Easily Find and Schedule Content from Reddit to your Facebook Page

Now you can find fresh content for your Facebook Pages with another source through FPTraffic–Reddit!

We have recently added a few new content sources, like Giphy, Flickr and Ebay, for FPTraffic members to easily find and schedule content to post to their Facebook Pages. With our latest addition, you can mix up your content even more by searching through images and gifs from over 850,000 Subreddits.

Known as “the front page of the Internet,” Reddit is a community-based website that uses text, images and videos to engage visitors and allows them to vote content up or down. It is essentially a bulletin board system organized by most popular (voted up) content.

The site’s content is separated into several categories, or “Subreddits.” Subreddits are little communities that are centered around a certain topic.

How can this content source help you boost engagement on your Facebook Page? Read on to learn how Reddit can work for you and how to start posting Reddit content to your Facebook Page.

Why Reddit?

We all know social media sites like Pinterest and Twitter are great for finding tons of good content, so why do we need to expand to other sources?

Reddit has unique and interesting content that can help you mix up your current posts and stand out to your audience. It’s also great for more specialized niches. If you’re struggling to find enough content on your niche, try browsing through Reddit. No topic is too narrow for Subreddits. Start with this list of Subreddits with under 5,000 subscribers.

This platform is also a great way to see what is trending among social media users right now. Your Facebook Page fans might not necessarily be on Reddit, but the 542 million monthly visitors who are using it can surely still provide some insight as to what is popular.

If you’re new to Reddit, start by finding Subreddits in your niche. Discover relevant Subreddits that share the best content. Use the Subreddit search box to search for Subreddits related to a keyword.

Search Subreddits

Keep a list of the Subreddits you like, or use this list of Subreddits to get ideas.

How to Find Content on Reddit with FPTraffic

You can easily find and schedule content from Reddit with FPTraffic. Log into your FPTraffic account. From the Content drop-down, select Reddit.

Reddit Search on FPTraffic

In the Subreddit field, enter the Subreddit for which you’d like to browse content. Or, click the Find link to be redirected to the list of Subreddits. Then, click Find Images. FPTraffic will load images to pick from. Click on the images you like, and they will appear on the right side with a space for you to enter a description, like with the rest of our content sources. To remove an image from your list, simply click it again.

Using images and links from Reddit is a great way to switch up your posts with fresh, unique content. If you are looking for new posts, give Reddit a try. Check the leading Subreddits to see what’s popular right now, and give your audience what they want.

[ecko_contrast]New content emerges on Reddit every single day. Use FPTraffic to find and schedule it to your Page so you can help make it go viral on Facebook!

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What are some of your favorite Subreddits? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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