How to Measure Facebook Page ROI

If you’ve been spending money on Facebook ads or boosting posts, measure your results to see how well your ads are paying off. It can be difficult at first to tell whether the results are worth it, but Facebook’s free tools make it easy to crunch the numbers. In this post, we’ll show you how to measure and analyze Facebook Page ROI so you can see which ads are worth running again.

Facebook Insights for Facebook Page ROI

New Facebook Page owners may be hesitant to spend money building their audience. When you create ads for Page likes the right way, you can easily make your money back by monetizing your large new audience. At first, it’s hard to determine if the number of likes you get from running an ad is worth the money spent.

At first, it’s hard to see if the number of likes you get from running an ad is worth the money spent. Page likes don’t come back right away as dollar signs. Remember that social media is about building long-term relationships and connections with Page fans. These Page likes are your prospects, your future customers. Spending money to establish an audience is part of the strategy when the goal is to make future sales.

To make a decent income from your Facebook Page, we always say that 10,000 Page likes is a good number to shoot for. Your number may be lower depending on your goal or the product or service you’re selling. In any case, paying for ads will help you reach your target.

Maybe you have the audience, but your Page is lacking in engagement. Boosting posts or creating ads for likes, shares, and comments is also a great way to raise your engagement rate and get people excited about your Page.

Whatever your objective is, you’ll enter it when creating your Facebook ad. Then you can measure your Facebook Page ROI based on your objective.

marketing objective to measure Facebook Page ROI

Facebook Insights

Facebook’s free tool, Facebook Insights, helps Page owners understand what’s happening on their Page. You can see how many likes your Page receives in a week and how the numbers compare to the week before. Facebook Insights also shows you how many likes, shares and comments individualĀ posts receive.

We have a complete guide on using the Facebook Insights feature, which you can check out here, but for this post, we’ll look at how you can use the tool to measure your Facebook Page ROI.

To access Facebook Insights, click Insights in the menu at the top of your Facebook Page.

Facebook Insights

Then, click Likes in the left menu to see your recent likes. You’ll see a graph for Total Page Likes as of Today and a graph for Net Likes. You can break down the Net Likes graph to view how many likes were organic and how many were paid. Compare the paid likes to the ads you have running to evaluate how well your add is contributing to new likes.

Net Page Likes on Facebook Page Insights

You can also measure the reach from boosted and promoted posts. Click Posts in the left-side menu to see all posts and individual stats on reach, post clicks, likes, shares and comments. Review how much reach and engagement is paid versus organic.

Compare the results of your ads to the money you invested in them to evaluate your Facebook Page ROI. For example, if you spent $10 on an ad for Page likes and it receives 300 likes (300 divided by 10), you’re gettingĀ 30 likes for every dollar. Compare this to how many likes you accrue organically to determine if your ads are effective and which are performing the best.

Use Facebook Insights to Determine Your Marketing Strategy

Analyzing your Facebook Page ROI can help you plan for future ads and boosted posts. Take advantage of Facebook’s free measurement tool to see which ads are worth your money. Remember, the likes you get on your Page are your fans and future customers.

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How do you measure your Facebook Page ROI? What stats do you measure? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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