7 Habits of Successful Facebook Marketers

If you’re not careful, Facebook can be quite a time suck. You might set out to spend a few hours sourcing content and wind up lost in the News Feed, ultimately getting nowhere. Whether you’re looking to make money with a Facebook fan Page or to market your brand, the many ways of the platform can be overwhelming.

Establishing a few habits is key to becoming a successful Facebook marketer. Setting an intention, making a plan and sticking to the process will help you stay the course and hit your Facebook Page goals.

Does overwhelm keep you from hitting your Facebook marketing goals? Here are 7 habits of successful Facebook marketers to approach your Page confidently.

Here are 7 habits to work on to become a successful Facebook Page marketer:

1. Aim to serve

The best Facebook marketers solve problems for their fans. They provide content that educates, informs, entertains speaks to their fans’ pain points. They are constantly providing value on their Facebook Page.

While you want to convert customers and make sales, the best way to do that on social media is to build relationships and establish trust. Make it a habit to get to know your audience on a daily basis. Ask your fans questions and let their answers help you plan valuable content.

2. Interact with Pages and fans daily

Spend 15 minutes each day connecting with your fans and other Pages in your niche. This is how you build relationships and bring traffic back to your Page. The more you’re out interacting with people in your niche, the more they come to trust you as a source.

Take time to comment on your fans’ posts or Pages. Comment on other Pages you follow. Your comments should be brief but valuable.

Share the cool things other Pages and fans are posting as well. You can’t expect people to share all of your content while you sit back and watch. Do the same for others.

3. Track your progress

Plan a weekly time block to view your Facebook Insights. Make a separate Google Sheet to track how well you’re progressing toward your Facebook Page goals. Whether you’re looking to hit a certain number of Page Likes or increase your engagement rate, tracking your metrics in a separate sheet will help you see your overall progress.

In addition to your stats, track what you’re doing on your Facebook Page that week. If you’re trying any new content types or marketing tactics, make a note of it. Be ready to adjust your efforts to meet your goals.

4. Plan your content

Create a content calendar to prepare for special holidays, events in your niche and upcoming launches or promotions. Knowing what you have coming up can help you plan content that gets your fans engaged.

Look at your content calendar frequently, jotting down ideas as they come to you. Successful Facebook marketers are always aware of what’s coming up so they can continue to brainstorm in the meantime.

5. Structure your Facebook time

To avoid overwhelm, separate your tasks into time batches. Prioritize money-making activities, like creating content you plan to monetize or searching for affiliate products to sell. Spend some time on those activities first thing every day. While you might not be posting promotional content on a daily basis, it’s important to still spend time on those income-producing activities.

Schedule time blocks for commenting and interacting with fans, planning content and writing post descriptions. Set an intention as you begin each time block so you know where your focus should be.

6. Leverage advertising

Every few days, check your Insights to see which posts are performing the best. Consider boosting those posts with paid advertising to get them even more exposure. This will get your best content in front of more people who are interested in your niche but haven’t come across your Page yet.

7. Keep learning

Successful Facebook marketers are always learning – learning about their audience, their niche and their marketing platform. Make a habit of studying Facebook trends, reading marketing blogs or listening to social media marketing podcasts. Read articles and blogs in your niche and check out the comments people are leaving – that will help you understand what your target audience is looking for.

Your Turn

Facebook doesn’t have to be a distraction. Work to develop these habits so that you can approach your Facebook marketing with confidence. A strong plan with specific habits is all you need to beat the overwhelm.

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Which habit do you need to work on the most? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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