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Facebook Pages are a great way to grow a fan base, engage your target audience and make a killing in sales. But, if you’re trying to build a brand for your business or niche, it only helps to have a presence on Twitter and other social media platforms as well. A strong social media presence benefits you by increasing your brand awareness, generating more converting leads and in building relationships with your audience.

Over 300 million people are using Twitter and 500 million tweets are sent every day. Like Facebook, Twitter gives you another way to engage with your customers and gain valuable customer insights. Using this platform in addition to your Facebook Page works to your advantage.

But it’s not easy to be everywhere. With FPTraffic, we make it easy for you to be on both platforms, allowing you to increase your reach across both social media networks without having to do twice the work. We will post your Facebook Page content to Twitter automatically!

Connect Your Twitter Account to FPTraffic

If you’re just getting started with FPTraffic or setting up new Facebook Pages, you can easily connect your Twitter account. The content you schedule to post on your Facebook Pages will automatically post to your Twitter account as well. Full images will be tweeted as well as gifs and links!

Under the Pages menu, click Twitter.

Click Twitter to post Facebook Content to Twitter

Then, under the appropriate Facebook Page, click Update Twitter Account.

Click update Twitter account

Then you can add, change or remove a Twitter account.

Important: You are only able to have 1 Twitter account for each Facebook Page. However, you can connect the same Twitter account to multiple Facebook Pages. This works well if you have multiple Pages in the same niche.

Once your Twitter account is connected, FPTraffic will automatically post your scheduled Facebook Page posts as tweets from your account.

Why Should You Post to Twitter?

The Facebook Pages managed by FPTraffic have over 3 billions Likes, so why do you need to bother with Twitter? Depending on your niche, your target audience may be hanging out on there just as much if not more than they are on Facebook. In that case, it may be just as important to build a strong following on Twitter.

The majority of Twitter users are under 30 years old, while you’re more likely to find the older users on Facebook. Also, Twitter is more often used by people who live in cities versus rural areas.

While people use Facebook for a number of reasons, they use Twitter primarily to discover content. This makes it easy for your brand to connect with even more people in addition to your Facebook Page fans.

It’s an easy step to connect your Twitter account in FPTraffic and schedule your content to post on both social media platforms simultaneously. Using both Facebook Pages and Twitter works to your advantage, allowing you to hit your target audience in one way or another.

Have questions about posting your Facebook Page content to Twitter? Post your questions in the comments below or contact our support for help! Or course, you can tweet us anytime as well 🙂

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