Facebook Announces New Group Tools

Managing a Facebook Group is a great way to create a community around your Facebook Page, and with over 1 billion people using Facebook Groups, Facebook is focusing their efforts on giving admins more tools to further establish and understand their communities. They have even announced a new mission: Give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.

Mark Zuckerburg announced the company’s new mission and Facebook’s intent to support Group admins at the first-ever Facebook Communities Summit in Chicago this June. In celebrating hundreds of Group admins and leaders, he announced some exciting new tools that will help admins better understand the communities they’re creating and how to best serve them.

New Features for Facebook Groups

The following features are now available to help admins grow and manage their Facebook Groups:

Group Insights

Just like your Facebook Page Insights, Group Insights allow admins to better understand how members are interacting in their Groups. Group Insights offers real-time metrics for growth, engagement and membership. You can see how many times people post, the time times of day that people are most engaged and more.

Membership Request Filtering

This feature saves Group admins the time by allowing them to sort and filter requests by common categories, such as gender or location, and have the ability to accept or decline names all at once.

Removed Member Clean-up

This feature allows you to remove any trace of a bad Group member. You can remove a user and any content they’ve shared, including posts, comments, even the people they have added to the Group.

Scheduled Posts

Admins and moderators can now schedule posts within their Facebook Groups for any time or day. This feature is convenient for consistently checking in with your Group members and giving them value on a regular basis. Also, scheduling posts is great if you’re conducting a course or hosting a week of promotions in your Facebook Group.

Group to Group Linking

If there are other Groups in your niche that you think your members would like to be a part of, you can now easily recommend them with Group to Group linking. By linking other Groups, the Group names will appear at the top of your Group so your members can easily find your recommendations.

Link Group

Groups are becoming an important feature on Facebook. More than 100 million people are said to be members of “meaningful groups,” meaning the group serves as a person’s main form of interaction on Facebook. Zuckerburg announced that Facebook’s goal is to help 1 billion people join meaningful groups.

Facebook Groups serve as a place for communication and discussion. People with common interests are able to ask questions and share their opinions in a safe forum. This is a place where your fans can engage with each other.

They can be a great way to further connect with fans of your Facebook Page, but not every Page needs a Facebook Group. Check out this post to learn the differences between a Facebook Page and a Group, if a Group is right for your Page and how to create a Facebook Group.

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Do you have a Facebook Group for your Page? What do you think about these new group tools? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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