5 Productivity Tips for Managing Facebook Pages

Facebook takes the heat for being the ultimate distraction. You’ve witnessed its temptation – you get online to send an email and an hour later you’re still scrolling your News Feed. And you haven’t written that email.

Research shows Facebook to be the most popular time-wasting website. 77% of workers who have a Facebook account use it during work, and for some, that means spending up to 2 hours on the site.

But what does that mean for those of us who actually work on Facebook? What if your job requires you to log in daily and update your business Page? What if your Facebook Fan Page is your money-maker?

Social media goes hand-in-hand with making money online in most cases. Maintaining a consistent presence across social media platforms is how you drive traffic to your blog, viral media site or business.

For Page owners, spending time on Facebook is a necessity, but how do you stay on task when the platform has the capability to lure you into its time-sucking ways?

We’ve got a few tips to help you ensure your Facebook time is productive. (Yes, “Facebook” and “productive” can appear in the same sentence!)

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How to Stay Productive Online

FPTraffic is meant to make Facebook Pages a convenient, fun way for you to generate revenue and promote your brand. But it’s easy to get distracted when you’re working online. Here are a few tips to help you stay on track:

1. Discipline

It takes discipline to tune out the News Feed, your email and any other online notifications that beg for your attention. When you pull up your Facebook Page, be clear about what your objective is. Set a rule that you won’t check anything until you’ve completed your task. Then, reward yourself with a few minutes of Facebook scrolling, if you must.

It’s not easy at first, but discipline comes with time and practice. The more you practice focusing your time, the better you’ll get at it. You’ll come to appreciate that rewarding time at the end because you know you already put in the work.

2. Time Batching

Batching tasks into structured time allotments is an incredible tactic to help you get things done and stay on course. With Facebook Pages – and any business conducted online – there are several items that mount up on your to-do list. Work on one item during each time batch, giving your full attention to the task at hand.

Multi-tasking is no longer as cool as it once was. In fact, studies have found that multi-tasking reduces your productivity by 40%! Make certain time allotments for each individual task – finding content, scheduling posts, creating and tracking ads, viewing insights – and set a timer when you’re doing them. Resist the urge to switch tasks, and keep at the job until your timer goes off.

3. Scheduling

calendarEach time batch is an important element that adds to the success of your Page. Treat these time batches like important appointments. Write in your planner when you will take the time to complete them. Rather than cutting other tasks short to quickly jump in and schedule a post, block out the time in your planner for post scheduling.

Experiment with what times of the day or which days of the week work best for each task. Soon enough, it will become part of your routine that you find your content on Monday mornings or whatever it may be, and you won’t have to pay so much attention to writing it down every week.

4. Idea Folder

Get a system in place for organizing your Facebook Page ideas. Google Drive is awesome for this, as well as OneDrive or Evernote. Create a folder with a sheet for niche ideas, a calendar for important holidays and dates related to your niche, and an ad performance spreadsheet.

Make another folder for resources that you’ll need to refer back to. Keep any blog posts or helpful articles you come across in a place where you can easily find them. Good organization is crucial to help you save time.

5. Distinguish Learning from Doing

If you’re new to FPTraffic or to Facebook Pages in general, you might be tempted to jump right in and start using all the features. Then, when you’re not sure how to do something, you get frustrated. You have to backtrack and look it up, read the guide, ask the FPTraffic Facebook group – which are the steps you should have started with anyway.

New things come up every day in the digital world, creating endless opportunities for learning. Take the extra time to learn a task before jumping in without guidance. You’ll find that you actually save more time by doing so.

Your Turn

If you find yourself getting sucked into the social media world when you’re managing your Pages, give these productivity tips a try. Remember to batch your time, schedule your time batches into a planner, and get organized with idea and resource folders.

Taking time to put systems in place saves you time in the long run. Make it your goal to defy the Facebook-distraction claim!

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Do you have any tips for staying productive when working online? We’d love to hear them! Share your thoughts by leaving a comment.

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