Facebook Profile vs. Facebook Page: Which is Better for Your Business?

With 2 billion people on Facebook, it’s safe to say that the majority of people know what Facebook is and have a personal profile. But many small business owners getting started in social media ask about the difference between having a Facebook profile and a Facebook Page to market their business. This post will show you the difference between the two and which one to go with for any type of business.

What is a Facebook Profile?

A Facebook profile is for personal use on the platform. An individual creates an account using their email address. The profile owner then has the ability to upload a profile picture and cover photo, and add any basic information about where they live, where they work, when their birthday is, etc.

With a Facebook profile, you can go Live, connect with friends and family, post pictures and videos, and make comments on content in your News Feed. You can only have one Facebook profile associated with your email address.

Facebook profile

So far, a profile might sound similar to a Facebook Page. A big difference is that owners of Facebook profiles connect with people by adding them as friends rather than getting a Like.

If you set up a Facebook profile for your business, you are actually creating an account as if your business were a person. You can only connect with people by becoming friends with users. But the problem is that most people won’t want to add a business as a friend, making it difficult to make connections and have any reach.

Any user who creates a profile, however, has the ability to create multiple Facebook Pages.

What is a Facebook Page?

A Facebook Page is created by the owner of a Facebook profile to represent their business, brand, company, or nonprofit organization. People also create Facebook fan Pages to connect with more people around a celebrity, television show or other loved attribute of pop culture.

Facebook Business Page

Unlike profile accounts, Facebook Pages connect with people when users “Like” the Page instead of adding it as a friend. Page Likes represent your Page “fans.” When someone likes your Page, the content you share can appear in their News Feed and they can engage with it.

With a Facebook Page, a business can promote special offers, contests, and giveaways. You can use Facebook ads for Likes to build your fan base. Facebook has no limit as to how many Pages you create.

Which to Use for Business: Profile or Page?

Many business owners make the common mistake of creating a profile for their business as opposed to creating a Facebook business Page. Not only is a profile doing your business a disservice, but using a Facebook Profile for business is actually a violation of Facebook’s Terms of Service. Facebook can delete your profile if you use it to share content for profit.

Pages, however, exist for companies to conduct business. A Facebook Page is a better avenue for businesses for several reasons.

Facebook Pages make your business more professional. You can list information such as your hours, location, and reviews. You can also create offers for your fans and send sponsored messages.

Not only do Pages give you a professional edge, but you can connect with people easier. People are more likely to Like your business as a Page than add it as a friend. They’ll be able to follow your content without feeling like you can see everything they post as well.

If you have made this mistake, you can easily convert your Facebook profile to a Facebook business Page.

Facebook Pages for the Win

The bottom line is that Facebook Pages are the way to go to represent your business. In addition to being a violation to Facebook’s Terms of Service, creating a profile for your business will prove to be a waste of time. Facebook’s features for Pages allow businesses to take advantage of the accessibility to prospects and understand their market better.

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