How to Remove Facebook Pages in FPTraffic

Do you get overwhelmed when you log into your FPTraffic account?

It might be time to de-clutter. You can easily remove any Facebook Pages from your FPTraffic account so that only the Pages you’re actively managing appear in your dashboard.

Make space in your account for the important Pages by removing any Pages you aren’t an admin of. Then, each time you log into FPTraffic you’ll be greeted with a neat, organized display of your active, successful Facebook Pages.

Remove Facebook Pages from Your FPTraffic Account

It’s a good idea to remove any Facebook Pages from your FPTraffic dashboard that you aren’t actively working on. They will still be associated with your account and you can choose to bring them back at any time. For you type A’s out there, it doesn’t hurt to keep your dashboard neat and organized by removing those Pages.

Or you might choose to remove a Page because you’re no longer an admin of it. When you’re removed as an admin, the Page still shows up in your FPTraffic account although you cannot add any content to it.

Removing a Facebook Page from your FPTraffic account is simple. Log into your FPTraffic account. On the Page you’d like to remove, click the red X. FPTraffic asks if you’re sure you want to remove the Page. Click Ok.
How to Remove Facebook Pages in FPTrafficYour dashboard will refresh and the Page will no longer be there. But don’t worry! The Page isn’t permanently gone.

Manage Removed Pages

You can always choose to add your removed Pages back into your FPTraffic account and continue managing them.

From your dashboard, click the Pages dropdown in the top menu. Then click Removed.

Manage removed Pages

All of your removed Pages will be displayed here. Simply click Add in the right-hand column on any of the Pages to add that Facebook Page back to your FPTraffic account.

add removed pages

How to Delete a Page from Facebook

Removing Pages from your FPTraffic dashboard does not delete them from Facebook, only from showing up in your FPTraffic account.

To delete a Page from Facebook altogether, you must be an admin of the Page. At the top of your Page, click Settings. From the General tab, scroll down and click Remove Page. Then click Permanently delete [Page name]. Facebook prompts you again to make sure you’re serious about this, click Ok.

When you delete a Page in Facebook, it is permanently deleted and you will not be able to get it back.

Removing Pages from your FPTraffic account can help you to better manage the Pages you are actively managing. Cleaning up your social media can help you stay organized and feel less scattered while you’re working on your Pages. There’s always a lot going on with Facebook – do what you can to minimize the unnecessary distractions and keep your focus on the right Pages.

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