Use National Holidays and Special Dates to Increase Engagement

Looking for ways to mix up your content and boost engagement? Take advantage of national holidays and other special dates related to your niche. Doing so will help you create fresh content your audience will love.

We’ll show you how you can find dates to celebrate with your audience and why special dates work well for engagement. You’ll learn some of our best practices for posting holiday content as well.

Get your 2017 calendars ready – you’re about to fill them up with holidays to celebrate on your Facebook Page!

Special Dates to Celebrate

You can find a special date to celebrate with your Facebook Page fans any time of the year. What exactly do we mean by “special dates”? Any of the following can create opportunities for shareable content:

  • Major holidays
  • Psuedo-holidays
  • Historical holidays
  • Birthdays
  • Milestones
  • Anniversaries
  • Trends
  • Sports events

Any niche can find a way to celebrate the major holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. Even more so, you can likely put a spin from your niche on days like Veterans Day, Grandparents Day or even the first day of summer.

Independence Day Facebook Page Post

Did you know that every day of the year has some kind of observation associated with it? Check Days of the Year regularly for awesome “psuedo”-holidays that relate to your niche. With days like Squirrel Appreciation Day, Eat a Hoagie Day and Talk Like a Pirate Day, it’s definitely worth taking a look at!

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If your Page is based on a TV show or celebrity, keep track of the actors’ birthdays and make your fans aware of when they’re happening. Check for the anniversary of when the show first aired. Mark these important dates on your calendar so you don’t miss an opportunity for an engaging Facebook post.

Be aware of trends and sports events that happen at certain times of the year. Can you relate your niche to the Stanley Cup or the World Series? What about the Catholic Lent season or back-to-school season?

You’re likely to see more likes, comments and shares with posts centered around these important dates and times of year. People love content relating to the holidays. Here’s why.

Holidays Posts Have Emotional Appeal

Whether it’s the big holidays or the goofy, random daily celebrations, holiday-related posts are sure to invoke emotion among Facebook users.

People are generally happy during the Thanksgiving to New Year’s season. When you post something of value to your fans that relates to the winter holidays, it shows a little more humanity on your side and gives them even more reason to smile. Holidays give you a chance to create emotional touch points with your content.

When you post a birthday in your niche or a funny pseudo-holiday that relates, your fans will feel a sense of community. They’ll love feeling that they relate to the post and to the several other Facebook users who are engaging with it.

For these reasons, people are much more likely to share holiday-related posts. Opportunities arise for tons of engagement and traffic back to your Page, but only when you use special dates the right way.

How to Make Holiday Posts Work for You

The most important thing to remember with holiday-related posts, and all posts for that matter, is to keep your audience in mind. Post only content that is relevant to your niche and your audience. Ensure that your posts are appropriate to the holiday as well.

Tie in special offers, giveaways and discounts. Use the holiday to your advantage to provide awesome value to your audience while making some extra money at the same time.

Thanksgiving Post

Holidays and special dates are a good time to promote your Facebook Page and engage your audience in new and fun ways. Find a way to celebrate the holiday with your fans in a way they’ll connect with, and you’re sure to see a boost in engagement.

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Facebook Page Image and Ad Sizes

You spend quality time crafting the perfect images for your Facebook Page. Even with all that hard work, what appears in your posts aren’t high-quality images. You’re not seeing any user engagement. Why?

Since Facebook regularly updates their platform, you need to stay on top of the latest image dimensions and requirements. If you’re monetizing a Facebook Page, you know how important visuals are to your campaigns. Including relevant images in your ads can attract attention to your brand and develop engagement.

Users engage more when the posts have high-quality images. Avoid image pixelation and clumsy text with The Complete Facebook Image Sizes and Dimensions Cheatsheet, an infographic from TechWyse.

Facebook Page Image and Ad Size Cheatsheet

Facebook Page Image and Ad Sizes

Overview: Image and Ad Sizes

This infographic covers everything, with dimensions for profile photos, cover photos, shared images, links and videos. It breaks down the different dimension requirements between Page post links in the News Feed and those in the right column. You can also see how the image will appear on mobile display.

A few tips to take away:

  • Narrow shared images may have some gray space.
  • If you don’t choose the center part of your image, Facebook chooses it for you.
  • If your image is smaller than 470 x 246 px, it will render as a thumbnail.

The infographic also mentions the 20% rule, Facebook’s text in ad policy that limits your text on sponsored Page posts. Let’s talk more about that.

Guidelines for Using Text in Ad Images

With Facebook’s 20% rule, ads with higher text will receive less or no delivery at all. You can check if your ad meets these specifications with Facebook’s Image Text Check tool.

Facebook recommends including as little text as possible on the image itself. Include your text in the post instead of using it in the image. Images with minimal text are more preferable to users.

To stay within the 20% rule, try the following tips:

  • Reduce the font size of your text.
  • Include the majority of your text in the text box rather than on the ad’s image.
  • Avoid spreading text across the entire image.

Keep in mind that logos, watermarks and numbers all count as text. Facebook does allow some exceptions, and the system will automatically identify if your ad qualifies.

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Stay in the Know

Being aware of Facebook’s image and ad sizes ensures that your images are always of high quality. Because Facebook is always changing, it’s important to keep up with their regulations. Keep this infographic on hand when creating your ad images.

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Your Guide to Facebook Holiday Marketing

It’s the most wonderful time of year for online marketers – everyone is online! Whether they’re looking for gifts, browsing social media for holiday recipes or decorating tips, or posting pictures of their Christmas tree on Facebook, people are spending much more time online during the holiday season.

Now is the time to kick your Facebook marketing into high gear and drive more traffic to your Facebook Page. 65% of shoppers tap social media when looking for the perfect gift. Get your Facebook Page ready for the holiday season with our strategies and tips for Facebook holiday marketing.

Facebook Holiday Marketing Strategy

Computer keyboard with Christmas keys - holiday conceptWith so much potential for traffic over the holiday season, you don’t want to go in blindly and post content that falls flat in the crowded space. The holiday season creates a big opportunity for you to do well with your Facebook Page, so it’s important to have an overall strategy this time of year.

Set a goal

What is it you want to achieve with your Facebook Page during the holidays? Maybe you want to hit a certain number in sales, increase the click-through rate to your website or increase your brand awareness. Think about what you want for your Facebook Page ahead of time so that the content you post aligns with your goals.

Having a goal in mind also informs you of what to measure with your marketing efforts. If you want to increase sales, your numbers will showcase the success of your efforts. To measure whether you’ve increased your brand awareness, track the engagement with your posts, such as likes, comments and shares.

Schedule your posts

Once you’ve set your goals, find and schedule content to post at the times when your audience is most likely to see it. Scheduling content not only saves you time in the long run, but also ensures that you won’t miss an important date or opportunity to engage with your fans. FPTraffic members have several great sources to post content from, and our scheduling tool allows you to easily create a content schedule that’s best for your Facebook Page.

With the right goals and a post schedule full of relevant content, you’ll be on the right track for success this holiday season.

Holiday Marketing Tips

The holiday season is a great time to make changes to your Facebook Page and engage with your fans in different ways. Here are a few tips to get creative with your Facebook holiday marketing:

1. Change your cover image and profile picture.

It’s good to mix up your Page’s main images once in a while, and the holidays give you a chance to get creative and festive. Relate your cover image to the holidays and change it up a few times over the season. Use it to direct your fans to a holiday sale or promotion. Changing the image on a regular basis will motivate your fans to check back with you often.

2. Get in the storytelling spirit.

The holidays are a good time to get more personal with your fans. People enjoy stories this time of year, something they can connect with and relate to. Take this opportunity to tell your brand’s story. Highlight background information about how you or other employees got started in the business. If you run a hobby Page, share inspirational stories of others who enjoy that hobby. In the spirit of the holidays, share stories of what traditions you partake in or what charities you donate to. Get on a human level with your fans.

3. Get your fans involved in the holiday fun.

Engage with your fans by hosting holiday-related contests. Ask them to post their favorite holiday photos, treats or recipes. Host a holiday countdown, with prizes, giveaways and offers happening every day. This is a great way to keep your fans coming back to see what’s next.

4. Use strong visuals.

Facebook is a highly visual platform: Photos make up 60% of the post types and videos make up 31%. To compete in the crowded news feeds, use video, gifs and strong images in your posts. Facebook recommends using motion in your content to stand out and catch people’s attention.

5. Think like your fans.

Whether your fans consist of your friends, clients or business partners, think about their needs this time of year. Not only is it the busy holiday season, but it’s also the end of the year and that means different things to people in different industries. How can you help your fans during this time? What content can you post that will serve them well?

6. Tug at their emotions.

People enjoy more heartfelt messages around the holidays. Post content that will tug at your fans’ heartstrings, evoke sentiment or make them laugh. Put them in a cheery mood and they’ll be more likely to engage with your Facebook Page.

7. Use holiday-related Facebook ads.

Facebook Ads are always good for generating traffic and Likes to your Facebook Page. If your Page hasn’t taken off yet, use this busy time to really gain a following with Facebook Ads. Again, use motion to stand out and attract people to your ads.

Facebook Holiday

This holiday season, take advantage of the boost in online activity and prepare your Facebook Page for success. Determine what you want to achieve, and create a strategy toward making your goals happen. Try engaging with your fans in new ways, like hosting a holiday countdown or sharing your brand story. Remember to keep your posts highly visual, and be sure to schedule your content so you never miss an important opportunity to connect with your fans.

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How do you use Facebook for marketing during the holidays? Share your stories in the comments section!

7 Reasons You Need a Facebook Page

Are you on the fence about creating a Facebook Page? Maybe you worry about getting lost in the 1.18 billion daily users or you don’t think you’ll have enough content to share.

Well, those are both reasons that you should be using Facebook Pages. The large number of users means that you have possibilities to get your content seen by large numbers of viewers. And no matter your niche, there is plenty of content to go around. More than 4.75 billion pieces of content are shared daily across the social media platform.

Social media is a massive world to navigate these days, but Facebook still proves to be the most visited website. Whether you own a business, you’re a performer or you’re obsessed with a TV show, you should create a Facebook Page for the following reasons:

1. Exposure

In any form of marketing, they say to go where the people are. Clearly, the people are on Facebook! The huge numbers on the platform can mean bigger numbers for your business as well.

Don’t worry that you’ll get lost in the crowd. There are plenty of practices and strategies you can implement to increase your Facebook Page reach.

2. Connection

Facebook provides a comfortable avenue for you to connect with your audience, fans, clients and influencers in your niche. Connecting with your followers in this way allows them to get to know you and your business on a more personal level. That kind of connection is needed for your fans to develop their trust in you.

Posting on a regular basis invites your followers to interact with you. Each time you post on your Facebook Page, you’re further spreading your brand’s message and personality.

3. Expert status

When you post content that educates and entertains your target audience, you establish yourself or your business as an expert in your field. Whether it’s information on new services, products or trends, delivering this content shows that you’re looking out for your audience. The more they see your Page, the more likely they will go to you when they’re in need of your product or service.

And no, you don’t need to come up with brilliant content every day. You can share articles, images and infographics from other sites you follow that will benefit your followers. It doesn’t have to be difficult to come up with content.

4. Sharing

If you’re writing exceptional blog content, sharing it on your Facebook Page is one of the best ways to get it in front of people. Blog content gets passed around easily on Facebook. Any time you scroll through your news feed you’ll likely see your friends sharing all kinds of content, from GIFs and memes to web articles and blog posts.

Facebook makes it easy for people to share content. When your fans share content among their friends, the opportunities for traffic back to you are endless.

5. Hit your target audience

Facebook Ads make it easy to put your content in front of the right people, the users who will engage and interact with it. It costs a little money to generate Likes from the right audience, but once you capture that audience, it is yours. We have many FPTraffic members making thousands of dollars a month after investing a little up front to gain the right audience.

You can schedule your content to post at the time your audience is on Facebook, ensuring that they’ll see your posts. Once you have that audience you can monetize it long term using many different methods.

6. Lead generation

A Facebook Page is a great tool to drive more traffic to your website and ultimately generate more leads for your business. Hosting giveaways and contests on your Facebook Page is beneficial in that it helps build your email subscriber list, earns you money and boosts engagement. Building your email list gives you plenty of additional ways to be seen by your audience.

7. Get to know your audience

The Facebook Insights tool allows you to track user interaction on your Facebook Page. Find out when your audience is online and what type of content they like and engage with most. With this inside information, you can post the right content at the right time of day to get the best results.

Yes, social media can seem overwhelming when just about everyone is on there and it seems like they all know what they’re doing. The beauty of it is that no matter your niche, brand or business, there’s space for you, too. Create your Facebook Page today and start filling that space with your message.

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Why Scheduling Social Media is Important

When is the last time you posted on your Facebook Page? Do you have tons of social media ideas but fail to post regularly?

Whether you use them for passive income or to drive traffic to your business, Facebook Pages are fun to create and have huge potential for monetization. Facebook is the most visited website out there, and 74 percent of consumers rely on social media to make purchasing decisions. You know an online presence and Facebook Pages are crucial to selling, but all too often social media strategies fall to the wayside.

It’s easy to put social media on the back burner while you tend to everything else, which is why scheduling your content is essential to building your Facebook Page empire. Scheduling posts to your Facebook Pages has several benefits, from saving you time to earning more money.

5 Ways Scheduling Social Media Makes Your Life Easier

Maintaining a frequent presence online is important, but how can you simplify the process of updating your Facebook Pages? Scheduling content makes your life easier in the following ways:

1. Scheduling saves you time.

It’s easy to get sucked into the depths of Facebook when you’re looking for content to share on your Page at any given time of day. If you batch your time, you can schedule days’ and weeks’ worth of posts in one quick sitting. It’s the “Work smarter, not harder” philosophy. Cutting out time to schedule your posts means you’ll have less distractions as you go about your day and your work.

2. Scheduling provides virtual consistency while you’re offline.

If you’re traveling or you suddenly get sick and can’t think about updating your Facebook Page, a scheduling tool keeps your online presence alive while you’re out. If you can’t physically keep up with your content, you can relax knowing it’s being taken care of.

3. Scheduling at the right time drives more traffic.

Using a scheduling tool allows you to reach your audience when they’re online. You can schedule your posts so they’re more likely to be seen, driving more traffic to your Page.

4. Scheduling allows you to capitalize on important dates for your niche.

You won’t miss out on dates that are significant for your niche if you plan your content ahead of time. Taking a look at the significant dates ahead or looking at a calendar for weird holidays and national observances allows you to prepare posts centered around those dates that your fans will love sharing.

5. Scheduling gives your Facebook Page a good reputation.

If you have a schedule you stick to, your followers are more likely to trust your Page or your brand. They don’t like to come to your Facebook Page and see that you haven’t posted in weeks. They’ll appreciate that you’re keeping them up to date on new products or trends in your niche.

To sum up, scheduling your social media frees you up to tend to other important aspects of your life. Maintaining a consistent posting schedule creates a reliable reputation among your followers. Save yourself some time and keep your Facebook Pages active with a scheduling tool.

Do you want to make your life easier with content scheduling? FPTraffic is a scheduling tool that allows you to find and post content to your Facebook Pages with a click! Easily manage all of your Pages and posts with FPTraffic, and join the other members whose content is being viewed 50,000,000 times a day on Facebook. Sign up and start scheduling your content!

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5 Tips for New FPTraffic Members

New to FPTraffic and ready to start building your Facebook Page empire?

Social media is changing the way people do business and make money, and Facebook Pages provide a huge avenue for sales. In fact, over a billion people use Facebook every single day.

Building, growing and monetizing Facebook Pages comes easy with the help of a simple management tool. If you’ve just joined our FPTraffic community, here are five tips to start managing your Pages and growing your fan base.

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1. Remove Pages

When you first connect your Facebook account, FPTraffic displays all of the Facebook Pages you have created in your Pages Dashboard. You can remove any Pages you do not want on your account so that FPTraffic is only managing content for certain pages. From the Pages menu, click Manage. For each page you wish to delete, click the red X.

Remove Page from FPTraffic

Removing a Page does not delete the Page from your Facebook account, but keeps it from showing up on FPTraffic. You can always add Pages back after you have removed them from your account. Also, keep in mind that FPTraffic enables you to manage an unlimited number of Facebook Pages.

2. Set up a Post Schedule

One of the great features of FPTraffic is the ability to create a schedule that allows your content to post to your Facebook Pages automatically. Set up a schedule for each Facebook Page you want FPTraffic to post to. Your content will not show up on FPTraffic until you add a schedule, so complete this step first. Under the Pages menu, click Schedules. Select the Facebook Page you would like to set your schedule for. You’ll then be able to select the times you’d like your content to post to that Page.

FPTraffic Scheduled Times

Find when your fans are online most and set up your schedule to post at those times. FPTraffic will post to your Page at most once an hour every hour of the day. We recommend posting 2-5 times a day, but test your engagement by posting as many different times a day as you’d like.

3. Disregard “Posted by FPTraffic”

When FPTraffic publishes content on your Page, you will see the note Posted by FPTraffic under the post on Facebook. Don’t worry – visitors to your Page do not see this. It is only visible to you and any other Admin on your Page. Facebook places the text there so that you know which pieces of content FPT published.

4. Find content with the FPTraffic Google Chrome Extension

Use our Google Chrome Extension to easily schedule images from Pinterest, Twitter, Imgur and pretty much any other website with a few clicks of your mouse. The FPTraffic Chrome Extension is one of the best tools available for gathering and scheduling photos to post to your Facebook Pages.

FPTraffic Chrome Extension

You can select the images you like from a website and copy and paste the links into the FPTraffic URLs page. Check out our guide on how to download and use the Google Chrome Extension tool.

5. Join the FPTraffic Facebook Group

We have over 2,500 members in our Facebook Group who are also working hard to build, grow and monetize all sorts of Facebook Pages just like you. If you have questions about the system or are looking to bounce ideas off like-minded people, take advantage of the access to this community. We’re all here to help each other, so don’t be afraid to post your questions.

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Now that you’ve got a schedule set, our Google Chrome Extension and the FPTraffic community support, you’re ready to get in on the fun of building your Facebook Page empire. Start adding content and watch your reach grow!

Good luck! Contact our support if you need any help getting started.