Facebook Adds New Emojis

If you’re a heavy emoji user, we’d love to see which one describes the way you feel about this update – Facebook is adding 1,620 new emojis!

While 469 smiley faces, animals, ice cream cones and more animated stickers already exist on the platform, who couldn’t use more options? Emojis help us communicate our message in this text-based world. The more animations to pick from, the better!

Facebook’s emoji collection will top over 2,000, and all of the existing emojis are getting a redesign. With redesigned and new animal emojis, the new collection includes some cool new emojis like the man in tuxedo, the pregnant woman, a prince and the dreaded face palm.

emojis for facebook

Emojis for Facebook Pages

Why do we love emojis?

They help humanize your Page. When you’re behind a big business name or television show fan Page, emojis help show off personality.

The perfect emoji can help deliver your message and elicit some kind of emotion from the reader. They tell your mood, feelings and reactions. Basically, they enhance the communication process.

Emojis are also awesome for increasing the engagement on your Page. Including emojis in your Facebook Page posts can increase your number of “Likes” by 57 percent and comments and shares by 33 percent. With just a few extra clicks, your post engagement and sales can see significant increases.

How to Use Emojis on Your Facebook Page

There are several ways to incorporate emojis into your interaction with fans. Use emojis when responding to comments on your posts to convey a clear emotion. Share how you’re feeling about the content you’re sharing in an update.

To post an emoji from your Facebook Page, click on the smiley face either in your status update box or comment box.

emoji feeling

You can also add emojis to your scheduled posts in FPTraffic. From your dashboard, click the icon for Scheduled Posts at the bottom of the Facebook Page you are managing. At the top of your post, click the yellow wrench. Then click Edit Post. The Description box appears. In the top-right corner, click the smiley face to select an emoji. At the bottom, click Save Post.

Edit Post FPTraffic

Emojis provide a fun, creative way to connect with your fans. Use them often on your Facebook Page, both in the content you share and in replying to comments. To use them effectively, make sure they make your message clear rather than difficult to understand.

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Have fun experimenting with the emojis. Let us know which ones you love by leaving a comment!

5 thoughts on “Facebook Adds New Emojis”

  1. I have been waiting for the emoji of the hand emoji of American Sign Language “I Love You”! Please add it!

  2. I like the emoji’s that you have where you can add them to any post to anyone of your friends, but…for some reason their not wanting to post, and cause you to have to restart your page. this needs to be fixed.

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