7 Tips for Your Facebook Business Page Cover Photo

Last week we shared our complete guide to making an effective Facebook Page cover photo. If you missed it, be sure to check it out. Today, we’ve got tips for those of you who operate a Facebook business Page on making the most of that cover photo space.

The cover photo slot has plenty more possibilities than simply slapping up a nice image. You can use this space as an opportunity to close more customers, engage prospects and inspire your audience. Here are some creative ways to attract fans with your Facebook business Page cover photo.

Business Page Cover Photo Ideas

While our examples shown here come from business Pages, those of you with fan Pages may be able to use some of these tips as well.

1. Showcase products

Use the cover photo to show off your company’s products and inspire a purchase among your viewers. Switch it up regularly to show new products or promotions, items on special and customer favorites.

In some cases, the products will speak for themselves. Especially if you run a food-based business, your product pictures can appeal to the senses and entice customers to dive in for more.

Dunkin Donuts Facebook business page cover photo

2. Emphasize your mission statement or tagline

Use this space to acquaint your prospects and customers with your company’s values, mission or tagline. This tip helps increase brand awareness and gives people something to connect with your company on. Share a tagline for a campaign you’re running to get fans on board.

Uno pizza Facebook business page cover photo

3. Add personality

Facebook is supposed to be fun and casual – use this outlet to let your company’s hair down. Show off the human side to your business in your cover photo. Whether it’s quirky personalities or actual pictures of your employees, have fun with your business Page cover photo.

4. Inspire fans

Show the creative ways people are using your products, use a picture that resembles your company’s positive values, or share a photo of the charitable things your business is doing. Use a text overlay to encourage your customers to get in on your mission, or let the photo tell your positive message.

fit bottomed girls facebook page cover photo

5. Promote a hashtag

A hashtag gets customers interested and engaged with your company. These little sayings and mottos help increase brand awareness and make fans of your Page want to get in on the trend.

shape business facebook page cover photo

6. Celebrate milestones

Use your cover photo space to celebrate your company’s big anniversaries, memories and milestones. You can also feature and celebrate customers in your cover photo.

7. Promote a giveaway

Get people excited with your cover photo by sharing a giveaway. They’ll immediately want to get in touch or look through your Page to find out more.

facebook business page cover photo giveaway

Facebook is a place to have fun and be social. Your Facebook business Page cover photo is a great outlet to share more of your company’s awesome values, promote your products and entice your fans with giveaways. Use the tips listed here and our cover photo guide to create the perfect cover photo for your business Facebook Page.

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Which of these tips do you want to implement in your business’s Facebook Page cover photo? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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