5 Tips for Getting More Facebook Shares

When you create an entertaining, informative or hilarious Facebook post, one of the best rewards you can get is to see your fans sharing your content. We all want to see more engagement on our Facebook Pages, and shares are often times even more coveted than Likes and comments.

But they’re hard to get.

That’s why if your fans are sharing your content, you know you’re doing something right. In this post, we’ll give you some practical ways to increase your shareability and create content that fans can help but share with their friends.

Why Shoot for Shares?

Shares are awesome for any type of Facebook Page. They show just how well your content resonates with your audience. As a business Page, shares can lead to brand awareness, brand loyalty, and overall reach. For fan Pages, shares can bring even more fans to your Page.

A high number of post shares is more indicative of your knowledge of your fans than Likes and comments because shares take more effort on the user’s behalf. Shares take more clicks than a Like, and users have to put thought into their own post description than they would in writing a comment on someone else’s Page. The user is making a statement to their own Facebook friends by sharing your content on their timeline.

The News Feed also favors shares because Facebook’s algorithms identify your post as interesting and relevant. As a result, your post and Page will show up in the News Feed more often and will be seen by more users.

How to Increase Your Shares

Here are a few tips to help you generate more shares:

1. Understand your audience.

Having an understanding of your audience is key to maintaining Facebook fans, but to get them to share your content, you have to really know how to resonate with them. They need to feel connected with your content to share it with their own friends.

Take a look at your Facebook Insights. Create content that specifically targets the demographics of your audience. Don’t try to reach everyone – sometimes it helps to act like you’re speaking to one specific person.

Facebook Page Post Insights

Analyze which types of posts get the most interaction. Do your fans like videos, funny memes, or lengthier status updates? Deliver your best content in the most popular format to give your audience more of what they want.

2. Add value.

Use Facebook Insights again to determine what type of value your fans enjoy most. Do they like more detailed “how-to” posts or quick step-by-step videos? Do they like funny memes or gifs better?

Identify the tone of that content – is it funny, educational, or meaningful? Understand what type of value your fans enjoy getting from you and hone in on that. Write more post descriptions with the social voice they’re resonating with.

3. Create conversations.

A common mistake with Facebook Pages is that people go through the trouble to schedule and post great content but don’t follow through in making conversations. You have to give engagement to get it back on your Page.

Rather than slapping up a funny image or link to an article, ask questions in your post descriptions that encourage discussion. Not only does this get people talking, but it makes them curious to know what their friends’ answers would be. Thus, they can’t help but share your content.

4. Share your content on your own timeline.

If you’re not sharing your content, why should anyone else? Doing so can be just the encouragement needed to get the sharing party started. Share your Page’s content and encourage others to do the same.

5. Find Pages in your niche.

Cross-promote your content on other Pages you own, and make relationships with other Pages in your niche. When another Page shares your content, you get the benefit of a whole new audience seeing your content. Plus, if someone they follow is sharing your content they may be influenced to do the same.

cross-promoting Facebook pages

Getting more shares on your Facebook Page posts will lead to more traffic, engagement, and opportunities for monetization. Remember to understand your audience and always aim to provide value. With these tips, fans will love sharing your content.

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What type of content do you see that gets your Page the most shares? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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