5 Tips to Stand Out in a Broad Niche

With over 60 million Facebook Pages crowding the platform, it’s nearly impossible to find a niche that hasn’t been covered. No matter how specific you go, the truth is that there are already tons of Facebook Pages, blogs and other types of content that focus on your topic. The broader your niche, the harder it is to grab users’ attention.

Does that mean you should give up your idea for a Facebook Page altogether?

Absolutely not! A broad niche is saturated for a reason – it’s a hot topic! People care about the subject. When a market is saturated, that means there is room for opportunity. Give people another option to consume content in that popular niche with your Facebook Page.

How do you make people see your Page as a viable option? Here are a few tips to stand out in a broad niche.

1. Get Specific with Facebook Ads

Your Facebook Page may be part of a broad niche, but you don’t need to go broad with advertising. Break your niche down into specific elements, then target specific groups within your audience based on those elements.

This means you can create two different ads that both promote the same Page and deliver them to two completely unique audiences. For example, a Facebook Page in the health and wellness niche might advertise “Hit Like for healthy recipes your kids will love” to a mom-based audience, and make a separate ad along the lines of “Hit Like for workout optimization tips” for an audience of male gym buffs. As long as your Page includes relevant content, you can get creative with how you promote it.

Ads perform best when they’re targeted to at least a few thousand people.
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2. Understand Your Audience

Interact with the fans who already engage with your content. Each one of them has a reason they resonate with your Page, a motive for why they come back to it so often. Get a more intimate understanding of their motivations to provide unique content.

Reach out to a fan who comments on or shares your posts regularly. Send them a private message asking what it is specifically that they get out of following your Page. Learning these individual situations will help you post content that specifically caters to people’s genuine needs, making you stand out among the other Pages in your niche.

3. Solve Problems

As you listen to your audience, aim to solve their problems with your content. Whether you want to elicit an emotion or educate users on a topic, aim to provide value in everything you post. Plenty of Pages get this wrong by only sharing promotions or monetized posts. Stand out by giving away value.

4. Be Authentic

In a broad niche, there are several people out there who have already covered every subtopic you can dream of. What makes you stand out is your own voice, your own unique insights and experiences that can’t be matched anywhere else.

Show personality on your Page. Embrace what makes you different from the others and let that come through in your content and in the way you interact with your fans. Your fans should be able to pick out your content in their news feeds by your distinct voice.

5. Stay Committed

Be consistent and active on your Facebook Page. Create a schedule for posting content every day, and keep up on the trends and news in your niche. Things are constantly changing, and the leaders who keep up on the hot topics are the ones who get the fans. Provide your own authentic spin on the trending topics in your niche, and ask your fans to provide their opinions too.

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Don’t be discouraged or intimidated by the popular Pages that exist in your niche. Instead, learn to compete with them. Make your Page stand out by creating targeted ads for various audiences, understanding your audience and showing up consistently on your Page. Your fans will appreciate your authentic voice and value you provide in each post.

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