5 Key Elements of the Perfect Facebook Page

What does the perfect Facebook Page look like? How can you ensure success with your new Page?

Depending on your niche and audience, Facebook Pages will have some differences in how they attract engagement. What works well for a television show fan Page might not work the same for a business Page trying to raise brand awareness. No matter the type of Page you run, there are a few basics that everyone needs to have for a successful Facebook Page.

All Page owners are given the same tools and template to operate from. It’s important to know how to optimize your Page, and it can be all too easy to overlook some simple steps. In this post, we’ll give you 5 basic elements of the perfect Facebook Page.

Create the Perfect Facebook Page with These 5 Tips

If your Facebook Page is stagnant, go back to the basics and make sure it has these 5 qualities:

1. A recognizable profile picture and quality cover photo

Users should be able to instantly associate your profile picture with the topic of your Page. Include a recognizable face of a character or celebrity for your fan Page, or use your company logo for your business Page.

profile picture

Cover photos take up a good portion of the Page, and they’re the first thing a user sees when they arrive at your Page. Facebook’s Help page currently recommends to size your photo at 828 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall for desktop view and 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall for mobile view. Test your cover photo on desktop and mobile browsers to make sure the main features are visible on both.

Use the FPTraffic Image Editor tool size your images without losing quality. You can also add text or a logo to create a customized image for your fans.

2. Create a custom URL

Your Facebook Page should be easy for people to find. When you get 25 likes to your Page, you have the ability to create a username and custom URL. Your URL should match your Facebook Page title so users can easily find you. Every title or URL should be as consistent as possible.

Check out this post for more guidance on creating a custom URL.

3. Add a call-to-action button

The Facebook Page template makes it easy for you to funnel traffic through to a website, shop or blog. You can easily drive your fans to do what you want them to do by adding a call-to-action (CTA) button on your Facebook Page. The button overlays the cover photo, standing out to fans when they arrive on your Page.

button options for facebook page

Check out this post to learn how to add a CTA button to your Page.

4. Complete your About section

People often neglect to fill this section out, but no matter what type of Page you run, this section has potential to inform fans about your products or services or drive them to another website.

The About link is popular, so even adding just a few sentences can keep a new user from turning away from your Page. Optimize this section by adding a link to your website or hint to your best-selling products.

5. Pin an important post to the top

For new fans especially, it’s helpful for them to see a pinned post at the top of your Page that gives better insight to the value of your Page. Maybe it’s a welcome message, information about a new product or maybe even your most popular post – make sure the post is something that you’d like to get the most visibility on.

Best Practices for a Successful Facebook Page

The 5 tips listed above are basic changes you can easily make to optimize your Facebook Page, but it’s the ongoing practices that you implement that will ultimately keep fans coming back and interacting on your Page. If the basics are covered, make sure you’re doing the following:

  • Posting on a frequent, consistent basis
  • Providing value in every post, whether by educating, informing or entertaining
  • Analyzing your post results and seeing what type of content your fans like most
  • Creating ads for your target audience
  • Connecting with other Pages, Groups and brands on Facebook to expand your reach

These best practices, when paired with the 5 key elements above provide the best strategy to creating the perfect Facebook Page. Any time you’re stumped or feel that your Page is stagnant, go back over these. Maybe it’s time to update your cover photo or About section, or analyze your Insights. Keep experimenting and giving your fans more of what they want.

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How to Create a Community Around Your Facebook Page

Are you looking to make an impact on people with the message of your Facebook Page? Do you want to bring people together with your chosen niche?

Whether you’re looking to inspire, educate or entertain, creating a community around your Facebook Page is a great way to expand your reach and engage your fans. The more your Page sparks discussion, it begins to feel like a place fans want to come back to and hang out at. They start to feel comfortable and understood there.

What are some ways to build that familiarity on your Facebook Page? Here are a few tips to grow your community.

Use Your Facebook Page to Build a Community

Your Facebook Page is where the attraction starts. You lead fans in with valuable content that resonates with them, and pull them into the discussion. Here are a few ways to keep them engaged even further:

1. Create a Facebook Group

In addition to Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups are a great way to reach your fans and develop relationships. With a Facebook Group, readers may even be more likely to see your posts. If the user is engaged with your Group, they’ll receive notifications when you post in it, whereas they might not catch all of your Page posts in their News Feed.

The purpose of a Group is to provide even more value to your fans. Groups are especially purposeful if you’re selling products, courses or services, because you can offer a place for customer service, testimonials and discussion.

Since Groups are more private than Pages, this is a place where your audience should feel more safe and comfortable. They can interact with other like-minded people who share the same interest in what your Page offers.

This is a great place to spark discussion. Keep the engagement level high by sharing prompt posts – posts that prompt your users to start talking. Try asking people to share what their favorite product, character, episode, etc. may be. Share relevant news or helpful articles in your group that you don’t share on your Page. These posts get people talking and interacting with each other – thus, community is being built!

Group post

Not sure if a Group is right for your Page? Check out this post on whether you need a Facebook Group.

2. Broadcast frequently with Facebook Live

Facebook Live is helpful for your Page in so many ways, community building being a huge benefit. Going Live allows users to see your face and get familiar with who you are behind the screen. Not only do they get a better sense of who you are, but it’s a great way to get engagement going.

You can offer do answer questions in a Facebook Live broadcast, encouraging fans to comment and submit their concerns. Having you interact with them in real time is a game changer for creating community. You can stream Facebook Live from your Page or a Group, adding to your community on multiple levels.

3. Creating ads for a targeted audience

Facebook’s Audience Insights allows you to be highly specific in who you target your ads to, meaning you can attract the exact type of user who needs what your Page has to offer. This means that only the people who are already interested in your niche will see your ad, making them highly likely to join and contribute to the community.

Create an ad to invite users to join your Facebook Group or boost a popular post on your Page. Get more like-minded people into your community with specifically targeted ads. Continue to show those new users value through your Page and Group content.

Building community is an important factor for your Facebook Page because it helps create loyal fans and customers. Users will know they can go to your Page for what they’re looking for, making you a leader in your niche and a Page they want to share with their friends.

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Promote Your Facebook Page Like a Boss

Are you looking for more ways to get traffic to your Facebook Page?

We know that Facebook ads for Likes are a great way to build your fan base, but promotion doesn’t only have to take place on Facebook. There are several ways to promote your Facebook Page outside of the platform. Take advantage of every opportunity to tell an audience – even if it’s one person – about your Page to gain more Likes.

Here are 8 unique ways you can promote your Facebook Page.

8 Unique Ways to Promote Your Facebook Page

How can you promote your Facebook Page off Facebook? Try these tips:

1. Email signature

Place the link to your Facebook Page right under your contact information so everyone you’re in contact with has access to it.

2. Blog post

Write a new blog post announcing your Facebook Page. Readers of your blog may not know about your Page and will appreciate having another connection with your brand. Be sure to include social sharing widgets to your post and link them to your Facebook Page.

3. Guest posting

Write a blog post for another popular website in your niche. Most websites allow you to write a short bio about yourself; be sure to include a link to your Facebook Page so their audience can follow you.

4. Blog comments

Everyone is reading blogs, which is why it’s so easy to promote your Facebook Page on them. Leave valuable comments on blogs in your niche, and include a link to your Facebook Page. The key is to add something that is valuable to the discussion that will intrigue people to click your link and find out more about you. Commenting just to comment won’t get you more Page Likes.

5. Google AdWords

Similar to Facebook ads, Google AdWords is a paid program that can help your Page get an even wider amount of exposure. Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns can be an effective way to draw in new fans.

6. Other social profiles

Spread the awareness about your Facebook Page by including links in your profiles for other social media platforms, like LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Even if someone is connecting with you on a different social media platform, they’re likely to be on Facebook as well and may want to connect with you there.

7. Reddit, Quora and other communities

Similar to commenting on blog posts, add value to free communities like Reddit and Quora. These online spaces are full of people looking for answers, discussion and insights. Leave valuable comments and include links back to your Facebook Page.

8. Business cards

Yes, people still communicate face-to-face, and it’s great to have business cards on hand when you’re talking to someone in person about your Facebook Page. They’re unlikely to remember a Facebook URL, which is why it’s great to have it already on paper for them. You can even format the links in the form of QR codes so they can scan it with their mobile device.

There are endless ways to get the word out there about your Facebook Page. With all the work you put into it and all of the value you provide, you owe it to the world to let people know about your Page. Take every opportunity to promote your Facebook Page, and your audience will continue to grow over time.

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How to Remove Facebook Pages in FPTraffic

Do you get overwhelmed when you log into your FPTraffic account?

It might be time to de-clutter. You can easily remove any Facebook Pages from your FPTraffic account so that only the Pages you’re actively managing appear in your dashboard.

Make space in your account for the important Pages by removing any Pages you aren’t an admin of. Then, each time you log into FPTraffic you’ll be greeted with a neat, organized display of your active, successful Facebook Pages.

Remove Facebook Pages from Your FPTraffic Account

It’s a good idea to remove any Facebook Pages from your FPTraffic dashboard that you aren’t actively working on. They will still be associated with your account and you can choose to bring them back at any time. For you type A’s out there, it doesn’t hurt to keep your dashboard neat and organized by removing those Pages.

Or you might choose to remove a Page because you’re no longer an admin of it. When you’re removed as an admin, the Page still shows up in your FPTraffic account although you cannot add any content to it.

Removing a Facebook Page from your FPTraffic account is simple. Log into your FPTraffic account. On the Page you’d like to remove, click the red X. FPTraffic asks if you’re sure you want to remove the Page. Click Ok.
How to Remove Facebook Pages in FPTrafficYour dashboard will refresh and the Page will no longer be there. But don’t worry! The Page isn’t permanently gone.

Manage Removed Pages

You can always choose to add your removed Pages back into your FPTraffic account and continue managing them.

From your dashboard, click the Pages dropdown in the top menu. Then click Removed.

Manage removed Pages

All of your removed Pages will be displayed here. Simply click Add in the right-hand column on any of the Pages to add that Facebook Page back to your FPTraffic account.

add removed pages

How to Delete a Page from Facebook

Removing Pages from your FPTraffic dashboard does not delete them from Facebook, only from showing up in your FPTraffic account.

To delete a Page from Facebook altogether, you must be an admin of the Page. At the top of your Page, click Settings. From the General tab, scroll down and click Remove Page. Then click Permanently delete [Page name]. Facebook prompts you again to make sure you’re serious about this, click Ok.

When you delete a Page in Facebook, it is permanently deleted and you will not be able to get it back.

Removing Pages from your FPTraffic account can help you to better manage the Pages you are actively managing. Cleaning up your social media can help you stay organized and feel less scattered while you’re working on your Pages. There’s always a lot going on with Facebook – do what you can to minimize the unnecessary distractions and keep your focus on the right Pages.

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Monetize Your Fans with Blogs

Do you want to make money from your Facebook Page? One of the best ways to monetize your Facebook fans is to create a blog.

A blog basically serves as a channel that funnels traffic from your Facebook Pages to a website. After building up traffic for your Facebook Page with ads and valuable content, posting content from your blog will drive those fans to your website. Adding monetization to that website will generate revenue.

Setting up a blog can be as simple as creating a Facebook Page. Keep reading to learn how to create and monetize a blog for your Facebook Page.

How to Create a Blog for Your Facebook Page

First, you’ll need a domain name for your blog. You’ll want to keep it similar to the name of your Facebook Page or as close to it as possible. You can get a domain name for cheap with GoDaddy.com or Name.com.

Then you’ll need to set up hosting. Host providers provide space on their server for your blog to live. We recommend DigitalOcean.

Finally, you need a platform to build content on. WordPress is a free content management system where you can create posts to share on your Pages. It’s easy to use and has plenty of great plugins and themes to choose from. You can install WordPress on your DigitalOcean hosting with a click of your mouse.

Since the majority of people use their phones to consume social media, you want to find a WordPress theme that is mobile-optimized. This ensures that your blog looks good and is easy to read on a cell phone.

Create Valuable Content

Much like your Facebook Page, your blog needs to be packed with valuable content your fans will resonate with. Content is what draws visitors in and keeps them engaged. Keep in mind that social media users are looking for entertaining content that they can digest quickly. Images, video and scannable content like list posts work great.

Create shareable content with attention-grabbing headlines and images. The headlines and images are what will draw people in from Facebook; valuable content will keep them on your blog. Lists are great to capture fans’ attention and keep them engaged. Check out the itsalways.com blog for an example of an engaging list post.

its always sunny blog

Experiment with creating your own content – this tool will help you generate ideas for what is most shared in your niche. If your Page has been up for a while, you can use curated content from posts that are going viral on Facebook.

How to Monetize Your Blog

Once you have enough traffic from Facebook funneling to your blog, you can monetize your website to start earning income from those visitors. There are a few ways to do this:

Pay Per Click (PPC)

You can set up an account with a service like Google AdSense to post ads on your blog. Payment is based on how many clicks you get to your ads.

Affiliate Links

Sign up for an affiliate program –  like Amazon Associates – to advertise products for another company. You’ll add an affiliate link to your content which contains a tracking ID so you get paid for traffic you send to the advertiser’s website.

You can also use affiliate networks like PeerFly and ShareASale to find products in your niche to promote on your Facebook Page and blog.

Use the FPTraffic WordPress Tool

Once you start posting valuable content on your blog, connect your RSS feed with the FPTraffic WordPress tool to automatically post to your Facebook Fan Page.

We recommend posting your blog content to your Facebook Page only once per day in addition to the other content you have scheduled with FPTraffic. You don’t want to spam your audience with monetized links. The goal is to keep them engaged.

WordPress Posts feature

Creating a blog is a great way to generate revenue from your Facebook Page. Add valuable, shareable content that will grab readers attention, and sign up for an affiliate program to earn some income. Combine these tactics with a niche you’re passionate about and you’re sure to like the results.

[ecko_contrast]Do you want to easily funnel traffic from your Facebook Page to your monetized blog? Use the FPTraffic tool to automatically schedule your blog posts to your Page!

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Do you have a blog for your Facebook Page? What kind of results are you seeing from Facebook traffic? Let us know by leaving a comment!

Facebook Analytics for Pages

To have success with any type of Facebook Page, you have to measure your progress. We use Facebook Analytics and Insights to see not only how well our content is performing with our fans, but to understand our fans’ experiences with our Page.

Now you can even see how effective your Page is in driving fans to viewing a product on your website with Facebook Analytics new omni-channel analytics. The tool recently added more features to help you understand and optimize your fans’ journey from your Page to your website, app, bots and more.

Keep reading to learn how you can use Facebook Analytics new features effectively for your Facebook Page.

Get Valuable Insights From Your Data

Facebook Analytics has always given Page owners great insights to their fans, and now they’re offering even more support. This spring, Facebook announced that they’re leveraging artificial intelligence to automatically surface insights, offering more customization for their tool. They launched new capabilities that makes understanding your audience easy and accessible.

Here are the latest enhancements to Facebook Analytics:

Custom dashboards

You now have the ability to create custom dashboards and add the charts you care about the most to it. This allows you to see all the information you need in one place.

custom dashboards icon

To create a custom dashboard, complete the following steps:

  1. In Facebook Analytics, click Dashboards in the left menu.
  2. Select Create Dashboard.
  3. Enter a dashboard name. You can chance the settings so others can view this dashboard by clicking next to Dashboard Visibility.
  4. To add a chart, go to the Activity section and find a chart to add to your dashboard.
  5. Click the thumbtack icon.
  6. Select Add to an Existing Dashboard or Add to New Dashboard.
  7. Enter a name for your chart.
  8. Click Add to Dashboard.

Omni-channel analytics

Facebook is extending analytics for all their apps and services so Page owners can measure the interactions fans have with their Page in correlation to their other activity on your website, app or bot.

Facebook icon

For example, you can see if someone who commented on an item featured on your Page goes on to view an item on your website or purchase it using your app. This allows you to fully understand and optimize the viewer’s journey from your Facebook Page to your website.

You can add your website, app, bot and more to an Event Source Group in Analytics to get richer insights and a complete view of your entire brand.

Automated insights

Facebook is using advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence to deliver valuable insights directly to Page owners. You’ll be able to find insights in your data automatically. Facebook Analytics aims to deliver insights, such as variations in engagement across people in different cities or changes in purchases, in an automated way to help you identify certain trends.

Facebook Analytics new feature icon

Try using these new Facebook Analytics features to understand and optimize your audience as well as to save yourself time.

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Do you use Facebook Analytics? What do you like the most about it? Let us know by leaving a comment!

Take Advantage of the FPTraffic Exclusive Guides

When you pay for a subscription, you want to know how to use the product you’re buying to get the most bang for your buck.

Getting started with a Facebook scheduling tool can be overwhelming. While the concept of Facebook marketing may seem fairly simple, there’s a lot more to it than posting content and getting fans. We want to help you use the FPTraffic scheduling tool effectively so you reach the goals you’ve set for your Facebook Page. That means managing effective ad campaigns, offering giveaways and monetizing your Page for passive income.

Instead of going it alone, take advantage of the exclusive guides and resources you get with your FPTraffic membership.

Getting Started with FPTraffic

When you sign up for an FPTraffic membership, we don’t just throw you to the wolves. We’re here to help you succeed! We’re stocked full with guides on the best ways to build, grow and monetize your Facebook Page.

Once in your dashboard, click Guides in the top menu.

fptraffic guides

If you’re new to FPTraffic, click the Getting Started button. This page will help you get your feet off the ground with steps for creating your Facebook Page, setting a post schedule in FPTraffic and finding and uploading content to your Page.

Create Your Page

You’ll also want to click the button to Join the Facebook Group. We have over 3,000 members in our Facebook Group who are also working hard to build, grow and monetize all sorts of Facebook Pages just like you. If you have questions about the system or are looking to bounce ideas off like-minded people, take advantage of the access to this community.

We’re all here to help each other, so don’t be afraid to post your questions. Use the search box to look for any topics you have questions about, too.

Exclusive Guides

New Facebook opportunities and features arise constantly, and the FPTraffic guides cover all the latest methods for advertising and monetizing your Facebook Page. With over a dozen guides and case studies at your fingertips, your Page can grow exponentially from the things you learn here.

FPTraffic guides

Learn how to create giveaways for Page engagement, monetize your Page with Amazon and manage multiple Pages within your account. The various case studies will show you different ways to build traffic and earn income from affiliate marketing. From optimizing Facebook ads to nagivating the features in FPTraffic, the exclusive guides offer step-by-step instructions to help you achieve success with your Pages.

There are several ways to enhance your Facebook Page, but all the information out there can be overwhelming. Now you can manage all of your Pages and gain the answers to your questions all from your FPTraffic account. Remember to join the FPTraffic Facebook Group for extra support and to meet like-minded people who have all been where you are.

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Which of the exclusive guides have helped you the most? Let us know by leaving a comment!

How to be an Efficient Facebook Page Manager

Taking time to post valuable content, connect with your fans and evaluate what’s working pays off in your Page’s success. Whether you run one Facebook Page or dozens, it’s important to have a system in place that allows you to be an efficient Facebook Page manager.

Many people create several fan Pages to test different niches and different forms of monetization. You might think the more Pages you manage, the harder it is to keep up with them. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

Both FPTraffic and Facebook offer tools to help you manage several Facebook Pages efficiently. Keep reading to learn how to create a system and routine that helps you best manage your Facebook Pages.

Schedule Links on FPTraffic

Tips and Tools to Become an Efficient Facebook Page Manager

If you’re overwhelmed by your Facebook Pages, try implementing the following tips and tools to create a simple management routine:

Schedule your time

Part of the overwhelm comes in thinking you don’t have the time to take care of all of your Facebook Pages. It’s so easy to tell yourself you’ll update your content queue later in the day but continue to put it off when something more urgent comes up. Physically writing down the time you plan to spend on your Facebook Page holds you more accountable to actually doing it.


Schedule your Facebook Page management time as it best works for you. You may choose to do it all at once, spending one day a week updating your content, analyzing insights and creating ads. Maybe it works better for you to split up your tasks, scheduling content on Monday, creating ads Wednesday, and viewing insights on Friday.

You can choose to set scheduled times for checking post results throughout the day as well. It’s far too addicting and time consuming to check the results of your posts every 5 minutes. Instead, make checkpoints at certain times of the day when you check in and interact with the comments on your Page.

The possibilities are endless, but the main point is to commit to working on the same things at the same time each day and each week. That way, the manual work of Facebook Page management becomes a habit.

Automate a posting schedule

Use FPTraffic to create a posting schedule. Your content automatically posts to your Page without you having to constantly update it throughout the day. FPTraffic allows you to schedule content for an unlimited number of Facebook Pages.

Choose engaging images and videos from any of our 8 content sources to add to your content queue. Have your own images you’d like to use? Use our bulk import tool to upload up to 500 images at a time and schedule them to your Page.

Consistent content helps your Page grow. When you have several Pages, you want to make the process of finding and posting content as simple as possible. FPTraffic lays out all of your Pages neatly on your dashboard so you can work on them in an organized way.

Respond to comments and messages

Interact with your Page fans to give them a positive experience. Respond quickly to comments and messages when you can. If you run a business Page, provide the best customer service possible through your Facebook communication.

Facebook notifications make it easy to know when you receive comments or messages. The Facebook Page Manager app is a valuable tool for efficiently managing Pages while you’re on the go. The app opens your Pages rather than your whole Facebook News Feed, allowing you to work efficiently in your Pages.

The Facebook Page Manager app allows you to stay on top of notifications and other management tasks while you’re away from your desktop. Create posts and view your insights to keep creating more effective content that will grab your fans’ interests. You can also manage your ads with the Facebook Ads Manager app.

Again, to be efficient, it’s best to schedule this time into your day. Avoid getting sucked into other tempting matters of Facebook by sticking to a check-in schedule.

Facebook Messenger

The Facebook Messenger app makes it easy to connect with your fans on a personal level. When you message with fans, you can check past interactions the person has had with your Page. You can also view their profile and gain insight into their demographics, which can help you personalize the conversation.

Now you can even create ads that direct users to start a Facebook message with your Page, making the opportunity to connect and deliver great service even greater. With more messages coming in, however, it may take even more effort in management on your part. Again, it circles back to scheduling and using the Facebook Page Manager app to be efficient in your Page management.

Facebook Page Management doesn’t have to be complicated and exhausting. Schedule your time and create a routine that works for you. Automate your posting schedule and take advantage of the Facebook mobile apps. Before you know it, Facebook Page management will be a breeze.

[ecko_contrast]Find great content, automate your posts, and manage Pages efficiently with FPTraffic!

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What are some tools or habits you use to manage your Facebook Page? Let us know by leaving a comment!

Marketing with Facebook Stories

Facebook is always releasing new features to keep its 1.86 billion users on the platform, making it a great place for online marketing. One of their latest releases – Facebook Stories – allows users to share pieces of their lives with their friends through photos and videos with the ability to add cartoon and text overlays.

But it’s not just fun for sharing among friends – the Stories feature is another powerful tool for businesses and marketers to connect with prospects on Facebook.

How can you use Facebook Stories to market your business or brand? Keep reading to learn how to create Facebook Stories and use them effectively to connect with your audience.

What You Need to Know About Facebook Stories for Business

Similar to Snapchat, Facebook Stories are short-form video and image collections that can be viewed twice by users and disappear after 24 hours.

Facebook users can create and share Stories within the mobile app. While stories aren’t yet available for business pages, you can still use them as an effective marketing tool through your personal Facebook account.

To take advantage of Facebook Stories as a marketing technique, you may want to add people to your friends list who you’d like to attract to your business. Add people from Facebook business groups that you participate in to your own friends list. Are there people who like your business’s Page that you can add to your friends list as well? Aim to grow your own friends list with business prospects.

Facebook currently limits your friends list to 5,000, so your marketing audience will likely be much smaller than if you were working from your business’s Facebook Page. Facebook Stories still has its place with a smaller audience, however.

You might use stories to plant seeds about your business to a smaller community who can then refer you elsewhere. Maybe you use them to build relationships with experts in your niche by responding and interacting with their stories. Another benefit of sharing stories is to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

Ready to create a Facebook Story? Here’s how.

How to Create a Facebook Story

Facebook Stories works similar to Instagram Stories and Snapchat. Content shared to stories appears at the top of your news feed. From the mobile app, you’ll see a circle at the top of your news feed that says “Your Story” with a + icon. You’ll also see any friends’ stories in circles next to yours. Tap your friends’ circles to view their stories. While viewing a friend’s story, you can reply with a direct message.

To create your own Facebook Story, complete the following steps:

  1. Tap the Your Story circle to access the Facebook Camera.
    your story
  2. Take your own picture or video by tapping on the button in the center of the screen – for video, holding down. You can choose to embellish your content with lenses and filters on the screen. Or choose to select an image or video that is stored on your phone by clicking the picture icon at the bottom of your screen.
  3. Enhance the photo as you wish by adding filters, masks, text or doodles.
    text over tartlets
  4. When you’re ready to share your story, tap the arrow icon in the center of the screen. You can choose to post it to your mobile timeline, to Your Story, or directly to certain friends. After you’ve added an element to your story, you can go on and add as many story elements as you like.
    share photo

After you’ve shared your story, it will display for 24 hours and then disappear.

How to Use Facebook Stories for Effective Marketing

Marketers and bloggers can use Facebook Stories in a number of ways to promote their business. Here are a few ways to make Facebook Stories an effective marketing strategy:

Demonstrate how to do something

Use Facebook Stories to share tips and tutorials on how to do something in your business or using one of your products. Use the text overlay with a series of images or post a video tutorial. How-to posts are incredibly valuable and can position you as an expert in your niche.

A day in the life

Share the behind-the-scenes of either your job or your life on a personal basis. Share a personal sneak peek into your day to make your audience feel special. Sharing these types of things may raise more interest in your business.

Share an offer or promotion

Make exclusive offers only for those who see your Facebook Story. Encourage your friends to check out your Facebook Stories to get those specials.

Give a blog post teaser

Share photos from a blog post in your story with a clear call to action directing your audience to the main content.

Just like regular Facebook posts, you can see who viewed your Facebook Stories. Those insights can help you in prospecting and making further connections.

This fun new feature is a great way to get more personal in your online marketing. It certainly has potential and it’s fun for users – why not give it a try?

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Facebook Looks Forward to Augmented Reality with the Camera Effects Platform

Facebook has been releasing Stories and Camera features for quite some time, following in SnapChat’s tracks, but at the recent F8 developer conference, Mark Zuckerburg revealed that these features were all laying the groundwork for a new launch – the Camera Effects platform.

The Camera Effects platform is an open augmented reality platform that allows outside developers to create frames, masking animations and advanced scripted effects for images. Facebook is launching it with just six developer partners, which will build augmented reality features and lenses for the Facebook in-app camera. Other developers can apply to join the program as well.

Outside developers will deliver those tools that Facebook doesn’t yet have for augmented reality. Users will have the ability to choose from thousands of effects to use in their images and when using Facebook Live. These include filters that not only apply effects to your face, but can interact with your environment using 3D mapping, depth detection and object recognition.

Using object recognition, Facebook’s camera will suggest effects based on the object. For example, a picture of a coffee cup will suggest the ability to add steam.

people with smartphone

Camera Effects: A Platform for Communication

Facebook seems to have a big vision to enhance the way we interact with the world around us. Zuckerburg sees the Camera feature as a future platform for communication. While many of these effects – like mustaches and beards on your friends’ faces – are for fun, he hopes for more of them to actually be useful. He foresees users augmenting objects in the physical world with extra information, such as putting directions over a street or a restaurant’s reviews on their storefront.

The Camera Effects platform is designed to eventually be compatible with future augmented reality hardware, like eyeglasses. Since AR eyeglasses likely won’t be affordable for years to come, Zuckerburg believes that the camera is the avenue to take augmented reality mainstream. Building an open platform for developers to create a wide variety of effects is his strategy to push augmented reality forward.

Developers can apply for access to the closed beta form of the Camera Effects platform’s AR Studio tool, and anyone can use the Frame Studio to upload simple overlaid image filters that will appear in Facebook Camera to their friends or fans. No coding knowledge is needed to us the Frame Studio – simply upload an image and your name will appear on the Frame’s preview and News Feed posts.

camera effects

While Facebook may be behind in releasing augmented reality features, they are pushing forward to the top with the open developer platform.


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