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All Rick and Morty Case Study – 10,000 Page Likes in 1 Month


My name is Luke and I am the creator of FPTraffic. I’m one of those practice what you preach type of people so I decided to create a new Facebook Page last month to use as a case study on how you can launch a brand new Page and get it to 10,000+ Likes in a month.

First, let’s look at the Page I created.

All Rick and Morty

All Rick and Morty

I decided to create a fan Page for the TV show Rick and Morty because I already have a large audience that I know likes the show on another Facebook Page. It’s a new show, but it already has a great fan base.

I like to do Pages about TV shows because I really enjoy watching TV and I know they have monetization potential. These are two important factors when choosing a niche.

Once I had decided on Rick and Morty, the next thing I did was research a good username that was available on both Facebook and Twitter. I ended up getting @AllRickandMorty.

4 Steps to Start Your New Facebook Page

I created my Facebook Page, setup my Twitter, set my posting schedule, found some content and setup my Facebook Ads for Likes.

  1. Create your Facebook Page – The setup process for creating your Facebook Page is pretty easy and only takes a few minutes. Make sure you find or create a great Profile Picture and Cover Photo.
  2. Setup your Twitter – I signed up for Twitter to claim my Twitter username and connected it to my FPTraffic account. I use the same Username, Profile Picture and Cover Photo on both Twitter and Facebook to help establish my new “brand” and make the connection easy for my new fans.
  3. Set my posting schedule – I started posting 3 times a day (morning, afternoon, and night) and have made adjustments since then to post at my optimal times (more on that below).
  4. Find some content – It’s critical that you have some content for your new audience to engage with and FPTraffic makes it easy to find and schedule that content!

Setup Facebook Ads for Likes

Our strategy for growing Facebook Pages with FPTraffic can be summarized in 3 easy steps:

  1. Grow your Base Audience – These are the people who are going to engage with your content and help grow your Facebook Page organically. You can’t grow organically if you do not have anyone who Likes your Page. We use Facebook Ads to grow our Base Audience (example below).
  2. Post content consistently – Your audience needs content to engage with. FPTraffic makes it easy to find and post that content.
  3. Create value – By posting content consistently to your Base Audience (content they are going to enjoy and engage with) you are creating value for them. This is how you continue to grow your audience and the value of your Page.

To begin the process of growing your Page, you will need to setup Facebook Ads for Likes to grow your Base Audience.

Facebook Like Ad Campaign

To grow my base audience for Rick and Morty, I created a Facebook Ad for Likes targeting people who are interested in Rick and Morty. The interest you choose to target is really important to helping decrease your cost per Like. Rick and Morty is not an overly competitive niche yet, so I was able to get my cost per Like down pretty quickly. You may need to test other interests as well.

Your goal should be to get your cost per Like between $0.01 and $0.05. For most niches, this should be possible. Here are some tips to help.

Tips for Creating Your Page Like Ads

When I create my Facebook Ads for Likes, I keep the advertisement as simple as possible. I’ve included a screenshot of the actual ad I am running right now (and the only one I tested) for growing my Rick and Morty Facebook Page.

There are a few things I do with every single ad:

That is all you need to do to successfully setup your ad for Likes. Once your ad is created and approved, let it run for at least a week and watch your cost per Like each day.

Facebook Ads for Likes Daily Breakdown

As you can see, the cost per Like started at $0.14 per Like on the first day (December 8th) and decreased significantly within the first week of running.

This happens because Facebook is automatically optimizing your ad to only show to people who are going to be interested in it. Every day they’re able to collect more data on who is engaging with your ad (Liking your Page) and then use that data to more accurately target new people the next day.

It didn’t take long before I was only paying $0.01 per Like and that’s still what I’m paying today.

10,000 Page Likes

I set my goal in my mind for each new Facebook Page I create to 10,000 Likes. It’s my goal to get to 10,000 Likes because by 10,000 Likes, you have a fairly large audience who should be engaging with your content and helping grow your Page organically.

All Rick and Morty has passed 10,000 Likes and is getting fantastic engagement. In fact, over the past 7 days, the posts published by FPTraffic to my Page have been seen (reach) on Facebook over 1,000,000 times.

Facebook Page Engagement

What’s Next?

My Page has reached 10,000 Likes and has great engagement. Fantastic! What’s next though?

I will turn off my Ads for Likes soon and see how the Page does growing organically. Over time, I will capture most of the Rick and Morty fans without ads simply because my content will be shared so much.

I have hundreds of posts scheduled to be posted to my Page, but I will continue to add more and keep an eye on my most popular Page posts to see what is performing best.

Rick and Morty Posts

I also will keep a close eye on my peak times to post on my Page and adjust my FPTraffic posting schedule regularly to make sure I’m getting optimal reach.

Monetizing My Audience

As my Page grows and I continue to provide value for all my Rick and Morty fans, I will also begin working on ways to monetize the Facebook Page without hurting the trust I’ve developed with my audience.

One way to monetize the Page is to post Rick and Morty merchandise from Amazon. FPTraffic is completely integrated with Amazon so I can do a few simple searches using the Amazon tool and schedule products to post to my Page.

I’ll also begin adding content to my new Rick and Morty viral media site and funnel traffic from my Facebook Page to the website so I can generate ad revenue and potentially some affiliate sales as well.

Start Building Your Audience

I started building Pages over 6 years ago and today I reach millions of people every single day organically on Facebook without having spending a dime.

Start building your audience today and harness the power of social media to grow a massive reach. We have thousands of FPTraffic members who manage billions of Likes.

We all started with 0 Likes. Today is your opportunity to get started and working towards your first 10,000 (or next 10,000) Likes 🙂

Join FPTraffic and Build Your Audience

I’m here to help. Comment below if you have any questions or contact me. Good luck!

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  • Luke
    Posted on

    Luke Luke

    Reply Author

    I really am checking the comments. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions! 🙂

  • Lenny
    Posted on

    Lenny Lenny

    Reply Author

    SOLID advice Luke! did you find the affinity with the character via Audience Insights or you surveyed your page? Thanks!

    • Luke
      Posted on

      Luke Luke

      Reply Author

      No, but I paid attention to my community and saw that many people were discussing Rick and Morty already 🙂

  • Paula J
    Posted on

    Paula J Paula J

    Reply Author

    This page got a lot of attention for obvious reasons but the FPTraffic FB pages haven’t done anything – why not? Hardly any fans and so many postings that don’t have any likes – if it doesn’t work for your business how can I expect it to work for mine?

    • Luke
      Posted on

      Luke Luke

      Reply Author

      I assume you are talking about this Page and it’s a fair question. To be 100% honest, I haven’t focused on building a Facebook Page for my FPTraffic business. Nearly 100% of the marketing that I have done for FPTraffic has been through my LukePeerFly.com blog and Facebook Page. With FPTraffic, my focus has been our Facebook Group, which is a very active and friendly community of members.

      FPTraffic has worked tremendously for my business, but instead of using it to grow a Page for FPTraffic, I’ve used it to create example Fan Pages and audiences like the one from this case study. My It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia audience is more engaged with my content than the content published by the actual show.

      All that being said, I am beginning the process of developing a social media following for FPTraffic outside of our Group. It’s actually the reason I started this blog 🙂

  • Mirko
    Posted on

    Mirko Mirko

    Reply Author

    Are these US likes?

    • Luke
      Posted on

      Luke Luke

      Reply Author

      Yes, I’m targeting the United States exclusively because that’s what I can monetize best.

  • Tri
    Posted on

    Tri Tri

    Reply Author

    Hi Luke, do you have any case study shows the results of monetizing this kind of page?

    • Luke
      Posted on

      Luke Luke

      Reply Author

      Nope, but I will soon.

  • luay
    Posted on

    luay luay

    Reply Author

    Hi Luke,

    Which is better I should select to get charged, by “Impression” or by “Page Like”?
    What was your choice in your case?


    • Luke
      Posted on

      Luke Luke

      Reply Author

      I do the default: Impressions