Do You Need a Facebook Group for Your Facebook Page?

Have you noticed Facebook Groups popping up all over the place? Are you wondering whether you need to create a Facebook Group to go along with your Facebook Page?

More than 500 million people use Facebook groups monthly. Groups – like Pages – are a great way to connect with people on Facebook, but they operate quite differently than Pages. Certain types of Facebook Pages can benefit from having a Group associated with them, but creating a Group is not always necessary.

How do you know if you should create a Group? We’re diving into the differences between Pages and Groups to help you determine whether a Group is necessary for your Page.

The Difference Between Facebook Groups and Pages

Whether you need a Group associated with your Page depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. While there are benefits to both, they serve vastly different purposes.

Let’s start with the simple definitions:

Facebook Pages

Pages are set up like a personal profile but represent organizations, businesses, public figures and other entities. They serve as a broadcasting platform from which the Page owner reaches out to its audience.

Why create a Facebook Page? Since Pages are easy for people to find and can gain a large reach, they’re a great tool for building your fan base. Whether you run a fan Page, a business Page or a hobby Page, this platform allows you to reach more people and create awareness around your brand.

Pages are primarily a way to reach out and promote something, whether it be a product, service or message. Here are a few more reasons Pages are so great:

  • They’re easy to update and manage
  • You can create a customized vanity URL, making it easy to promote your Page to your followers
  • You have the ability to personalize your Page more to your purpose

Users closely follow brands through their Facebook Pages, which makes Pages a great avenue for getting content in front of your fans.

Facebook Groups

Groups serve as a place for communication and discussion. People with common interests are able to ask questions and share their opinions in a safe forum. This is a place where your fans can engage with each other.

In either a public, closed or secret group, there’s an equal collaboration among members to share content and interact with each other. A few benefits to creating a Group include:

  • Having a more personal presence with your fans
  • Managing conversations is easier
  • Group members get notifications when there is new content, so they’re less likely to miss it

The major downfall with Groups is that you cannot get Insights as you do with Pages, so it’s harder to track what’s happening in a Group.

Know what you’re trying to accomplish

Whether you go with a Page, a Group or both largely depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. If you’re looking to promote something and build a large audience, a Facebook Page is your best bet. If you’re looking to build community, you want to create a Facebook Group.

Many Page owners can benefit from creating a Group associated with their Page. If you offer products or services on a Page for which you need to provide customer support or if you’re looking to convert prospects to buyers, a Group offers a great platform for that type of discussion to take place on.

FPTraffic Facebook Group

How to Create a Group

If you’re looking to build community with a Facebook Group, complete the following steps:

  1. From your Facebook account, access your Groups Page and click the Create Group button. You can then enter the name of your group, start adding members and set the desired privacy for your group. Closed is a good option as it allows you to control who joins, but anyone can still find your group in a search.
    Create a Facebook Group
  2. Select an icon for the group, then click Okay.
  3. Manage your settings by clicking on the gear on the right-hand side under the header. Click Edit Group Settings. Here you can determine membership settings and add a description.
    Edit Your Group Settings
  4. Click Customize Address to customize the URL for your group.
    customize group web and email address

You can also set up tags for your group, posting permissions and post approval.

Creating a group isn’t always necessary, but can definitely be beneficial. If you’re looking to create community or offer support around the service or products you offer on your Page, try creating a Facebook Group.

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Do you have a Facebook Group associated with your Page? Let us know about your experience with Groups by leaving a comment!

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