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Fan Page Course

Learn how to build, grow, and monetize Facebook Fan Pages with our free course!


Are you interested in learning how to build Facebook Fan Pages? We have developed a Fan Page Course that will cover everything you need to know how to build, grow, and monetize your own Fan Page.

The course takes under 2 weeks to complete with a new email about every day. Here is an outline of what you will learn.

Fan Page Course Outline

  1. Choosing a niche
  2. Creating your Page
  3. Creating a posting schedule
  4. Finding content to post to your new Page
  5. Building your Base Audience (getting fans)
  6. Optimizing your post times
  7. Optimizing your content
  8. Optimizing your Facebook Ads
  9. Monetizing your new fans
  10. How to reach millions of people daily

If you have never created a Fan Page, but you are interested in learning how you can build an audience on Facebook, sign up today!

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If you have a Fan Page that you’d like to try to improve and our course outline looks like it may be helpful, sign up!

Questions? Use this form to contact me or email [email protected] and I’ll be happy to help 🙂