5 Key Elements of the Perfect Facebook Page

What does the perfect Facebook Page look like? How can you ensure success with your new Page?

Depending on your niche and audience, Facebook Pages will have some differences in how they attract engagement. What works well for a television show fan Page might not work the same for a business Page trying to raise brand awareness. No matter the type of Page you run, there are a few basics that everyone needs to have for a successful Facebook Page.

All Page owners are given the same tools and template to operate from. It’s important to know how to optimize your Page, and it can be all too easy to overlook some simple steps. In this post, we’ll give you 5 basic elements of the perfect Facebook Page.

Create the Perfect Facebook Page with These 5 Tips

If your Facebook Page is stagnant, go back to the basics and make sure it has these 5 qualities:

1. A recognizable profile picture and quality cover photo

Users should be able to instantly associate your profile picture with the topic of your Page. Include a recognizable face of a character or celebrity for your fan Page, or use your company logo for your business Page.

profile picture

Cover photos take up a good portion of the Page, and they’re the first thing a user sees when they arrive at your Page. Facebook’s Help page currently recommends to size your photo at 828 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall for desktop view and 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall for mobile view. Test your cover photo on desktop and mobile browsers to make sure the main features are visible on both.

Use the FPTraffic Image Editor tool size your images without losing quality. You can also add text or a logo to create a customized image for your fans.

2. Create a custom URL

Your Facebook Page should be easy for people to find. When you get 25 likes to your Page, you have the ability to create a username and custom URL. Your URL should match your Facebook Page title so users can easily find you. Every title or URL should be as consistent as possible.

Check out this post for more guidance on creating a custom URL.

3. Add a call-to-action button

The Facebook Page template makes it easy for you to funnel traffic through to a website, shop or blog. You can easily drive your fans to do what you want them to do by adding a call-to-action (CTA) button on your Facebook Page. The button overlays the cover photo, standing out to fans when they arrive on your Page.

button options for facebook page

Check out this post to learn how to add a CTA button to your Page.

4. Complete your About section

People often neglect to fill this section out, but no matter what type of Page you run, this section has potential to inform fans about your products or services or drive them to another website.

The About link is popular, so even adding just a few sentences can keep a new user from turning away from your Page. Optimize this section by adding a link to your website or hint to your best-selling products.

5. Pin an important post to the top

For new fans especially, it’s helpful for them to see a pinned post at the top of your Page that gives better insight to the value of your Page. Maybe it’s a welcome message, information about a new product or maybe even your most popular post – make sure the post is something that you’d like to get the most visibility on.

Best Practices for a Successful Facebook Page

The 5 tips listed above are basic changes you can easily make to optimize your Facebook Page, but it’s the ongoing practices that you implement that will ultimately keep fans coming back and interacting on your Page. If the basics are covered, make sure you’re doing the following:

  • Posting on a frequent, consistent basis
  • Providing value in every post, whether by educating, informing or entertaining
  • Analyzing your post results and seeing what type of content your fans like most
  • Creating ads for your target audience
  • Connecting with other Pages, Groups and brands on Facebook to expand your reach

These best practices, when paired with the 5 key elements above provide the best strategy to creating the perfect Facebook Page. Any time you’re stumped or feel that your Page is stagnant, go back over these. Maybe it’s time to update your cover photo or About section, or analyze your Insights. Keep experimenting and giving your fans more of what they want.

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