5 Productivity Tips for Managing Facebook Pages

Facebook takes the heat for being the ultimate distraction. You’ve witnessed its temptation – you get online to send an email and an hour later you’re still scrolling your News Feed. And you haven’t written that email.

Research shows Facebook to be the most popular time-wasting website. 77% of workers who have a Facebook account use it during work, and for some, that means spending up to 2 hours on the site.

But what does that mean for those of us who actually work on Facebook? What if your job requires you to log in daily and update your business Page? What if your Facebook Fan Page is your money-maker?

Social media goes hand-in-hand with making money online in most cases. Maintaining a consistent presence across social media platforms is how you drive traffic to your blog, viral media site or business.

For Page owners, spending time on Facebook is a necessity, but how do you stay on task when the platform has the capability to lure you into its time-sucking ways?

We’ve got a few tips to help you ensure your Facebook time is productive. (Yes, “Facebook” and “productive” can appear in the same sentence!)

internet distraction meme

How to Stay Productive Online

FPTraffic is meant to make Facebook Pages a convenient, fun way for you to generate revenue and promote your brand. But it’s easy to get distracted when you’re working online. Here are a few tips to help you stay on track:

1. Discipline

It takes discipline to tune out the News Feed, your email and any other online notifications that beg for your attention. When you pull up your Facebook Page, be clear about what your objective is. Set a rule that you won’t check anything until you’ve completed your task. Then, reward yourself with a few minutes of Facebook scrolling, if you must.

It’s not easy at first, but discipline comes with time and practice. The more you practice focusing your time, the better you’ll get at it. You’ll come to appreciate that rewarding time at the end because you know you already put in the work.

2. Time Batching

Batching tasks into structured time allotments is an incredible tactic to help you get things done and stay on course. With Facebook Pages – and any business conducted online – there are several items that mount up on your to-do list. Work on one item during each time batch, giving your full attention to the task at hand.

Multi-tasking is no longer as cool as it once was. In fact, studies have found that multi-tasking reduces your productivity by 40%! Make certain time allotments for each individual task – finding content, scheduling posts, creating and tracking ads, viewing insights – and set a timer when you’re doing them. Resist the urge to switch tasks, and keep at the job until your timer goes off.

3. Scheduling

calendarEach time batch is an important element that adds to the success of your Page. Treat these time batches like important appointments. Write in your planner when you will take the time to complete them. Rather than cutting other tasks short to quickly jump in and schedule a post, block out the time in your planner for post scheduling.

Experiment with what times of the day or which days of the week work best for each task. Soon enough, it will become part of your routine that you find your content on Monday mornings or whatever it may be, and you won’t have to pay so much attention to writing it down every week.

4. Idea Folder

Get a system in place for organizing your Facebook Page ideas. Google Drive is awesome for this, as well as OneDrive or Evernote. Create a folder with a sheet for niche ideas, a calendar for important holidays and dates related to your niche, and an ad performance spreadsheet.

Make another folder for resources that you’ll need to refer back to. Keep any blog posts or helpful articles you come across in a place where you can easily find them. Good organization is crucial to help you save time.

5. Distinguish Learning from Doing

If you’re new to FPTraffic or to Facebook Pages in general, you might be tempted to jump right in and start using all the features. Then, when you’re not sure how to do something, you get frustrated. You have to backtrack and look it up, read the guide, ask the FPTraffic Facebook group – which are the steps you should have started with anyway.

New things come up every day in the digital world, creating endless opportunities for learning. Take the extra time to learn a task before jumping in without guidance. You’ll find that you actually save more time by doing so.

Your Turn

If you find yourself getting sucked into the social media world when you’re managing your Pages, give these productivity tips a try. Remember to batch your time, schedule your time batches into a planner, and get organized with idea and resource folders.

Taking time to put systems in place saves you time in the long run. Make it your goal to defy the Facebook-distraction claim!

[ecko_contrast]Using FPTraffic to manage your Facebook Pages will make you more productive.

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Do you have any tips for staying productive when working online? We’d love to hear them! Share your thoughts by leaving a comment.

Get Organic Search Traffic to Your Facebook Page

No matter what kind of Facebook Page you run, the best way to reach your objective is to get a high amount of traffic to your Page. Whether you’re looking to monetize or to increase your brand awareness, the more Likes you have the more successful your Page will be.

High traffic allows you to generate revenue from a Fan Page. It allows businesses to create a following, and it gives entrepreneurs a sense of authority.

We all just want to be “Liked,” but how do we increase our traffic?

We’ve talked before about the importance of running Facebook ads to grow your audience. This is a must to get your traffic going when you have a new Page. But if you want people to keep finding your Page without continuously paying for ads, keep reading to learn how to grow your audience organically.

Optimize Your Page Content

Like websites, Facebook Pages can show up in search engines, like Google, Bing or Yahoo, if they’re well optimized. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of optimizing your online content so that it is easy to find on search engines.

If your Page is well optimized, it will have a better chance of ranking at the top for search engine results. Being listed at the top brings significant traffic and shows consumers that your Page is top-notch in your niche.

The #1 position in Google’s search results receive 18.2% of all click-through traffic. The second position receives 10.1%, the third 7.2%, the fourth 4.8%, and all others under 2%. Placing in the first few results is critical to gaining organic traffic through search engines.

Organic traffic from search engines is unique because the users coming to your Page are people who are looking specifically for what you have to offer. This kind of audience is likely to engage well with your content and help promote your Page’s organic growth.

Here are a few guidelines for optimizing your Facebook Page for search engines:

Facebook seo cheat sheet

Claim Your Username

When you first create a Facebook Page, the platform generates a messy URL associated with it. Once your Page gets 25 Likes, you can claim your username. This creates a vanity URL for your Page. Your username and vanity URL should match the title of your Facebook Page as closely as possible.

Optimize Your Page Title

Your Facebook Page title should be relevant to your brand. If you have a website associated with your Page, the titles should match. Make your title something catchy that will stand out and be remembered. The first word of your Page title is the most significant.

Flesh Out Your Page Content

Make sure to enter a valuable description in the “About” section of your Page. In addition to gaining your Page higher ranks in the search engines, this content will help fans connect with your Page.

These quick tricks can have a great impact on your search engine rankings, allowing people to easily discover your Page. The number of Page Likes or the amount of engagement you have will not affect your rankings, but more Likes and engagement will help you grow your audience organically across Facebook.

Engage Your Fans

When users come to your Page through the search engines, encourage them to share your Page by posting relevant, valuable content. If your fans love your content, they’ll be more likely to comment on your posts. When they share your content on their own timelines and tag their friends, your Page will have no problem gaining organic traffic.

We all want to get more traffic to our Facebook Pages, and the less we have to pay for it the better. Tweak your Facebook Page for SEO to gain more organic search traffic, and always post content that your fans will engage with.

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What is your experience with SEO on your Facebook Page? Let us know by leaving a comment!


Changes to Amazon’s Commission Structure: What You Need to Know

Amazon recently announced a major change in the way they will pay out affiliates in their Amazon Associates program. Starting March 1, the commission structure will move away from a volume-based fee and begin paying a flat fee based on the product category.

Amazon Associates is an affiliate program that allows you to access Amazon’s giant inventory of products, generate affiliate links and make money from your referrals. This program has been a great way for affiliate marketers to generate revenue through Facebook Pages, as well as blogs and other online avenues. Several online marketers make a good monthly income from selling Amazon products alone.

Not only do you get a commission on the product you referred, but when people buy other products after your link takes them to Amazon, you also earn a commission on those items. As long as the customer orders within 24 hours, or longer if the visitor adds items to their cart and returns to pay later, you get a commission on all of the items they purchased.

For those of you just getting started with Amazon Associates, these changes to the payout will help you understand where to focus your marketing. But if you’re already selling 10 products or more per month, you’ll want to keep reading.  Changes to the affiliate payout may have a significant impact on your monthly income.

Current Amazon Affiliate Payout

Since commissions have been based on the volume of product sales you made each month, you could earn more with the more products you sold. With the new changes taking place, you will earn the same rate no matter how many products you sell.

The current payout has percentages anywhere from 1% to 10% depending on the category. For anything that doesn’t fit in those categories, the payout was based on how many products you sold per month. You started at 4% and capped out at 8.5%.

Amazon category payout

Amazon payout by volume

What’s Changing?

Amazon Associates is switching to a flat fee based on the product category. All payouts is a fixed percentage based on what is purchased. The rates per category are listed below, and products in any category not listed are capped at 4%.

Amazon new payout by category

These changes will have the biggest impact on those who are currently hitting 8.5% on a monthly basis. For example, if you are successful at promoting and selling books and are currently at the 8.5% mark, your commission rate will drop to 4.5%. In the big picture, that takes you from $8,500 per $100,000 of revenue to $4,500.

What Should You Do?

These changes can be a game changer for some. Many things in online business are beyond our control and the best we can do is be ready to adapt when the unexpected happens.

Amazon’s changes encourage affiliates to direct people to certain product categories, especially digital. To earn a decent income with Amazon, focus on promoting products in the categories with the highest payouts.

Since you never know what is going to happen, it’s important to diversify your streams of income. Amazon is still a free program to participate in and there is a great opportunity to earn income there, but don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Participate in other affiliate programs in your niche. Remember that in addition to the Amazon tool, FPTraffic allows you to post content and earn from eBay as well.

[ecko_contrast]Despite this change, there is still a ton of opportunity to make money with your Facebook Pages. Sign up for FPTraffic to learn how.

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What do you think about Amazon’s changes to the affiliate payout? How will this affect your monetizing? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

New Facebook Ad Format: Photo Link Ad

A few weeks ago, I started testing a “new” Facebook format that I am calling a Photo Link Ad.

I may not be the first person to ever use this ad format, but it is not commonly used on Facebook and it can definitely increase the exposure your ad gets and set it apart from your competition in the News Feed.

First, let’s take a look at the two most common ad formats, Link Ads and Photo Ads. Then, I will explain why this new ad format is different and even provide you with the code so you can set up one of your own.

Photo Ads and Link Ads

Photo Ads and Link Ads are not new to Facebook. Each type of advertisement format has it’s own advantages and it’s own disadvantages.

Photo Ads

Photo Ads are probably the ad format that I use most when advertising on Facebook. A Photo Ad is simply an advertisement featuring a photo and a description.

Facebook Image with Link in Description

The example above is a Photo Ad I ran for about a week on one of my Facebook Pages. If the user seeing this ad on their News Feed were to click on the big image that says Explode Your Social Media Reach, Facebook would just open the image in a window like this:

Facebook Photo Modal Window

I have included a link to the FPTraffic Blog (this blog) in the description of the photo so my hope is that many of the people who see this advertisement will click on that link and explore our blog.

The link clickthrough rate on these types of advertisements is typically lower than a normal Link Ad, but they usually get more overall engagement (Likes, Comments, and Shares).

Link Ads

The Link Ad format has a higher link clickthrough rate than a Photo Ad. Facebook will generate a link preview image, title, and description that is shown to the user that they can click to go to the link you are advertising.

Facebook Link Ad Format

In the example above, I have created a Link Ad for my blog and although there is no link in the description, if the user clicks on the link section of the advertisement, they will be taken to my blog.

This is the most common way to advertise a link on Facebook and typically you’ll see a fairly high clickthrough rate and a lot of traffic to the website you are advertising.

However, what if you could combine the larger image size of an Image Ad with the higher clickthrough rate of a Link Ad? Well, now you can.

Photo Link Ad

I am calling the new ad format that you can create from a few lines of code the Photo Link Ad format because it combines the Photo Ad and Link Ad formats.

Facebook Image Link Ad Format

In the example Photo Link Ad above, I am advertising this article on how to get more engagement by boosting your posts, but I am doing it through a special page I created that generates the giant link preview image you see above.

The photo in the ad is different than a normal Photo Ad because when you click it, it does not take you to the window on Facebook. Instead, it opens the blog article.

You can try the example post above for yourself here. Feel free to share it with your friends 🙂

How Does a Photo Link Ad work?

The Photo Link Ad format works by creating a preview image using Facebook’s Open Graph Meta Tags. By using those tags, you can tell Facebook what image to show as the preview for the link. Facebook will set that image as the preview and then you create a meta refresh so when the user clicks the link to view the image, they are redirected to whatever website you want them to go to (in the example above, the article on this blog).

That may sound complicated, but the code is very easy to setup.

Photo Link Ad Code

The HTML code below should be added to a new file in your website that you want to use as a redirect. This is the link that you will post on your Facebook Page to generate the large Photo Link Ad image.

Copy and paste the code below to a new file on your website and I will explain what each section means.

There are 3 different options to the entire code that you need to edit:

  • PAGE TITLE – A title for the link you are advertising. It does not show on Facebook, but I still recommend putting something relevant.
  • IMAGE URL – The photo image URL that will display on Facebook. I recommend uploading a 800×800 image file to the same site you are going to copy/paste this code onto.
  • WEBSITE URL – The website URL you want people to be taken to when they click the image from your IMAGE URL that will display on Facebook.

By default, I have set the image:width and image:height of the preview image to 800. I recommend you keep this and use a square 800×800 image for your IMAGE URL.

That’s it!

You can use Facebook’s Sharing Debugger to test what your link will look like when it’s shared before actually sharing it.

Facebook Sharing Debugger

I have had quite a bit of success promoting these new Photo Link Ads. Facebook has approved a bunch of different ads I’ve submitted using this format and my clickthrough rate has been great.

I recommend you give them a try as well. Let us know how they work for you in the comments below and if you’re looking to get more engagement on your Facebook Page, give FPTraffic a try 🙂

[ecko_contrast]Photo Link Ads are great, but teaching you tricks to outperform your competition isn’t even what we specialize in. Let us help you grow your organic reach so those paid ads aren’t as important.

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What You Need to Know About the Facebook Page Template

Does the look of your Facebook Page best reflect what the Page is all about? Did you know you can change certain features on your Page?

Facebook Page templates allow you to choose a design that best suits the nature of your Page. Whether you run a Fan Page, online shop or Business Page, specific templates serve to help you reach your desired outcomes. Also, you can utilize buttons and tabs to enhance your Page.

How do Facebook Page templates work? Here’s a breakdown.

Facebook Page Templates for Optimal Page Design

Whether you’re starting from scratch or you want to change up an existing Page, here’s a basic rundown of the design elements and templates to help you make an awesome Page.

Choose a Facebook Page Template

From your Page, access Settings. From the menu on the left side, click Edit Page.

edit Facebook Page templates

Under Templates, click Edit to view the template selection. Options include Shopping, Business, Standard, Venues, Politicians, Professional Services and Restaurants & Cafes. The template you choose will include default buttons and tabs designed to help your Page.

To see how a template works, click View Details next to the template title. The screen will give you a preview of the tabs included. Take note at the bottom of this screen of the warning: “When you apply this template we will replace your existing buttons and tabs.” If you’re happy with your template selection, click Apply Template.

Features and tabs

For both specific Facebook Page templates and the standard template, there are certain elements of the design that you want to optimize for your Page. Some are basic, like your cover photo, while other features – like buttons and tabs – can lead your viewers to take certain actions.

Cover photo

In Facebook’s current Page design, your cover photo is uncluttered. It’s the focal point of your Page and should hook viewers right away. Facebook’s Help page currently recommends to size your photo at 828 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall for desktop view and that will make it 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall for mobile view.

Facebook’s Help page currently recommends to size your photo at 828 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall for desktop view and 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall for mobile view. Test your cover photo on desktop and mobile browsers to make sure the main features are visible on both.

Call-to-Action button (CTA)

Facebook makes your call-to-action (CTA) button stand out and catch users’ attention with its bold placement directly under the cover photo. Because of its placement, users might be more likely to click the CTA than the Like button for your Page. Utilize this button by directing users to your website, blog or online storefront. The CTA button is also prominent on mobile devices.

Facebook Page Shop Now Call to Action

About box

Underneath the CTA is the space for your Page’s About information. Be sure to fill this out and add a link to your shop or website.


On the left side of your Page under your title, you have a menu of up to 10 tabs. You’ll see standard tabs, like About, Events and Photos, or you can add tabs that better suit your Page, like Services or Video.

Click Manage Tabs, or if you’re in the Templates section you can scroll down to customize your menu tabs. From here you can add and delete tabs. You can also move tabs around to choose the order they appear in. We always put Posts at the top.

add a tab to your Page

Be sure to add content to whichever tabs you choose to display. If users click on a tab, they should find relevant content.

You can also add custom tabs, like social tabs for Pinterest and Twitter or tabs to get email subscribers. Facebook has more info for developing your own tabs here.

Design for Success

Now that you’ve got the basic design elements down, continue to add valuable content and post consistently to your Page. With an appealing design and entertaining content, your Page will draw more fans in no time!

[ecko_contrast]Consistently posting to your Facebook Page, no matter what type of Page it is, can help increase your reach and engagement. Let us help you consistently post to your Page!

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How do you use tabs and templates in your Page design? What works best for you? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

Do You Need a Facebook Group for Your Facebook Page?

Have you noticed Facebook Groups popping up all over the place? Are you wondering whether you need to create a Facebook Group to go along with your Facebook Page?

More than 500 million people use Facebook groups monthly. Groups – like Pages – are a great way to connect with people on Facebook, but they operate quite differently than Pages. Certain types of Facebook Pages can benefit from having a Group associated with them, but creating a Group is not always necessary.

How do you know if you should create a Group? We’re diving into the differences between Pages and Groups to help you determine whether a Group is necessary for your Page.

The Difference Between Facebook Groups and Pages

Whether you need a Group associated with your Page depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. While there are benefits to both, they serve vastly different purposes.

Let’s start with the simple definitions:

Facebook Pages

Pages are set up like a personal profile but represent organizations, businesses, public figures and other entities. They serve as a broadcasting platform from which the Page owner reaches out to its audience.

Why create a Facebook Page? Since Pages are easy for people to find and can gain a large reach, they’re a great tool for building your fan base. Whether you run a fan Page, a business Page or a hobby Page, this platform allows you to reach more people and create awareness around your brand.

Pages are primarily a way to reach out and promote something, whether it be a product, service or message. Here are a few more reasons Pages are so great:

  • They’re easy to update and manage
  • You can create a customized vanity URL, making it easy to promote your Page to your followers
  • You have the ability to personalize your Page more to your purpose

Users closely follow brands through their Facebook Pages, which makes Pages a great avenue for getting content in front of your fans.

Facebook Groups

Groups serve as a place for communication and discussion. People with common interests are able to ask questions and share their opinions in a safe forum. This is a place where your fans can engage with each other.

In either a public, closed or secret group, there’s an equal collaboration among members to share content and interact with each other. A few benefits to creating a Group include:

  • Having a more personal presence with your fans
  • Managing conversations is easier
  • Group members get notifications when there is new content, so they’re less likely to miss it

The major downfall with Groups is that you cannot get Insights as you do with Pages, so it’s harder to track what’s happening in a Group.

Know what you’re trying to accomplish

Whether you go with a Page, a Group or both largely depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. If you’re looking to promote something and build a large audience, a Facebook Page is your best bet. If you’re looking to build community, you want to create a Facebook Group.

Many Page owners can benefit from creating a Group associated with their Page. If you offer products or services on a Page for which you need to provide customer support or if you’re looking to convert prospects to buyers, a Group offers a great platform for that type of discussion to take place on.

FPTraffic Facebook Group

How to Create a Group

If you’re looking to build community with a Facebook Group, complete the following steps:

  1. From your Facebook account, access your Groups Page and click the Create Group button. You can then enter the name of your group, start adding members and set the desired privacy for your group. Closed is a good option as it allows you to control who joins, but anyone can still find your group in a search.
    Create a Facebook Group
  2. Select an icon for the group, then click Okay.
  3. Manage your settings by clicking on the gear on the right-hand side under the header. Click Edit Group Settings. Here you can determine membership settings and add a description.
    Edit Your Group Settings
  4. Click Customize Address to customize the URL for your group.
    customize group web and email address

You can also set up tags for your group, posting permissions and post approval.

Creating a group isn’t always necessary, but can definitely be beneficial. If you’re looking to create community or offer support around the service or products you offer on your Page, try creating a Facebook Group.

[ecko_contrast]Facebook does not allow you to schedule posts to a Facebook Group, but they do with Facebook Pages and FPTraffic is the KING of engagement.

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Do you have a Facebook Group associated with your Page? Let us know about your experience with Groups by leaving a comment!

My First 2,000 Likes: A Beginner’s Journey with Facebook Fan Pages

If you’re just starting out in the world of Facebook Pages, how did it feel to hit your first 500 likes? What about 1,000?

My first fan Page just hit 2,000 Likes and I’m ecstatic! I have a community of 2,000 other people who get all my Friends jokes, who can’t help reacting to “We were on a break!” They love the show just as much as I do.

Michelle ChalkeyLet me back up and introduce myself before my Friends obsession scares you off. I’m Michelle, and I’ve been contributing to the FPTraffic blog from the beginning. But truthfully, my expertise lies in the blogging/writing aspect of marketing. I rely on Luke for all of the expert advice to effectively managing and monetizing Facebook Pages.

But as I began researching for the blog and learning more about how easy it is to create successful Facebook Pages, I wanted to get in on the fun too. I had been managing my Facebook Page for my freelance writing business with FPTraffic, but I became intrigued by all of the FPTraffic Facebook Group members who were doing so well with fan Pages.

Thus, I set to create a new Facebook Page. In just one month, my Page has gotten up to 2,400 Likes and the engagement continues to go up. I can’t believe how easy it was to get started, grow the Page and keep fans entertained!

If you’re thinking about creating a Facebook fan Page, don’t put it off any longer. The process is easier than you think, and the FPTraffic Fan Page email course is a great guide to follow. Here are some things that worked for me when creating my first Fan Page.

Don’t Overthink it

When I decided to create a Facebook fan Page, I knew I had to choose a niche I would love. That part was easy for me – I’m obsessed with the TV show Friends. I know the show so well that I could probably manually spit out quotes every day on my Page.

Since the show is such a classic, I figured there probably already was a fan Page or two out there. I thought about narrowing down to focus my Page on one character, like Luke did with his epic Page, Charlie Day Quotes. But when I looked into it, I saw that the existing Friends Pages weren’t posting regularly or hadn’t posted in a long time.

I went back and forth on this for a few days – do I go with a general “Friends TV Show Quotes” Page or a “Pheobe Buffay Quotes” Page? It’s easy to get caught up in these beginning decisions. Before you know it, you’ve talked yourself out of making a Page at all.

But here’s the thing – creating a Fan Page is free! You have nothing to lose. So, do a little research to see what already exists in your niche, determine whether there’s space for you, and if there is – jump on it! Don’t waste too much time worrying about what will be the best title or angle. You figure those things out as you go.

Choose Profile and Cover Photos Effectively

I started my Page with profile and cover photos that I thought were cute, but quickly learned that they weren’t as attention-grabbing when it came time to make an ad for the Page.

friends show
My first profile photo

This image for my profile picture was hard to see in a News Feed and did not allow users to make an instant connection with the show. My new profile picture is bigger and shows more of one character’s face, allowing fans to connect the show with the post.

profile picture
My profile picture rendition. Who doesn’t know and love Rachel Green?

My initial cover image was a cute print of quotes from the show. I thought, how fitting, right?

Friends quotes
My original cover photo

Well, a cover photo containing only text is not nearly as attractive or appealing as the pretty faces of the Friends actors. I replaced it with a bigger image of the cast, which I think makes it more obvious that this Page contains quotes from the TV show rather than quotes about friendship.

friends cover photo
Much better!

The profile and cover images on your Page are static, so make them as strong and attractive as you can!

Create Your Post Schedule

In FPTraffic, you can create a post schedule to automatically post content to your Page at specific times without you having to do anything. I followed Luke’s advice of starting with 2 posts per day, at 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.

Now that the Page has been up and running for a month and has a solid fan base, I can start posting content when my fans are most likely to see it. Using Facebook Page Insights, I can see that the majority of my fans are online at 7:00 p.m. I’ll adjust my posting schedule and add a third daily post at 2:00 p.m. to keep attracting more users to the Page.

Facebook Page Post Times

Start Finding Content

Now for the fun part – browsing Friends quotes! I used FPTraffic’s content sources to find high-quality images, videos and gifs all relating to my favorite TV show. There is a ton of content on Pinterest, and the FPTraffic Chrome Extension was awesome for scheduling images I found there.

fptraffic chrome extension

You can quickly run out of fresh content if you type the same thing into search engines every time. To mix it up, I’ve been searching for specific character quotes and images. Check out this post for more ways to find new engaging content.

Get Likes to Your Page

Getting Page Likes is crucial to succeeding with your Facebook Page. If you hope to monetize your Page, you’ll obviously do better the more Likes you have.

You might think it’s impossible to get tons of people outside of your own friends to Like your Page, but it’s more achievable than you’d think. I had never messed with Facebook Ads before I created my Page. Honestly, it just seemed scary to me. I quickly saw that not only are Facebook Ads cheap and easy to set up, but they are so effective in driving traffic to your Page.

Friends Facebook Page Ads for Likes

Facebook Ads for Likes are a budget-friendly way to get any Page up and running. News Feeds are overcrowded with content – ads give your Page a better chance of being seen by the right people.


With my reach and engagement growing, I started having fun with more FPTraffic features. I created a giveaway for a Friends coffee mug, and I’ve sprinkled in a few Amazon products. Unfortunately, I didn’t see a lot of engagement with either of those yet, but I’m still learning. As I continue to study Facebook Page marketing, I hope to learn how to be more effective with giveaways and monetization. I’m still adapting to my new Facebook popularity!

Going Forward with Friends

Now that I’ve seen what is capable in one month, I’m excited to keep building this Page. I love the freedom FPTraffic allows me by scheduling my content for me. Heck, I spent an entire week in Mexico this month without looking at the Page once. My fan base continued to grow and people engaged with the content that was posting multiple times a day, all while I was on a beach sipping margaritas.

That’s how easy it is. If a newbie like me can get a Page up and running fast, so can you! What’s your passion? Your favorite show, singer or sports team? Create a Page, and let’s figure this out together!

[ecko_contrast]Ready to build your Fan Page empire? Join FPTraffic and start your journey to reaching millions of people a day!

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Beginners, what has helped you grow your Facebook Page? FPTraffic veterans, what did you struggle with in the beginning? Let us know by leaving a comment!

Boosting for Engagement and Fans – A Fan Page Case Study

About a month ago, I published a case study explaining how I had grown my brand new Rick and Morty Fan Page from 0 to 10,000 Likes in a month.

Since publishing that case study, my Page now has over 30,000 Likes and has had multiple posts reach over 1,000,000 people.

Below, I am going to outline my strategy of boosting Facebook Page posts to increase engagement and get new fans. If you implement this strategy with your Facebook Pages, you will see better reach on your posts from the increased engagement from your fans and you’ll also be able to grow your Pages quickly by generating a ton of new targeted Likes.

Facebook Page Post Boost Strategy

Boosting your Facebook Page posts costs money so you want to be smart about what posts you boost. With my Fan Pages, I boost posts with proven content that has received good organic reach.

If the fans that have seen your content are engaging with it, it’s likely that the ones that have not seen it yet will too.

Rick and Morty Proven Content for Boosting

With the post shown above, it had pretty good organic reach before I boosted it. It had just under a million reach and had gotten quite a bit of engagement.

When I boost a post, I will usually boost to one of two audiences:

  1. People who like your Page and their friends.
  2. The interest I used to grow the Page with Ads for Likes.

If the post has had tremendous reach like the one above (100%+ of my Page audience) then I will boost it targeting the interest I used to grow the Page. In this case, Rick and Morty.

However, if the post had only reached 50% or so of my Page audience, I would boost it to what I call Fans + Friends (People who like your Page and their friends).

Boosting to Fans + Friends

I really like the Fans + Friends option for boosting my posts because I have gotten really cheap engagement and Likes from it for awhile now.

Rick and Morty is a great example. Most of the people who enjoy watching Rick and Morty will have friends who do too. Facebook is good at finding those friends and showing them my post. You can get Likes for a penny each or less when boosting a good post to Fans + Friends and you get the added benefit of getting your Fans engaged with your content.

Some of your Fans did not see your post. That is why you are boosting it. If they see it and engage with it from your boost, they are more likely to see your next good post organically in their News Feed.

Boosting to Interests

With posts that have already started to go viral, I boost them to my main interest audience because it’s more broad. However, because the interest is targeted at your Page, you are likely to still get a low cost per engagement and cost per new Like.

So, how did my boosted post do?

Boosted Posts Low Cost Per Engagement and Like Results

I only spent $12.62 on the boost and I got:

  • 127,614 people reached
  • 27,966 post engagements ($0.0005 per engagement)
  • 1,612 Page Likes ($0.01 per Like)

Because my ad was so targeted, I only had to pay a $0.08 CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions). These are awesome results! The only reason I ended up stopping the ad is because I had another one outperforming it.

Boosting Tips Summary

In summary, when boosting a post, keep these things in mind:

  1. Boost a proven piece of content that has already had good engagement.
  2. If the post has reached 50% or so of your Page audience, boost it to Fans + Friends.
  3. If the post has reached 90%+ of your Page audience, boost it to people with your main interest targeted.
  4. You can keep your budget low for boosting posts. I like to set a 7 day duration and only spend $21-35 ($3-5/day).
  5. Keep an eye on your Cost Per Engagement and Cost Per Like after you have boosted your post. Give Facebook a day or two to optimize it.
  6. Add Budget to your boosted post at the end of your campaign duration to keep it going if you’re happy with the results!

The great thing about boosting your post is that you should see an increase in engagement on future posts from people who engaged with your boosted post and you will get new Likes on your Page at the same time.

If you have any questions about boosting your Facebook Page Posts, email us or comment below and we’ll be happy to help!

Looking for good content to boost? Sign up for FPTraffic and use our awesome content tools to find it!

Top 25 Stock Photo Sources for your Facebook Pages

Visual content is what drives engagement on your Facebook Page. Interesting images promote sharing and can double the amount of engagement you see on your posts. This is why FPTraffic incorporates image posting in our content sources – we know how important visuals are to helping your Page succeed.

You want to post high-quality, attention-grabbing photos that are legal to use, but how do you know if you’re free to use a picture?

When looking for images on the internet, you can either find public domain photos or use a Creative Commons image that might need attribution or have other restrictions. Let’s take a look at those terms:

  • Public domain: Photos in the public domain have copyrights that have expired, have been forfeited or are inapplicable. Don’t assume that any picture you find on the internet is in the public domain. When in doubt, read the terms and conditions on the website to make sure you are using the image legally.
  • Creative Commons: This nonprofit organization enables sharing content through free legal tools. Various types of Creative Commons licenses exist with different rules for attribution, making changes and how you can use the images.

Here is a list of 25 stock photo sources that have plenty of high-quality images you can use legally for content on your Facebook Page. What’s more, they’re all free to use!

1. Unsplash

Unsplash’s library of high-quality photos is growing every day. Create a free account and you’ll have access to several photos under the Creative Commons Zero license, meaning you don’t have to attribute them.


2. Gratisography

New high-resolution pictures are added weekly to Gratisography’s database. You’re free to use any of their images in your personal and commercial projects, such as Facebook Ads and posts, without risking copyright violation.


3. Startup Stock Photos

Startup Stock Photos is packed with free images intended to help startups, bloggers, publishers and social media gurus like us.

guy looking at board

4. Magdeleine

Magdeleine is a blog that features a new free photo of the day every day. You can also browse from several categories for free high-quality stock photos with Creative Commons licensing.

girl in fog

5. SplitShire

SplitShire has seen over 2 million downloads on their free images, which have been utilized by big names like The Huffington Post and CNN. This site has different categories to browse through, like Cinemagraph and Blur Backgrounds. Photos are easy to download and free to use.


6. Free Nature Stock

Free Nature Stock is full of stunning images of – you guessed it – nature. One new photo is added every day, and images are free to use without attribution.

Free Nature Stock

7. Jay Mantri

This Tumblr blog is full of free photos for your use. From food to lakes and palm trees, Jay Mantri has several images to pick from.


8. New Old Stock

Quite different from the rest, New Old Stock has an inventory of classic vintage photos from public archives that recapture history. Images are free of known copyright restrictions.

old buildings

9. Moveast

The Portuguese photographer behind Moveast captures moments from his travels around the world with high-quality images. They’re free to use however you like.


10. Skitter Photo

Images of people, landscape, animals and more are free to download and use without creating an account or logging in to anything. Skitter Photo is a great source of free stock photos.


11. Fancy Crave

The Fancy Crave Tumblr blog posts two new photos every day for your use.


12. Bossfight

With 10-20 new photos being posted every day, you’ll never run out of stunning images from Bossfight.

snow mountains

13. Realistic Shots

Just like it sounds, this website posts 7 new photos every week of realistic, lifestyle shots. Many of the images feature people, cell phones, coffee and cats – perfect Facebook Page material! Realistic Shots has the best…realistic shots.

girls giving peace signs

14. Pixabay

In addition to stock photos, Pixabay contains illustrations, vector graphics and videos, all free to use!


15. Creative Commons

The Creative Commons organization has their own stock of free photos. Use this search engine to find copyright free images quickly. Creative Commons offers convenient access to search images from sources like Flickr and Google Images.

Creative Commons

16. Free Photos Bank

You can find interesting photos from several different categories with Free Photos Bank. These images aren’t the best quality in comparison to those found on sites like Unsplash, but it’s the place to go for the more narrow niches.

Free Photos Bank

17. Freeimages

Between photographs and illustrations, Freeimages currently has 389,713 free images to browse through. They also offer a paid membership to get access to over 2 million photos.


18. IM Free

IM Free has a curated collection of free resources is offered to be used for commercial use. You can also create your own images on this website.

IM Creator

19. Freerange Stock

After a quick sign-up, you can use all of the images for free. Freerange Stock includes both photographs and illustrations with plenty of diverse images.

social media brands

20. Life of Pix

Several talented photographers contribute their work to this site with no copyright restrictions. Multiple images are added to the database daily on the Life of Pix website.


21. Picjumbo

Picjumbo offers tons of stunning images that are free to use. They also have a Premium membership that offers unlimited downloads and access to new and premium-only images. You won’t have a problem finding beautiful images in the free selection though.


22. Morguefile

Morguefile has over 350,000 free images to choose from that are contributed by many talented artists. After a quick registration process, you can use any of the photos for free.


23. Stockvault

Stockvault has new photographs, textures and illustrations being added by photographers and designers every day. No registration is required and you’re free to use these photos however you like.

city skyscrapers

24. Ancestry Images

Another more specific collection, Ancestry Images offers an archive of historical prints, maps and artifact photos to be used for free.

ancestry images

25. Little Visuals

Little Visuals will email you 7 high-resolution images every 7 days. Photo subjects cover everything from industrial parts to idyllic landscapes.


[ecko_contrast]Images are critical to see success with your Facebook Page. When searching for images to share, remember to read the terms and conditions if you’re unsure about legal rights. Give one of these stock photo sources a try and let us know what you find!

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FPTraffic makes it easy to find images from several different sources to post on your Facebook Page. Get started with FPTraffic today and start scheduling awesome content for your Pages!

What stock photo sources do you use? Tell us about it by leaving a comment!

Build, Grow and Monetize Any Facebook Page

Do you have a Facebook Page but struggle to post regularly? With all the noise already happening on Facebook, do you think it’s impossible for your Page to stand out?

Facebook – like most social media sites – is a noisy platform, but the best thing you can do for your Page is to keep posting. But we get it – you’re plenty busy and don’t have time to keep up with social media. We’re here to help!

No matter what type of Page you have, you’ve come to the right place. FPTraffic has scheduling tools that will post content to your Page automatically. Our content sources allow you to find unique and relevant content your fans will love. Our giveaway tool allows you to promote your brand while building an email list. The benefits are endless!

Whether your Facebook Page is for entertainment, hobby or business, FPTraffic can help you build your audience, grow your Page and generate revenue all with little work on your part. Keep reading to see how FPTraffic works for your Facebook Page.

Build Grow and Monetize Facebook Pages

Passive Income with Entertainment and Fan Pages

Facebook Pages create opportunities for every entertainment source out there – Justin Bieber, the Chicago Cubs, even Pages about cats, you name it. If you’re crazy about a TV show or musician, creating a Fan Page has potential to earn you passive income while having fun with something you’re passionate about.

FPTraffic helps fan Pages, niche Pages and entertainment Pages set themselves up for extra profit:

  • Content for any niche: FPTraffic makes it easy to find content for almost any entertainment or niche Page. Since you can manage an unlimited amount of Pages with FPTraffic, you may want to test out multiple Pages to see which ones stick best.
  • Build traffic for your Page: Consistent posting with our scheduling tool keeps traffic coming to your Page and keeps your fans engaged. The better your traffic and engagement the better you’ll do in monetizing your Page.
  • Various content types to engage your fans: With our content sources, you can find images, quotes, gifs, memes, videos and more so you’re constantly throwing different types of content at your fans.
  • Monetize your Page: We integrate with sources like eBay and Amazon so you can easily find products to sell on your Page. With Amazon being the top online store in the world, you can find products relevant to almost any niche.

We recommend building up your initial audience with Facebook ads (check out this case study to learn how). Then with a consistent posting schedule and a variety of content, your fan Page has the potential to go viral!

Facebook Business Page

Convenient Facebook Presence for Business Pages

Most successful businesses have a Facebook Page, and they should. With 1.18 billion users logging in to Facebook every day, posting on Facebook is a great way to get your business seen by a mass audience.

But you’re plenty busy running a business. You don’t have time to share great content every day. How do you maintain a consistent social presence and run a successful business?

FPTraffic is great for businesses in a number of ways:

  • Filler content: When you’re low in website or blog content but want to maintain a presence on Facebook, you can use our various sources to find great content relating to your business. Pictures, gifs, quotes, memes – you can find content through FPTraffic for any type of business.
  • Never miss an opportunity to connect with your customers: Our scheduling tool allows you to consistently post when your customers are online. You don’t even have to log in to Facebook, but your customers will see you pop up in their News Feed.
  • Focus on your expertise: With a social media scheduling tool, you can schedule a month’s worth of content in one sitting. Putting in a little time upfront frees you up to focus on your expertise in your business. You don’t have to worry about getting sucked in to Facebook every day!
  • Run giveaways: With our giveaway tool, you can run your own giveaway to engage your customers. In return, you collect more eyes on your business as well as email addresses to add to your list.
  • Show your business’s personality: Posting fun content, like gifs or memes, on Facebook shows your customers that you’re human. You show that you are more than a business or brand by adding some flair content and showing off personality.

All Pages Benefit

No matter the type of Page you create, posting relevant, valuable content on a consistent schedule puts you on the right path. The more frequently people see your Page, the more they will come to trust you. As you build trust with your audience, they will become more likely to buy from you or listen to your message.

With any Page, it’s important to maintain a good mix of valuable content and sprinkle in monetized posts. If you have a business Page, post mostly educational or informational content and balance in promotional posts. If you run a niche Page, the majority of your content should be entertaining while throwing in product posts once in a while.

FPTraffic can also help any Page to grow their email list. Members can create an email newsletter so your fans will never miss your posts, and you’ll in turn collect fans’ email addresses. Both business and entertainment Pages can benefit from growing their email lists.

[ecko_contrast]Whether you create a Facebook Page for fun, to make money or drive traffic to your business, FPTraffic can help you build, grow and monetize your Page.

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Easily find and schedule valuable content your audience will love, and you can sit back or attend to other business matters.

Ready to get started managing your Pages? Sign up with FPTraffic today!

What kind of success have you seen using FPTraffic? Let us know by leaving a comment!