How to Optimize Links Using the FPTraffic Link Mask Tool

Have you tried sharing affiliate offers on your Page? Is Facebook blocking your affiliate links?

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to generate revenue from your Facebook Page, but Facebook may catch the affiliate link and block your post from being seen. If you want to promote an affiliate offer on your Facebook Page, you need to mask the link first.

To mask an affiliate link means to hide it with a redirect. For example: redirects you to a PeerFly referral link:

This allows you to give users a link with your own domain in it when promoting an affiliate offer.
Masking links is great for promoting affiliate links because it hides from Facebook the fact that it’s an affiliate link.

FPTraffic offers an easy way for you to mask your affiliate links and avoid having them blocked by Facebook. Here’s how you can use our simple Link Mask tool and start monetizing your Page with affiliate offers.

Using the Link Mask Tool

With the FPTraffic Link Mask tool, you can post your affiliate offer links to your Facebook Page with custom titles, descriptions and an optimized photo. The preview image is automatically cropped for Facebook.

Complete the following steps to mask your links:

  1. Log into your FPTraffic account. From the Content dropdown, click Link Mask Tool.
    Link Mask Tool
  2. Enter the URL you’d like to direct people to, (your affiliate link).
  3. Enter a keyword. This will help you associate which link you are tracking.
  4. Enter a custom title and description, then upload an image.
  5. Click Create Link!
    information for link mask tool

At the bottom of the Link Mask Tool screen, you can track how many times a user clicked on your masked link.
Example of Masked Link on Facebook

Increase Engagement and Revenue with Link Masks

The Link Masking tool can help you increase engagement on your Facebook Page and increase the revenue you generate.

One proven way to use this tool for audience engagement is to create a custom image for your link with a play button. The example below is a screenshot from a YouTube video. You can add a play button to any link, but your bounce rate will likely be pretty high if you don’t actually have a video.

This link on the Charlie Day Quotes Page was clicked over 17,000 times!

video on Facebook Page

Masking your affiliate links is also great when you’re boosting posts. You can get your affiliate link post seen by a larger audience without having your link blocked by Facebook.

After you’ve grown an audience on your Facebook Page, you can easily earn money with affiliate marketing. Use the FPTraffic Link Mask tool to keep Facebook from blocking your affiliate offers. This tool can help you increase your conversion rate and gives you full control over your links.

[ecko_contrast]Along with our Link Mask tool, FPTraffic offers several features to help you manage and monetize your Facebook Page effectively.

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Have you used the FPTraffic Link Mask tool? How has it helped you? Let us know by leaving a comment!

5 thoughts on “How to Optimize Links Using the FPTraffic Link Mask Tool”

    1. It depends on the offer link. I recommend setting up a custom tracking domain on PeerFly and then using our Mask tool.

  1. I signed up for the free trail, but found the who thing confusing. So never bothered. Try putting some video Instructions, or if you have them..Put in links !!! Maybe this way you will retain and convert trail users

  2. Hi.. I’m new with this… I’ve created the mask link, it looks like it’s been created because it appears at the bottom of the mask link page, my problem is how to publish the link after creation

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