Connect with Facebook Fans Through Language and Storytelling

The blank description field can be intimidating. You’ve got an awesome piece of content to share with your fans, but don’t know how to introduce it. Earlier this week, we talked about how important it is to develop a consistent and authentic voice on your Facebook Page. Today, we’re following up with tips for nailing the right language in your posts. Keep reading to learn how to incorporate storytelling to humanize your Facebook Page.

How to Use Storytelling on Your Facebook Page

Storytelling is an effective way for brands to connect with their fans or customers. Whether you run a fan Page or a business Page, you can benefit from communicating with your fans from a storytelling aspect.

What exactly do we mean by storytelling? No, you don’t have to be a novelist or the next Pulitzer Prize winner to pull off a well-told story on Facebook. Heck, we don’t even want you to tell a lengthy story, but pulling from storytelling elements can be an effective Facebook Page strategy.

Connect Facebook Fans through Storytelling

Adding storytelling elements to your Page simply means beefing up your post descriptions to incorporate clever, surprising, emotive language. Brands benefit from being genuine and open to sharing even more than they might on their website.

Why Storytelling?

Think about how people use Facebook. They pull out their phone when they’re bored, open the app, and scroll while on autopilot. It takes something different to snap them out of their zombie state. Interesting, surprising language is exactly what you need to zap them to life so they click through to your Page.

And when they do, use that post to connect with them. Build momentum off the fans your imaginative content attracts. Keep delivering genuine language that resonates with your fans to keep them coming back.

Questions to Ask to Discover Your Storytelling Opportunities

To write Facebook post descriptions that resonate with your audience, you have to understand them the best you can. Here are a few questions to work on as you define your storytelling voice:

  • Who is your audience? Check your audience insights to learn the demographics and interests of your fans. Do a survey to find out what problems or questions they have.
  • How can your content make their lives better? If it’s a fan page you run, do you add entertainment and laughter to your fans’ lives? For business pages, how does your product or service make their lives easier?
  • How can you communicate these solutions so that your message resonates with them? How can you hit on their problems, questions, and pain points?

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Examples of Storytelling Language in Facebook Posts

Use the following guidelines when implementing storytelling effects into your Facebook posts. We provide good and weak examples for each and encourage you to draft up your own posts for each element.

Put Emphasis on the Customer

Weak: “Today’s BOGO special¬†is buy 1 Peppermint oil get 1 Eucalyptus oil free, check it out!”

Awesome: “Do you want to breathe better this allergy season? We know what a great feeling it is to have clean airways and easy breathing, and today we’ve got natural solutions for you for a great deal.”

Build Curiosity

Weak:¬†“Studies show social media marketing can increase your business’s exposure.”

Awesome: “90% of small businesses have seen an increase in exposure from this one marketing trick. Learn how your company can get in on the money-making machine.”

Provide Clear Value (and Back It Up)

Weak: “10 Breakfast Ideas to Try Tomorrow Morning”

Awesome: “10 Breakfast Ideas for Better Digestion from the one-and-only Dr. Axe”

Perfect Your Story

Don’t forget to add images and emojis to your post for that extra visual element. Using emojis in status updates has been shown to increase comments and shares by 33%! Images are a must, but adding a human element to them can help your engagement as well. Incorporating people and human faces has been shown to drive conversion rates. Share pictures of you, your customers, employees, or find stock images with smiling human faces in them.

Storytelling doesn’t have to be a complicated, drawn-out process. Incorporate those human elements in small ways into your posts to get big results. Added imagery, humor, and authenticity results in better connections on your Facebook Page.

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How do you use storytelling on your Facebook Page? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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