to Stay Focused and Boost Your Facebook Page”

Do you struggle to stay on task when you work on your Facebook Page?

It takes some discipline to be productive on social media. You can go on your Page to check a recent post and end up clicking, scrolling and reading for several minutes before you remember what you even logged in to do.

When you’re spending so much time building, growing and monetizing your Facebook Page, it’s easy to get sidetracked by the ever-changing Newsfeed. Luckily, several apps exist to help you stay focused and productive while working on your Facebook Page. There’s even an app to hide that time-sucking Newsfeed!

Today we’re sharing a few of our favorite apps that help us stay focused and boost our Facebook Pages. These apps can assist you in everything from completing tasks to creating engaging content for your fans.

Best Apps for Staying Focused and Productive on Social Media


Have you ever heard of the Pomodoro Technique? It’s a time management system that encourages you to focus on a single task for 25 minutes and then give yourself a 5-minute break. FocusBooster tracks your time while you work on a task and lets you know when your 25 minutes have passed.

This app is great not only for staying on task, but also for tracking time if you’re working on social media for a client. You can adjust the timer if you’d rather work in larger time batches. The app also has a desktop version so you don’t even have to tempt yourself by opening a browser.



This Google Chrome extension serves as your treat at the end of the day. Rather than giving up your time-wasting sites altogether, this app helps you limit the time you spend browsing them. It allows you to set a period of time to spend on certain sites.

If you find that you get swept up Googling for hours when you’re looking up new content for your Facebook Page, this app can serve as a way to control that time.


Evernote is the ultimate online notebook. In fact, you can house several notebooks within this one app, which makes it a nice central location for everything you may need to keep notes on. Use Evernote to brainstorm ideas for your Page, keep notes of articles you read, or copy and paste images and other content you find.

The app organizes all of your notes in a way that’s searchable and easy to use. Download the app on your phone as well to make for an even more efficient note-taking experience.


If you’re not confident in your spelling or writing skills, Grammarly is a lifesaver. This Google Chrome extension is your spell-check for everything you write online. It serves as an online proofreading tool, checking for grammar, spelling, punctuation and style and features a plagiarism detector.


If This Then That, or IFTTT, is meant to simplify your time spent online. You create a simple automation recipe with “this” being a trigger work that leads to a “that” action. It helps you to connect all of the apps and devices you use to simplify your time.

For example, you can use IFTTT to automatically email users when they comment on your WordPress blog. Save articles that you like on Facebook to your Evernote. There are endless “recipes” you can make on IFTTT to make your life easier.

IFTTT options

Facebook Pages Manager

The Facebook Pages Manager app allows you to stay informed of what’s happening on your Page while you’re on the go. Page activity builds up quickly once you build an audience, so it’s helpful to keep up with activity throughout the day. This app also gives you a separate space meant only for managing your Pages, so you’re not distracted by everything else on Facebook.


Working online, you’re often distracted by new articles and blog posts with catchy headlines that tempt you to read them right then and there. The Pocket app allows you to save that content offline to read later. This app is great for keeping up with the trends in your niche at a time that’s most convenient for you.

Pocket App

Google Analytics

Google Analytics compliments Facebook Insights nicely to give you more information about interactions with your fans. Use Google Analytics campaigns to track link performance on your Facebook Page. Ultimately, this free tool will help you track your conversion rate.

Newsfeed Burner

Crucial for those working on Facebook Pages, Newsfeed Burner blocks your Newsfeed from showing up while you’re in Facebook. You can still access Pages and Groups, but you won’t be distracted by the time-sucking Newsfeed. Use this Google Chrome extension when you need to get some serious work done on your Page.

empty newsfeed


Canva is an awesome tool for creating social media graphics and memes. Easily design images to put on your Facebook Pages using Canva’s thousands of free templates. Make everything from infographics to Facebook Covers. Save and upload your images into your FPTraffic account to be automatically posted to your Facebook Page.

Monetizing your Facebook Page is meant to make your life easier. Try using these apps to increase your focus and productivity. Start getting more done without distraction and you’re likely to be more successful.

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Do you use any apps to enhance your productivity? Tell us about them by leaving a comment!