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How to Win Fans with Your Social Media Voice


Promoting something on Facebook – whether it’s your own product or service or an affiliate link – can feel uncomfortable at first. But monetizing your Facebook Page isn’t a sleazy thing if you have a consistent message that reflects good values. If you haven’t yet found your social media voice, this post is for you. We’re sharing our best tips for communicating authentically to win loyal Facebook Page fans.

Why Consistent and Authentic Voice is Important

Here’s the deal – people know when they’re being sold to. If they don’t connect with you on your values, they’ll scroll right past your status update without giving your proposition a second thought.

A consistent and authentic voice can cut through the News Feed noise. Being more selfless and less self-promotional generates a good feeling about your Page and your brand, which ultimately can attract loyal fans and expand your overall reach.

Whether you run a fan Page or represent a business, your Facebook Page is a place where your voice and personality can come through. Use those post descriptions, status updates, and live videos as a way to reflect your brand’s message and voice.

Voice and Tone

So, what do we mean by ‘voice?’ Gather Content tells us that voice is an adjective to describe your brand personality. If your brand comes across as positive, chill, professional, or enthusiastic, that’s your Page’s voice.

Tone – as a subset of your social media voice – goes hand in hand with voice. This is the flavor and characteristic you add to your voice based on your audience, objective, and platform.

You want to stick to one authentic and distinctive voice for your brand and use different tones to refine that voice. Voice is the values you aim to reflect, and tone is how you go about doing that.

Why They Matter

Since social media is a two-way conversation, tone and voice are important in humanizing your Page and separating you from the competition. Clear, effective communication with your fans establishes trust. Trust is what makes fans want to buy from you.

Growing your fan base is great, but those numbers don’t mean anything if you haven’t given your fans a reason to trust you. Facebook is about building connections and relationships. That is the best strategy to making sales on the platform.

Also, when fans resonate with your voice, they will happily and easily share your content with their own friends. They become your own marketers and bring in more fans for you. If it’s organic reach you’re after, give your fans a voice they relate to and want to share.

Tips for Defining Your Social Media Voice

You know maintaining a consistent and authentic social media voice is important, but how do you know what your voice is in the first place? Here are our best tips for defining your own voice for your Facebook Page:

Use these tips to establish your unique voice on your Facebook Page. Remember to use everyday language, show your sense of humor, and be selfless. Keep your voice consistent throughout all Facebook interactions, including post updates, comments, and even live video.

Use your unique voice to caption the awesome content found on FPTraffic! Ready to start growing, building and monetizing your Facebook Page?

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What questions do you have about finding the right voice for your Facebook Page? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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