FAQ: Why Aren’t My Pinterest Images Showing Up on FPTraffic?

Are you using the FPTraffic Chrome Extension tool to schedule images to your Facebook Page?

If not, we highly suggest you check it out as a way to pull valuable, relevant content from image-heavy sources like Pinterest and Instagram. This is a great tool to expand your content resources with FPTraffic.

A common question we get asked by new users with the FPTraffic Chrome Extension tool is, Why aren’t my Pinterest images showing up?

Fret not, we’ve got the answer for you in this post. In most cases of people who aren’t too familiar with FPTraffic yet, we tend to see the same little mistakeit’s common. Don’t worry, it’s an easy fix!

Image URLs vs. Link URLs

With FPTraffic’s Chrome Extension, you can gather and schedule thousands of images from Pinterest and Instagram for the entire month in just a matter of minutes. However, it’s common that new users see this image in their post schedule when they check the URLs they upload:

Link post

If you’re seeing this, it’s most likely that you scheduled the images as Link URLs rather than Image URLs. This will result in your post showing up on Facebook as a link and pulling any picture from that link as a preview. If you have your Facebook Page account connected to Twitter, the content will only show up as a link on there without the image you selected.

Nobody wants that to happen! Here’s the easy fix.

Solution: Be sure to click Image URLs under the content dropdown when you are bulk importing the images you select using the FPTraffic Chrome Extension tool from Pinterest or another website. This will post the image with the image URL on your Page (and to your Twitter account), and all that hard work will not be lost!

image URLs

If you are importing Pinterest images as Image URLs and the images are still not appearing, please contact support directly and we’ll help resolve the issue.

For extra guidance, here’s a refresher on using the FPTraffic Chrome Extension tool to pull images from Pinterest.

How to Use the FPTraffic Chrome Extension

1. Install the extension from the Google Chrome Web Store. Of course, you must be using Google Chrome to use the extension.

2. After the extension is installed, the FPTraffic logo will appear at the top right of your browser with any other extension icons you have installed.

FPTraffic extension icon

3. Go to Pinterest or Instagram and enter your niche’s relevant search terms.

4. When the images load, click the FPTraffic icon in the top right of your browser. The FPTraffic Extension bar will appear across the bottom of your browser and each image will contain a checkbox as you scroll through the page.

5. To select the images you would like to post to your Facebook Page, either check the individual checkboxes or click Select All on the FPTraffic Extension bar at the bottom.

6. After selecting your images, click the [x] of [y] Images Selected button, (x being the number of images you selected and y being the total found on the page).

FPTraffic Extension Bar

7. A window appears in your browser with the URLs for each image you selected. Copy those URLs to your computer clipboard.

Photos from Pinterest

8. Access the FPTraffic URLs page (http://fptraffic.com/urls/), select the Page you would like to post the photos you selected to, and paste the URLs from your clipboard into the box.

Tip: Be sure to go to the Image URLs page and not the Link URLs page.

9. Click Schedule! and the photos will automatically be added to your schedule queue for your Page! You can find them on your Posts page.

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Do you use the FPTraffic Chrome Extension tool? Let us know what you like about it by leaving a comment!

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