How to Keep up with Facebook Page Stats in FPTraffic

Sticking to a consistent posting schedule, mixing up content, running Facebook ads –┬áthese strategies are all important in order to grow your Facebook Page. After you’ve been posting a while, there’s one more critical step to keep growing your Page steadily: Analyzing your stats.

Evaluating your progress helps you see what’s working and what’s not working. This step gives you the insight you need to keep gaining progress with your Facebook Page. By reflecting on your stats, you can determine the best type of content to publish. Drive your reach and engagement rate by posting content you already know will resonate with your fans.

How do you find your Facebook Page stats? This post will show you the easiest way to track your progress.

View Stats in FPTraffic

You can view your Facebook Page stats right from your FPTraffic account. Simply log into your account. From the Pages dropdown in the top menu, click Stats. Select the Page for which you’d like to see the stats, then click View Stats.

The Stats Page populates results for a 30-day time period. You’ll see a line graph for Users Reached on a daily basis. Hover over the line to see the number of users reached for a specific day.

users reached

Then you’ll find a more detailed table of Page stats with data for New Fans, Lost Fans, Pageviews, Users Reached, Stories Created and Posts. This table can give you insight as to when you lost fans, what helped you gain fans and when your content resonated most with fans. The table allows you to view up to the last 100 days and sort the results by highest or lowest stats in each column.

table of stats

Pay close attention to the Lost Fans column. If you have a higher number here and there, go back and check what you posted on those days. Perhaps the problem is that you didn’t post that day. You’ll either learn what type of content is losing fans, or you’ll be motivated to keep posting consistently. Similarly, see what type of content is making your numbers high in the New Fans column.

The Pageviews column tells you how many users clicked through to view your Page. This is an interesting stat to track because it can tell you what motivates people to take more action on your Page. Many users will simply like or comment on your post from their news feed, so if they’re clicking through to your Page, you’re doing something right.

Pay attention to the Stories Created column to see how well your fans are engaging with your posts. Data in this column shows the number of stories created about your Page. Stories include:

  • Likes of your Page
  • Likes, comments, or shares of your posts
  • Mentions of your Page
  • Tags of your Page in a photo

The more engaged your fans are, the more successful your Page will be. If you plan to monetize your Page, you definitely want to increase your number of Stories Created.

Check your Page Stats frequently to make sure your Page is growing steadily. Knowing your numbers better helps you reach your goals, stay committed to the process and understand your audience.

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