Promote Your Facebook Page Like a Boss

Are you looking for more ways to get traffic to your Facebook Page?

We know that Facebook ads for Likes are a great way to build your fan base, but promotion doesn’t only have to take place on Facebook. There are several ways to promote your Facebook Page outside of the platform. Take advantage of every opportunity to tell an audience – even if it’s one person – about your Page to gain more Likes.

Here are 8 unique ways you can promote your Facebook Page.

8 Unique Ways to Promote Your Facebook Page

How can you promote your Facebook Page off Facebook? Try these tips:

1. Email signature

Place the link to your Facebook Page right under your contact information so everyone you’re in contact with has access to it.

2. Blog post

Write a new blog post announcing your Facebook Page. Readers of your blog may not know about your Page and will appreciate having another connection with your brand. Be sure to include social sharing widgets to your post and link them to your Facebook Page.

3. Guest posting

Write a blog post for another popular website in your niche. Most websites allow you to write a short bio about yourself; be sure to include a link to your Facebook Page so their audience can follow you.

4. Blog comments

Everyone is reading blogs, which is why it’s so easy to promote your Facebook Page on them. Leave valuable comments on blogs in your niche, and include a link to your Facebook Page. The key is to add something that is valuable to the discussion that will intrigue people to click your link and find out more about you. Commenting just to comment won’t get you more Page Likes.

5. Google AdWords

Similar to Facebook ads, Google AdWords is a paid program that can help your Page get an even wider amount of exposure. Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns can be an effective way to draw in new fans.

6. Other social profiles

Spread the awareness about your Facebook Page by including links in your profiles for other social media platforms, like LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Even if someone is connecting with you on a different social media platform, they’re likely to be on Facebook as well and may want to connect with you there.

7. Reddit, Quora and other communities

Similar to commenting on blog posts, add value to free communities like Reddit and Quora. These online spaces are full of people looking for answers, discussion and insights. Leave valuable comments and include links back to your Facebook Page.

8. Business cards

Yes, people still communicate face-to-face, and it’s great to have business cards on hand when you’re talking to someone in person about your Facebook Page. They’re unlikely to remember a Facebook URL, which is why it’s great to have it already on paper for them. You can even format the links in the form of QR codes so they can scan it with their mobile device.

There are endless ways to get the word out there about your Facebook Page. With all the work you put into it and all of the value you provide, you owe it to the world to let people know about your Page. Take every opportunity to promote your Facebook Page, and your audience will continue to grow over time.

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