Boosting for Engagement and Fans – A Fan Page Case Study

About a month ago, I published a case study explaining how I had grown my brand new Rick and Morty Fan Page from 0 to 10,000 Likes in a month.

Since publishing that case study, my Page now has over 30,000 Likes and has had multiple posts reach over 1,000,000 people.

Below, I am going to outline my strategy of boosting Facebook Page posts to increase engagement and get new fans. If you implement this strategy with your Facebook Pages, you will see better reach on your posts from the increased engagement from your fans and you’ll also be able to grow your Pages quickly by generating a ton of new targeted Likes.

Facebook Page Post Boost Strategy

Boosting your Facebook Page posts costs money so you want to be smart about what posts you boost. With my Fan Pages, I boost posts with proven content that has received good organic reach.

If the fans that have seen your content are engaging with it, it’s likely that the ones that have not seen it yet will too.

Rick and Morty Proven Content for Boosting

With the post shown above, it had pretty good organic reach before I boosted it. It had just under a million reach and had gotten quite a bit of engagement.

When I boost a post, I will usually boost to one of two audiences:

  1. People who like your Page and their friends.
  2. The interest I used to grow the Page with Ads for Likes.

If the post has had tremendous reach like the one above (100%+ of my Page audience) then I will boost it targeting the interest I used to grow the Page. In this case, Rick and Morty.

However, if the post had only reached 50% or so of my Page audience, I would boost it to what I call Fans + Friends (People who like your Page and their friends).

Boosting to Fans + Friends

I really like the Fans + Friends option for boosting my posts because I have gotten really cheap engagement and Likes from it for awhile now.

Rick and Morty is a great example. Most of the people who enjoy watching Rick and Morty will have friends who do too. Facebook is good at finding those friends and showing them my post. You can get Likes for a penny each or less when boosting a good post to Fans + Friends and you get the added benefit of getting your Fans engaged with your content.

Some of your Fans did not see your post. That is why you are boosting it. If they see it and engage with it from your boost, they are more likely to see your next good post organically in their News Feed.

Boosting to Interests

With posts that have already started to go viral, I boost them to my main interest audience because it’s more broad. However, because the interest is targeted at your Page, you are likely to still get a low cost per engagement and cost per new Like.

So, how did my boosted post do?

Boosted Posts Low Cost Per Engagement and Like Results

I only spent $12.62 on the boost and I got:

  • 127,614 people reached
  • 27,966 post engagements ($0.0005 per engagement)
  • 1,612 Page Likes ($0.01 per Like)

Because my ad was so targeted, I only had to pay a $0.08 CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions). These are awesome results! The only reason I ended up stopping the ad is because I had another one outperforming it.

Boosting Tips Summary

In summary, when boosting a post, keep these things in mind:

  1. Boost a proven piece of content that has already had good engagement.
  2. If the post has reached 50% or so of your Page audience, boost it to Fans + Friends.
  3. If the post has reached 90%+ of your Page audience, boost it to people with your main interest targeted.
  4. You can keep your budget low for boosting posts. I like to set a 7 day duration and only spend $21-35 ($3-5/day).
  5. Keep an eye on your Cost Per Engagement and Cost Per Like after you have boosted your post. Give Facebook a day or two to optimize it.
  6. Add Budget to your boosted post at the end of your campaign duration to keep it going if you’re happy with the results!

The great thing about boosting your post is that you should see an increase in engagement on future posts from people who engaged with your boosted post and you will get new Likes on your Page at the same time.

If you have any questions about boosting your Facebook Page Posts, email us or comment below and we’ll be happy to help!

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