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Facebook Post Checklist: Questions to Ask Before Hitting Publish


When you’re sharing multiple posts per day on your Facebook Page, it can be easy to publish less than perfect posts. But polishing every Facebook post like it’s going to go viral is important because each one represents your Page, brand or company.

Each post has the possibility of getting in front of your fans. How can you deliver the best content every time?

We’ve compiled a Facebook post checklist of questions to answer that will help you create posts you’re proud to publish on your Page. If you feel like you’ve lost some energy in creating your posts, follow this checklist to make every post worth the time you put in. By asking the right questions and checking off important elements, your Page’s content will be irresistible.

Pre-Posting Checklist

Before creating your post descriptions, prep your Facebook Page by doing the following:

These things make up your behind-the-scenes checklist of maintaining a successful Facebook Page. Now let’s take a look at a few questions you should be asking about every post you schedule.

Facebook Post Checklist

With every Facebook post, take a step back and ask yourself a few questions first. After you’ve crafted your post description, added any links and images and inserting the coolest emoji, go through these questions.

Are you asking these questions before you hit publish? Here's your Facebook post checklist for better posts.

Checklist: Questions to Ask Before Hitting Publish

  1. Does this post add value? Make sure the value is clear to your fans. They are more likely to click on a link or engage with your post if they see there is something in it for them, whether it’s useful information, entertainment or a compelling story.
  2. Does the description have the right voice? The tone in your post description should be appropriate for the content you’re sharing and the reaction you’re hoping to elicit from your Facebook fans. Most importantly, your social media voice should be consistent with the tone of your Page and represent your brand.
  3. Do the links work? Double-check your links so fans are not going to error pages.
  4. Is the post grammatically correct? Install a free Chrome plugin like Grammarly to make sure your spelling and grammar are professional in every post.
  5. Am I proud of this post? Think about whether the post is something you’d be willing to share on your own Facebook profile.
  6. Is the post well thought out? It’s easy to publish things impulsively as a reaction to something in the news, an article you read or a comment you see. But posting something negative or aggressive can do some serious damage to your brand. Take a moment to think about each post, making sure they’re appropriate and professional.
  7. Is it the appropriate length? Facebook posts with 40 characters receive 86% more engagement than posts with a higher character count. Experiment with longer descriptions as well, varying up the lengths of your posts.

Ask these questions as part of your Facebook post checklist, and your Page content is sure to keep your fans loyal and engaged.

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Which one of these questions do you think will help you publish better Facebook posts? Where do you need to double-check your content? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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